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Autumnal Moments by Year 4. Orange as a big fat pumpkin Leaves are like colourful angels, Dancing in the breeze Autumn is the time, The time to get out.

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1 Autumnal Moments by Year 4

2 Orange as a big fat pumpkin Leaves are like colourful angels, Dancing in the breeze Autumn is the time, The time to get out to play Conkers are round little cakes ready to be found Mushrooms are chairs and tables for a pixies tea September, October, Is the only time for spider season Furry fat squirrels are now all about Stay indoors mother is here Snuggles and syrup to warm your stomach Have a good time for winter is near! by Thomas Harrison

3 Autumn Multi-coloured leaves dancing in the wind, Thunder storms pitter-patter, spitter-splatter, Pretty pumpkins glowing in the dark, Trick or Treat sweets for everyone! Golden leaves like irregular shimmering coins, Faces etched on the trees’ bark, Turn their frowns upside-down. by Ella Plimmer

4 Autumn Tickling rain, Like tiny ants’ feet crawling up my arms. Sun is my mother’s love warming me. Damp leaves clinging to the slippery branches. Cracking! Crunching! Cringing conkers hide in the muddy puddles by Oliver, Ethan, Elliot & William

5 OCTOBER Apples hang like baubles from bony branches, Unknown people play in the lusciously coloured leaves. Trick or treat is chorused from excited ghouls, Unfortunate pumpkin faces garnish doorsteps. Mittens and scarves decorate chilled children, Nobbled trees dance in the wild winds. by Kate Harrison & Freya Westwood

6 Autumn Leaves fall off trees, Like dancing ballerinas in the air, Pretty pumpkins are saying, “It’s time to harvest again!’’ Farmers are working tirelessly to get the work done. Coldness chills as winter is starting to come! by Keeley Byrne

7 Autumn The red, tan, golden and green leaves, Like glistening diamond encrusted jewels. Nobbled, contorted wiry finger-shaped branches, Bob and bray in the brisk breeze, Wind whistles and waves to all, to come a play, Swish! Swash! Swoosh! Who doesn’t love an autumnal day? by Elizabeth Borcherds

8 Autumn I can feel transparent rain falling, like multi coloured leaves. I can smell brand new fruit, as beautiful as the luscious scent of mum. Animals are scurrying, making busy before the onslaught of winter. Tasty sweet apples, dunked lavishly in toffee. Hands warming, Cuddling mugs of hot coffee. by Martyna Rogowska

9 AUTUMN WIND The wind is like a charging bear, Leaves, like bats, swirl in the breeze. Flowers bob and dance, Branches bow, sway and creak. People hang on to their scarves and hats, Litter rushes through the streets. Autumn gets ready, For the howling gales of winter. by Michael Shackleford

10 Leaves skip and hop, over the muddy grass like dainty, friendly fairies. Other, smaller leaves, sleep or hang, to the bald, brown branches like golden-red berries. Finally, they fall, with a rustle and a soft thump, Though when the wild, whistling wind picked them up, they have hardly a bump. Meanwhile, children's laughter is God’s gift, Giving everyone's mood a uplift. Slurping hot soup, sitting indoors Reflecting on autumn, a time to pause. by Rachel Borcherds

11 Autumn! The once green grass become a muddy lawn, The leaves are rapidly rustling to the ground. The crows squawk as they hover above the corn, The scarecrow terrifies as he looks around. The field mice scurry like busy ants The conkers glisten and sparkle amongst leaves The change of flowers, bushes and plants Heralding the start of the autumnal breeze. by Toby Baker & Evan Watkins

12 by Tamsin Russell As terrifying as a spider, that creeps along the floor, Seasons creep into seasons. Ruby red roses pop out, its magic! Seasons creep into seasons. Rustling leaves, fall from trees, Seasons creep into seasons. The wind gives way, on an autumnal day. Seasons creep into seasons. Slowly, quietly, exiting the year. Season creep into seasons. Winter is coming, give festive cheer, Seasons creep into seasons.

13 Autumn Rosy ripe leaves fall on the lovely dark emerald grass. Chilling winds whistle in the eerie night air. It’s scary Halloween where ghosts and other things come out to play. Skeletons, witches, ghouls and spooks Brave the wind, rain and nippy night, Hoping for more treats than tricks, Hoping to give each other a fright! by Finlay Leeson

14 Autumn The wind drifts in autumn, Touching everything with a chill. Ruby red leaves dance towards the ground. Fresh blackberries drop, into soft children's hands Multi-coloured leaves skip, through the streets in gusts of wind. Rain falls onto the hard, ridged trees. The twirling plants glisten, and droop into muddy puddles. by Katie Dunn & Breanna Farmer

15 Halloween, oh Halloween, with graveyard spooks. Halloween oh Halloween, with pumpkin faces. Halloween oh Halloween, with ghostly ghouls. Halloween oh Halloween, with tricks and treats. Halloween oh Halloween, Fun for girls and boys. by Luca Wilson

16 Autumn Autumn, autumn, So many different colours. Autumn, autumn, Winds blowing a bustling. Autumn, autumn, Leaves swirling and rustling. Autumn, autumn, Conkers bouncing and hiding Autumn, autumn, Birds soaring and gliding. Autumn, autumn, So many different colours. by MacAndrew Cuthill

17 Autumn Multi coloured leaves diving, To the rigid frosted ground. Angry rain storming down, As the word becomes darkened. Speckles of light glisten, As pumpkins grin suspiciously. Super heroes, ghosts, witches and ghouls, Roam the streets expectantly. Spherical conkers hurl themselves, Like torpedoes, at passers by. by Robert Hart

18 Autumn The crying sun, As it sinks and sets. The happy moon, As it fills the night’s sky. Leaves, like upside down bats, Over hang the wet, muddy ground. The wind is a grey bear, Ripping its way through the open land. Bony, branches creak and sway, Like menacing ghouls, Reaching to grab their victims. by Tom Margerison

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