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Scrum Team Management System (Scream) Christopher Jolly Alexander Kivaisi Cliff Siyam.

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1 Scrum Team Management System (Scream) Christopher Jolly Alexander Kivaisi Cliff Siyam

2 Outline Brief description about Scrum Problem Statement Proposed Solution Project Plan Resources Risks Management Testing Strategy Success Analysis Ethical, Professional and Legal issues Work Allocation

3 What is Scrum?

4 The Problem

5 Target Area


7 Required features Window Application(Front- End) SCRUM PLANNING MEETING Database (Back-End) SCRUM REVIEW MEETING Product Management System Sprint Management System Searching Sprint Stories Cards Generation Graph Generation Report Generation


9 Implementation Done the Scrum way Sprints 1 week Quick daily meetings Aim to demo new functionality each week to supervisor

10 Development platform and resources  Windows Environment  Visual Studio 2010  SQL Server 2008 R2  Subversion over Apache

11 Risks  Group member leaves  Feature creep  Under estimation of time per feature

12 Timeline MilestonesDates Literature Survey13 April-3 May Project Proposal4 May-12 May Project Proposal Presentation13 June-17 May Revised Proposal19 May-28 May Inclusion of Project proposal and Timeline on Project Web 1 June First Prototype28 May-4 June Break7 June-26 July Background/Theory Chapter26 July-30 July Design Chapter8 August-26 August First Implementation, Experiment, Performance Test + Write-up 30 Aug-20 September

13 Timeline MilestonesDates Sprint 126 August-2 September Sprint 22 September-9 September Sprint 39 September-16 September Final Prototype, Experiment, Performance Test + Write-up 21 September- 29 September Sprint 416 September-23 September Sprint 523 September-30 September Implementation and Test Complete. Coding complete 30 September-4 October Outline of Complete Report5 October-11 October Final Complete Draft of Report12 October-25 October Final Project Report Handlin26 October-1 November

14 Risks Risk ID Risk Probability of Risk Impact of Risk ConsequencesMitigation 1 Group Member leaves the group Medium Late delivery/work overload Delegation of tasks to other members 2 Group Member either felt sick or does not complete their section LowMedium Delay delivery of the system Eat well every day!!! Daily scrum meeting will help each other to solve our problems 4 Inadequate communication between project team and stakeholders (Korbitec) Medium Unusable deliverables Regular meetings should be set fortnightly. 5Certain sprint stories might be too big for one person to handle Medium Might lead to late delivery Distribute to other members or solve others problems through daily meetings

15 Testing  Internal testing during each Sprint −Unit tests −Integration tests  May be able to “dog food” the product  Live testing and feedback from Korbitec

16 Success analysis  Does it meet the requirements specified?  Is it simple and efficient?  Is Korbitec satisfied with it?

17 Ethical, Legal and Professional issues  Using open-source code without giving credit  Using illegal software  Reverse engineering code  Taking talent from competition  Intellectual property

18 Work Allocation  Work closely inter-related −Allocations may not be strictly adhered to  Chris −Sprint story management and Summary graph  Alexander −Sprint management and print output  Cliff −Project management and story searching

19 Conclusion

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