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National Forage and Grassland Assessment June 2012.

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1 National Forage and Grassland Assessment June 2012

2 National Assessment Need for a National Forage Assessment Provincial Studies last 4 years – AB, SK, MB, ON, PQ George Adnam at AAFC agreed to proceed with a study in conjunction with CFGA Dr. Doug Yungblut of Yungblut & Associates conducted the assessment

3 National Assessment Farm Cash Receipts for forages - $381.9 million in do not reflect the value forages contribute to the agriculture economy Study based on Statistics Canada data – 2011 Census – acreages of the forage types Values in Provincial Studies incorporated ~40% of Canada’s total farm area is devoted to grazing and growing forages

4 Canadian Forage Acreage & Livestock Trends 2011 Census ‘000 ac/head /’06 % Silage Corn Tame Hay19,96216,94385 Tame Pasture 14,07113,67197 Forage Seed Beef Cows5,0823,84975 Dairy Cows Sheep1,1431,10897

5 Forage Acreages – Canada 2011 Type(000 acres) Natural Pastures36,316 Tame, Seeded Pastures13,669 Alfalfa and Alfalfa Mixtures11,223 Other Tame Hay & Fodder 5,711 Cereals for Green Feed 1,245 Cereals for Silage 860 Corn for silage 675 Forage Seed 326 Total 000 acres 70,065

6 Forage Utilization Fed On Farm - ~85-90% Farm to Farm Sales -~5-10% Export Sales -~5%

7 Exported Forages, Hay & Clover ($ Million) Statistics Canada, March Tim hay Dehy Alf M & P Dehy Alf cubes Other Hay Other Alfalfa - bales Other Total value

8 Forage and Grass Seed Exports ($ million) Statistics Canada, Mar Per Rye Creep Red Fes Alfalfa not cert Alfalfa cert Other Forage Other Total Value

9 Value of the Forage Industry $ 50 Billion to GDP $ 11 Billion at Farm Gate Forage Industry $ 5.09 Billion

10 National Forage and Grassland Assessment Available by from

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