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Only take notes on the slides with the “***” symbol.

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1 Only take notes on the slides with the “***” symbol

2  May 15-17  All projects are due by May 14  Top winners will be interviewed by a panel of judges on May 20 th  Winners announced on May 21 st.  All MIRD Fair Qualifiers will be invited to the MIRD Fair Party Barf Pizza Party

3  Must relate to video games  Must say “MIRD Fair 2013”  School appropriate  Must have graphics  Must be bigger than 8.5”x11” inches (sheet of notebook paper)  Due by May 13  Top three winners get an 8GB Flash Drive  NO teams; only individuals

4  Team Members  Team Name  Main Idea of Project  Checklist  Storyboards  Resources needed ▪ Music, Sound Effects, Art, Marketing Materials  Job Roles  Milestones-Timeframes

5  Programmer $66,116  Game Designers $50,375  Sound Effects/Music $32,500^  Art/Animation Design $49,481  Marketing (posters, advertisements, game description) $57,778 ▪ NOTE: this should be done as you get closer to finishing your game  Project Manager and Producers (this is your teacher) $71,818  Quality Assurance/Game Testers $37,000^

6  This is when your project begins to change ▪ For example: you start to make a jumping game, but then it turns into a flying game  They are not bad if you keep it under control  They are bad if let it get out of control  Many factors can cause scope creep ▪ Change of your resources ▪ New team members ▪ Timelines ▪ Unseen obstacles

7  These are Beta Testers, or Game Testers  Have random people, teachers, students test your game  Have them look for glitches or what they like and don’t like  Side Note: these are the lowest paying jobs in the video game industry

8  Don’t make your game too hard ▪ Start the game off easy, and then start making it harder  Try to add some depth to your game ▪ The longer they play your game the better the score, and the less time they will have to play other games  If you can’t draw very well, use some pictures from the internet or get someone on your team who can draw  You can use photos and microphones  Try to keep your project file size less than 10MB

9  Everyone back up the project to their H-drive, USB Flash Memory, Google Drop Box  Make sure everyone is working on the project and has a job. ▪ If not, that person will be removed from the team and form their own team  Get other ideas from other games, but don’t just copy the game ▪ This will disqualify your project  Come in to tutoring and I will be able to help you more.

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