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Model Photography – The Basics Steve Brokaw Photo Venture Camera Club STEVEN BROKAW photography.

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1 Model Photography – The Basics Steve Brokaw Photo Venture Camera Club STEVEN BROKAW photography

2 Model Photography What this presentation isn’t Prepping for a shoot Bringing together the creative team Shoot day Working with a model After the shoot Basics, tips & courtesies STEVEN BROKAW photography




6 Emmy Lindgren 317-560-2452 STEVEN BROKAW photography

7 Shoot Preparation Select a theme or concept ◦ Inspiration gallery ◦ Determine the type of model needed  This is very important ◦ Amount of time required / needed  MU & hair will take at least an hour Determine complexity & amount to spend ◦ Creative talent are often compensated Select a venue or location ◦ Scout the site or studio Hire a creative team STEVEN BROKAW photography

8 The Creative Team Model Makeup Artist (MUA) Hair (Stylist) Designer / clothes Assistant STEVEN BROKAW photography

9 Hiring A Model General rule – no one under 18 Use a friend or spouse Assist an established photographer – rehire the model Get referrals & introductions ◦ Ask the MUA to hire the model (how I got started) Facebook, Model Mayhem & agencies ◦ This may be challenging until established ◦ Contact a model or agency directly ◦ Send out “casting calls” on social media – be specific Review the model’s portfolio in advance ◦ Are photos current & the model professional If you are new it can be easier to work with an experienced / professional model ◦ They know how to pose & how to work with a photographer Be prepared to pay your model – it’s a job Confirm everything in email STEVEN BROKAW photography

10 Paying Your Creative Team Compensation ◦ TFP (“Time for Photos”)  Agreement in advance turnaround time and # of photos  Model never gets RAW files or unprocessed photos unless selecting ◦ Rate per hour & minimum hours ◦ Straight session fee Negotiate / pay fees for each member of your creative team Experienced / professional models rarely do TFP ◦ Unless they want to work with a photographer Rates are impacted by experience, looks & genre ◦ Understand the market ◦ Don’t be cheap, but don’t overpay Request & agree to the rate in advance ◦ Confirm agreement via email Model expects to be paid unless specifically agrees to TFP STEVEN BROKAW photography

11 Shoot Day Lighting ◦ The critical factor (soft or hard)  Key light  Beauty dish / softbox / speed lights / ambient  Fill light  reflector  Kicker or additional lights Set up in advance Plan your starting settings – use Manual ◦ f/9, 1/160-200, ISO 160 Changing area and MUA space Be first to arrive and prepared to shoot STEVEN BROKAW photography

12 Working With Your Model Tell your model the theme in advance ◦ Stick to your theme – don’t surprise your model Respect everyone’s time – be prepared to shoot Pay your model the day of the shoot ◦ I pay when the model arrives If new to model photography – tell your model Play music your model enjoys, Direct your model even if he / she has skills, ◦ Make sure your model knows what you want to capture ◦ Show images – point out what is needed Do NOT touch the model unless you ask ◦ And then rarely – varies with skill level The model may be nervous ◦ Allow an escort Regular breaks – if long shoots bring snacks & water If tense, shake it out Be careful about showing your model back of camera photos if new STEVEN BROKAW photography

13 After The Shoot Respect everyone’s time – end on time Remind everyone how images will be delivered ◦ Critical if TFP ◦ Images not expected if paid Stick to your commitment Post an image quickly – tag your creative team Follow-up STEVEN BROKAW photography

14 Basics, Courtesies, & Steve’s Rules Have a portfolio site – keep it relevant and up to date Get a model release ◦ If in doubt or you plan to use your photos for promotion Understand posing – look at photos and learn how to direct ◦ Bring images to the shoot Only put your best stuff out ◦ Refresh your photos regularly Use different models – don’t overshoot the same person This genre is ALL about your reputation ◦ Follow-up on your commitment ◦ Don’t be a creep – it gets around fast ◦ DO NOT FLAKE But, expect to get flaked Communicate actively and regularly If a model contacts you and says he or she wants to shoot – they are often looking for paid gigs NEVER, EVER serve your model alcohol ◦ Don’t use a model if he / she has alcohol before the shoot STEVEN BROKAW photography

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