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Information Architecture: Connecting CRM to the Business Rob Collyer community:

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1 Information Architecture: Connecting CRM to the Business Rob Collyer twitter: @robatjanet community:

2 Is CRM just another system?

3 No

4 = Information Management & Process + Infrastructure + Systems + Social/Self service + Reporting Customer Relationship Management

5 Some of the issues at Janet Janet CE Team Janet Ops Janet CE Team Customer Janet Brokerage Customer Janet Director/Senior Manager Customer Janet Service Desk Updates service record Ticket Logged Raises a support Ticket Service Delivery System Regular Meetings Meeting Product Enquiry New Business Opportunities Ticket Assigned Poor Business Intelligence Knowledge lost Lack Customer Knowledge Own Customer Knowledge Own Notes Own Customer Knowledge Online Presence No Data Access (Manual) Inaccessible Data Other Systems (e.g. SAGE) Finance Team Single Access

6 Delivering an excellent information experience for staff and customers through a coherent information architecture. Integrated web presence Systems aligned to business processes Capability to share and consume data with other systems Flexible architecture that adapts and scales over time Information that drives Janet’s actions Easy Access to meaningful information A focal point for community collaboration Vision for CRM

7 Organise data, understanding its purpose and context Consolidate information sources Simplify complex systems Open up information and data Ensure systems are used how they were intended BPR where necessary Change management CRM: Information Management & Process

8 Service Oriented Architecture approach Determines how core systems and data should interact/be linked Provide standardised and reliable data between systems Ensures data is shared and used where it is needed Create a pluggable ecosystem CRM: Infrastructure Service Layer (ESB) SAGE CRM Service Delivery Websites Partners

9 Enable knowledge transfer Extendable and scalable to link other data systems Provide a common interface for customer data Open source and modular APIs to join up internal and external systems CRM: System

10 Social platform to connect users Two way conversation A central knowledge base Areas for sharing ideas & experience Platform for engagement Collaborative work spaces Self service tools for customers, powering back office processes Soft marketing CRM: Social/Self Service

11 The new system Janet Intranet Marketing Service Layer Partners 3 rd Parties CRM Service delivery systems Back office systems Information Architecture Business Intelligence and Reporting Layer

12 BPR is tough Organisation change takes time Embedding consistency Avoid scope creep Join up services (all of them) Don’t rush in Communicate and then communicate some more Lessons Learnt

13 Questions?

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