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1 IQ ™ Overspeed protection.. and more

2 IQ ™ Overspeed protection.. and more

3 IQ TM Intelligent enough to be simple... IQ ™ Overspeed protection.. and more

4 l Overspeed protection switch l Digital to analogue converter l Signal analyse l Temperature sensor l Signal with frequency division l Sense of rotation (CW, CCW) l and, and, and.... What is IQ™? Basically IQ™ is a Speed Sensor but also a lot more than a Speed Sensor:

5 IQ™ Functions General information n Detect toothed wheels or magnet rings n Built in permanent magnet n Push - pull output n °C n Fully EMC compatible n Supply voltage VDC

6 n Function 1 Direct speed signal. Unfiltered channel n Function 2 Filtered speed signal. Removes vibration effects of the speed signal. n Function 3 Sense of rotation. (1=CW 0=CCW) n Function 4 Quadtature Signal (nominal 40° phaseshift) n Function 5 Signal with frequency division ( ) n Function 6 Simulated frequency output kHz IQ™ Functions Signal output

7 IQ™ Sensor Additional possibilities n Function 7 A maximum value for the speed signal, the temperature or the rotation regularity value can be set. This value will be constantly monitored. A fail safe alarm output is provided.

8 n Function 8 Speed signal converted into a proportional analogue output. Starting value (min 1 Hz) 4 mA End value (max. 15 kHz) 20 mA Speed signal 20 mA 4 mA SV EV IQ™ Sensor Additional possibilities

9 n Function 9 Speed signal with sense of direction converted into a proportional analogue signal Still stand 0 Hz 12 mA Negative end value (max. -15 kHz) 4 mA Positive end value (max. -15 kHz) 20 mA Speed signal 20 mA 12 mA 4 mA -EW 0 Hz +EW IQ™ Sensor Additional possibilities

10 n Function 10 Regularity of rotation. Start value 0% 4 mA End value % 20 mA 20 mA 4 mA 0 End Value IQ™ Sensor Additional possibilities

11 n Function 11 A built in thermo-element delivers an accurate temperature value from the tip of the sensor, i.e. from the direct contact with the hydraulic fluid. Range -40° ° --> mA Temperature signal 20 mA 4 mA -40° +125° IQ™ Sensor Additional possibilities

12 n Function 12 Creep Detector Slowest movements can be detected. An internal filtering function avoids false alarms caused by vibration. Alarm at 1st impulse from Cannel B IQ™ Sensor Additional possibilities A B Output

13 n Function Next functions are up to you to define. Simply tell us what your specific requirements are.... IQ™ Sensor Additional possibilities

14 A=Analogue2 analogue outputs D=Digital2 digital outputs F=Full4 outputs (analogue or digital) Combined with 4 housings: 12x1 mm, 16x1 mm, 18x1 mm, 22x1 mm 3 Executions Possibilities

15 Executions Possibilities

16 Applications n Display of an analogue value of a turbocharger speed n Monitor a set speed value n High resolution with a coarse pole wheel n Maintenance information of a large gear box n Independent over speed protection of a wind-mill n Monitoring of the temperature of hydraulic fluid n Filtered speed and sense of direction of a pump n Stand-still and creep-detection of a large shaft

17 Tomorrow’s innovations are happening today at JAQUET.

18 IQ ™ Overspeed protection.. and more Thank you for your attention

19 Thank you for your Attention

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