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WELCOME! NFSA General Meeting February 16 th, 2015.

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1 WELCOME! NFSA General Meeting February 16 th, 2015

2 Trivia Question Which County Does Not Celebrate Valentine’s Day? a.) China b.) Germany c.) Japan

3 WHO: All Members WHAT: 10 points WHERE: General meetings, club events ( Ways To Get Points WHEN: Accrued by end of the semester dinner WHY: Earn a certificate of membership, be entered into a raffle and win great prizes! Earn over 10 points, get extra tickets placed into the raffle! Points System

4 Dues are Due: March 30th $15 See Charlotte to pay! 1 Point if turned in before 3/30

5 Upcoming Events Love Every Body Week  Thursday Feb. 26 th  5:30 p.m.  Need help handing out flyers and directing students to UHUB  Sign up online: Wilderness Hike  Saturday March 7 th  10 AM  Meet in parking garage for rides Chico Science Fair  Tuesday March 3 rd  8 AM – 12:30 PM  Choose a winner for best food & nutrition related display

6 Mark Your Calendars!  Wildcat Food Pantry donations  March 3 rd – April 13 th  3 items = 1 point  Maximum 5 points  Drop off items in foods lab

7 California Dietetic Association (CDA) Conference April 9 – 11 th Riverside Convention Center Early Bird Pricing (by March 19 th ): AND Membership $160 (3 days) $130 (1 day) Non-AND Membership $215 (3 days) $160 (1 day) Talk to Katie if interested and want to know hotel and transportation costs.

8 Nutrition and Food Sciences Mentor Program Want tips, advice and recommendations? Then sign up to be a mentee! Senior-level nutrition students are seeking nutrition students to mentor. Interested? Contact Professor Dawn Clifford to sign up

9 Fruits & Veggies Valentine’s Game Either a fruit, vegetable or representative of Valentine’s Day Closed-ended questions ONLY (yes or no answers) 1 question at a time Plan & strategize with your teammates to win! Jaime & Jenny Adrien & Kelsey Kaylene & Jenny Maifeng & Amie Charlotte & Gwynne

10 “CALIFORNIA RE-PEAR-BLIC” “LETTUCE TURNIP THE BEET” New T-Shirts Other Ideas? Contact Melissa

11 A Healthy Tip: 7 Mindful Eating Tips Shift out of Autopilot Eating What did you have for breakfast? Be honest. Many people eat the same thing day in and day out. Notice whether you are stuck in any kind of rut or routine. Take Mindful Bites Did you ever eat an entire plate of food and not taste one single bite? Bring all of your senses to the dinner table. Breathe in the aroma of a fresh loaf of bread. Notice the texture of yogurt on your tongue. Truly taste your meal. Experience each bite from start to finish. Attentive Eating Sure, you’re busy and have a lot “on your plate.” It’s hard to make eating a priority rather than an option or side task. If you get the urge for a snack while doing your homework or studying, stop and take a break so that you can give eating 100% of your attention. Try to avoid multitasking while you eat. When you eat, just eat. Mindfully Check In How hungry am I on a scale of one to ten? Gauging your hunger level is a little like taking your temperature. Each time you eat, ask yourself, “Am I physically hungry?” Aim to eat until you are satisfied, leaving yourself neither stuffed nor starving.

12 Mindful Eating Thinking Mindfully Observe how critical thoughts like “I don’t want to gain the Freshman Fifteen.” or “I’m so stupid, how could I do that!” can creep into your consciousness. Just because you think these thoughts doesn’t mean you have to act on them or let them sway your emotions. Negative thoughts can trigger overeating or stop you from adequately feeding your hunger. Remember: A thought is just a thought, not a fact. Mindful Speech Chit chatting about dieting and fat is so commonplace that we often aren’t truly aware of the impact it might have on our self- esteem. When you are with friends and family, be mindful of your gut reaction to “fat talk” (e.g. “I’m so fat!” or the “I’m so fat; No you’re not” debate). Keep in mind how the words might affect someone struggling with food issues. Mindful Eating Support Friends provide an enormous amount of support, but often it’s helpful to obtain assistance or a second opinion from a trained professional.

13 Thanks to all who brought food! Next Meeting: March 2 nd Theme: St. Patrick’s Day BRING A FRIEND!! Earn Points Start of Wildcat Food Pantry

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