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Construction Contract Development, Challenges and Dispute Resolution THE FUTURE OF PROJECT MANAGEMENT IN EGYPT CAIRO, EGYPT OCTOBER 22, 2014 1.

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1 Construction Contract Development, Challenges and Dispute Resolution THE FUTURE OF PROJECT MANAGEMENT IN EGYPT CAIRO, EGYPT OCTOBER 22, 2014 1

2 EGYPT’s FACTS  Total Population 85 783 000 (CAPMAS 2014)  Massive need for infrastructure projects: expensive- urgent- All over 2

3 CAPMAS 2014 3

4 EGYPT’s FORCAST  the situation in Egypt continues to be difficult as most of the middle eastern countries.  Egypt needs to achieve more political stability.  Egypt achieved some economic stability, and took some financial reform measures which is considered an important issue by the IMF to restore confidence in the economy.  Egypt adopted some hard measures which was supposed to be taken many years ago to create favorable economic conditions in the future -------Thomas Helbling – The Chief of the world economics study division in the International monetary fund (IMF)- October 201 4

5 EGYPT’s FORCAST  Egypt's economy is set to grow 3.3 percent this fiscal year.  Egypt has received more than $12 billion in aid from Gulf states  The aid has kept the economy afloat but the government is also introducing reforms as it tries to encourage growth while curtailing its budget deficit.  In July, Egypt slashed energy subsidies that have long weighed on state finances, resulting in price rises but sending a signal that it was willing to push ahead with reforms.  The consensus of 11 economists polled by Reuters in the past two weeks was for economic growth of 3.3 percent in the current fiscal year ending June 2015 - above the 3.2 percent forecast in a poll published in May. REUTERS- October 2014 5

6 EGYPT’s FORCAST  The International Monetary Fund will participate in Egypt's economic summit in February (the fund's managing director Christine Lagarde).  Egypt's economic summit is scheduled for 21 February and will encourage international companies and organisations to invest in the country and contribute to its development. 6



9 Ten Benefits of Good Project Management 9

10  Better efficiency in delivering services Efficient management can provide a roadmap that can be easily followed and may lead to project completion. Once you know where to avoid pot holes and bumps, it’s certain that you’ll work smarter and not harder resulting in greater productivity that will last for a very long time.  Improved customer satisfaction - Whenever you complete any project on time and within budget, the customer will walk away satisfied and happy. So happy customer is one that you’ll see again and again, and he will also recommend your business to hundreds of other people. Greater awareness about your business means greater sales and profits. Smart management of project is done using tools that enable client/manager relationship to flourish. 10

11  Enhanced efficacy in delivering services - The strategies you used to complete one project will serve you for many future projects.  Improved development and growth within your team Positive results from your project will inspire your team and it will continue to look for ways to perform in a more efficient way.  Greater competitive edge and standing - The benefits of efficient management of any projects are visible not only within the workplace, but outside as well. With superior performance, you will enhance your position in the market and will get more business 11

12  Chance to expand your services - It’s a byproduct of great standing. Good performance leads to even more opportunities to succeed.  Better flexibility - The biggest benefit of efficient management is ultimate flexibility. It allows you to firmly map out your strategies on how you want your project to get completed. But, the biggest benefit of this organisation is that when you discover any smarter direction, you can immediately take it. For all types of companies, this alone is worth the cost of admission.  Increase in quality - With enhanced effectiveness, there is will considerable increase in quality. 12

13  Increased risk assessment - When all project players are lined up and your strategy is in place, then all potential risks will jump out and may slap your in your face. Efficient management of projects helps you in assessing the risks and warns you in time, even before you start working on any project.  Increased productivity - Increase in quality and better management will automatically lead to greater productivity. 13

14 Future leaders will need to change the way they manage their teams.  No one can predict the future-including project managers. Circumstances change, new factors intercede and unforeseen challenges creep up. But we must recognize trends and changing paradigms in order to prepare for the future.  Failing to consider the future will only leave the profession at a disadvantage. "If you're not prepared, then you cannot interact,".  Project managers are faced with a very dynamic environment characterized with serious changes So what are these changes ?? …………………. 14

15 1.Increased Project Complexity and Team Dynamics The composition of project teams, as we traditionally think of them has shifted. What used to be defined as the working group that executed the project has expanded to include stakeholders, partners and managers. Grappling with these changes requires more social and professional networking. Project Managers of the future must understand the dynamics of people and organizations at all levels, including the cognitive structures that create change and influence decision- making. A Project Manager must be prepared to serve as cheerleader, provider and facilitator. 15

16 2. Ever-Changing and Expanding Technology The IT field will continue to have strong influence over how projects and teams are organized. A central IT support system with specialized knowledge will keep organizations on top of the latest technology, enabling project managers to use resources to the fullest advantage. Project Managers must know what is out there and use it to their advantage 16

17 3. The Need for Strategic Alignment Too many times, project managers are not connected with enterprise strategy. But that connection is necessary if they want project management methodology-and their teams-to be viewed as critical components of the organization's business objectives. Project leaders must connect and get involved with their senior management to create a strategic alliance. Project managers to attend strategic planning sessions, get acquainted with the organization's specific long-range goals and understand those goals are implemented at the project level. 17

18 4- The Need for Professional Development It is important to promote education programs and encourage certifications-which will ultimately result in more integrity and respect for the field. 18


20 20


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