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Leader North America “easy Pow’air” Mt236

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1 Leader North America “easy Pow’air” Mt236
Basic in-service and set-up * Not designed to take the place of practical skills, please take a few moments and become familiar with the new fan

2 Specifications Model # MT236 Airflow- 25,368cfm
AMCA Airflow- 17,368cfm (Laboratory method of testing) Run time- 2 hours 10 min. Blade Size- 18” Reinforced composite Resin Engine- Honda GX hp gasoline engine, 10-30w crankcase oil. Re-fuel with VP racing fuel only Weight lbs. Full wrap around protective chassis Noise- 91db at 10ft.

3 Special features Automatic tilting to 10° with handle in the locked position. Manual adjustments from 10° to 20°.

4 Special Features Tilt position accessory allows for adjustments to -10° Tilt accessory in the stowed position

5 Special features Air “straighteners” designed to keep air flow in a straight path, increasing velocity and volume. VS.

6 Set Up Remove Fan from the Engine
Extended handle until it locks into position Tilt and move to desired location Once set, the wheels will be off the ground, unit is supported by rubber feet, thus reducing its ability to “walk”.

7 Placement Once the need for PPV has been determined
Place fan at the appropriate entry point *optimal placement for the Leader Fan is 6-19ft. from the entry point Turn Fan 90° from the opening and start fan at low Idle Coordinate with Command/ Interior crew before directing ventilation into the structure Direct fan into the structure and adjust tilt as needed Check to insure fan will not creep/vibrate away from desired placement Check to insure that adequate exhaust openings have been made

8 So what’s the difference
Auto Tilt to 10° As efficient at 6ft as at 20ft Straight stream air flow Not designed to seal the doorway Up to 30% more pressure entering the structure Higher airflow, 25,368 cfm Greater set back, allowing for more room at the entry point. Manual Tilt from -10° to 20° Cone shape airflow Seals doorway from 4 to 8ft. Quick lock tires, “eliminates” movement 1/3rd of the airflow strikes outside the structure Lower airflow, 14,885 cfm Weight: 84 lbs

9 Questions? A more detailed description of the airflow technology and the MT236 PPV fan breakdown can be found by visiting the Leader North American web site at:

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