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Structural Rehabilitation of Large

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1 Structural Rehabilitation of Large
Rotaloc Structural Rehabilitation of Large Diameter Pipelines Product Development SRP Rotaloc

2 Current Rotaloc PVC profiles
Heavy profile section required to achieve stiffness requirements Higher short term stiffness required in order to achieve long term value

3 Crosshead Profile Composite steel reinforced PVC profile delivered on spools Reduce PVC material content by achieving stiffness requirements from steel Lower short term stiffness required as allowance for long term creep is significantly reduced To be compatible with existing Rotaloc machinery

4 Benefits Significant savings in direct cost
Reduced loss of cross sectional area due to lower height profile Easier winding process due to lower height profile IP position – provides patent protection on profile for Rotaloc Concept to be extended for high stiffness requirements eliminating Rotaloc with rollformed steel Technology can be extended to Expanda profiles

5 Examples Crosshead Profile PVC Profile 91-20PVC1 No steel 91-21PVC1
91-20PVC1 0.8x15

6 Development Duration Activity Stage 1 6 months
Develop cross head technology to extrude PVC and steel. Stage 2 Develop winding method of crosshead profile

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