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1–888–99–REBAR(73227) 5522 – 36 Street Edmonton, Alberta T6B 3P3 T:780 – 448 – 9338 F:780 – 448 – 9338.

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1 1–888–99–REBAR(73227) 5522 – 36 Street Edmonton, Alberta T6B 3P3 T:780 – 448 – 9338 F:780 – 448 – 9338

2 In 1997, Dywidag-Systems International (DSI) contacted BP Automation to develop a threaded fibreglass rebar system. In 1999, the company developed threaded fibreglass manufacturing equipment. In 2000, BP Composites was formed to supply the mining industry with fibreglass rebar and rock bolts. Production Brow, Penobsquis, New Brunswick

3 In 1995 the Canadian Government formed the Intelligent Sensing for Innovative Structures (ISIS) to find a solution to the crumbling infrastructure of North America. Consisting of 14 Universities and 22 Researchers with a 15 year mandate to publish the CSA code Spalling on bridge girder

4 Romans are the pioneers of the concrete revolution. Their structures have lasted close to 2000 years. Pantheon, Rome; Constructed ~126AD; worlds largest unreinforced dome.

5 Reinforced Concrete with Steel Rebar is the cause of the failing infrastructure Steel rebar has been used since the early 1900’s Steel expands 10x in volume when it rusts, and causes concrete to crack and fail Iron Iron Oxide


7 Epoxy Coated Steel: Corrodes Galvanized Steel: Corrodes Stainless Steel: Susceptible Cracking with Epoxy Coated Steel, 19 Year Old Ontario Bridge, MTO 2005 Cracking with Galvanized Steel, 23 Yr Old Ontario Bridge, MTO 2007 Failure with Stainless Steel, Roof of 13 Year Old Swimming Pool Collapses, Switzerland Rusting Stainless Steel in Bridge Install Anthony Henday, Edmonton AB

8 Core-samples from Five Bridges using GFRP were analyzed in High Corrosion Environments, in two studies 5 years apart; the samples were sent to 4 different laboratories for evaluation, using different test methods; the bridges were in service up to 13 years. -Joffre Bridge, Sherbrooke, QC, 12 years -Crowchild Trail Bridge, Calgary, AB, 13 years (pictured) -Hall's Harbour Wharf, Hall's Harbour, NS, 10 years -Waterloo Creek Bridge, Vancouver Island, BC, 11 years -Chatham Bridge, Chatham, ON, 13 years Rigorous testing has concluded: -100+ Year Life Expectancy for GFRP Reinforced Structures.

9 No Degradation in GFRP Reinforcement Excellent Bonding No Debonding No Microcracking No Voids No Glass Transition No Resin Microcracking No Glass Fibre Degradation No Significant Delamination No Resin Degradation No Chemical Degradation No Hydrolysis

10 60 Ton Loading Fixture A. El-Ragaby, E. F. El-Salakawy and B. Benmokrane Steel: 20000 cycles GFRP:420000 cycles Lasts 20x Longer under cyclic Loads Truck Traffic, Wave Action, Seismic

11 Glass Creep GFRP not recommended for: - Pre-Tensioning - Post-Tensioning - Dead Loads (max 25% UTS) Modulus of Elasticity - ¼ that of Steel - Cantilevering Loads Elongation - Elongates Linearly 2% - Not Ductile Yield Point Ultimate Tensile Strength

12 High Embedment Strength - Rough Surface - Sand Coating K b Factor - Crack Width < 0.023 in - Sand Coating K b = 0.8 - 20% Less Bar Required TUF-BAR ® Sand Coating

13 In 2001, ISIS Canada published guidelines for building with GFRP In 2006, ISIS Canada developed a Product Specification Manual for GFRP reinforcement for civil application.

14 In 2007, ISIS encouraged BP Composites to develop a family of GFRP rebar suitable for civil infrastructure.

15 2002 CSA code for “Design and Construction of Building Components with Fibre-Reinforced Polymers” -CSA-S806 2006 CSA Highway Bridge Design Code updated for GFRP -CSA-S6-06

16 2006 ACI 440 Guide for Structural Concrete Reinforced with FRP Bars -ACI 440.1R 2009 AASHTO Bridge Design Guide for GFRP-Reinforced Concrete Bridge Decks and Traffic Railings -AASHTO GFRP-1

17 2010 CSA-S807 Code Specifications for FRP Rebar: Mechanical Properties Physical Properties Durability Properties Material Requirements: Vinyl Ester Resin E-type Glass or E-CR Fibreglass USA, ACI Equivalent: ACI 440.6R (2008)

18 Mechanical Properties (Straight & Bent Bars) 1.Cross-Sectional Area 2.Tensile Strength 3.Modulus of Elasticity 4.Ultimate Elongation 5.Bond Strength 6.Transverse Shear Strength 7.Cold Temperature Tensile Properties 8.Flexural Modulus and Strength TUF-BAR ® Tensile Strength Testing

19 Physical Properties 1.Fibre Content 2.Coefficient of Thermal Expansion -Longitudinal & Transverse 3.Density 4.Void Content 5.Water Absorption 6.Cure Ratio 7.Glass Transition Temperature TUF-BAR ® Creep Rupture Strength Test

20 Durability Properties 1.Alkali Resistance in High pH Solution (60C 3 months 14 pH) With Load Without Load 2.Creep Test Creep at 10,000 Hr 3.Creep Rupture Strength Extrapolate Creep failure to 1 million Hr Must hold >35% UTS @ 1 million Hr TUF-BAR ® Creep Rupture Strength Test

21 Minimal Concrete Cover Fewer Concrete Additives No Concrete Treatments No Protective Membranes No Rebar Coating Repairs Lightweight - Lower Transport Costs - Less Handling - Less Injuries (WCB/OSHA) Fast Installation - Cuts with Chop Saw or Grinding Disc in Seconds TUF-BAR ® Grid

22 Other Features - Thermal Isolator - Non-Conductive - Non-Magnetic Sizes #2-#8, 6mm-25mm - Standard/Custom Lengths - Shapes - Bends - Coils (1km @ 25mm bar) TUF-BAR ® in an MRI Facility

23 Canada Green Building Council Member TUF-BAR ® is 100% recyclable TUF-BAR ® contributes: -6 LEED ® Credits in Canada -7 LEED ® Credits in USA TUF-BAR ® in Pre-fab Bridge Deck Slabs

24 Black SteelStainless SteelTUF-BAR® Price10x Black Steel2x Black Steel ≃ Galvanized Steel ≃ Epoxy Coated Steel CorrosionSusceptible Non-Susceptible Weight1/4 of Steel Tensile Strength2x Steel/Stainless Modulus200 GPa 40, 60 GPa Bond Strength8-11 MPa 14 MPa Thermal ConductivityYes No Electrical ConductivityYes No MagneticYesNo

25 Composites Innovation Centre University of Manitoba: GFRP 70% cost savings over 100 years Repairs start in 10-15 years - More expensive as time goes on Corrosion & Spalling

26 Save Money with GFRP Codes are Published Live without Corrosion 100+ Years Sustainability “If you look at the full life cycle cost, GFRP is far more cost- effective than metallic reinforcement” - Dr. Brahim Benmokrane NSERC Industry Research Chair

27 BP Composites Ltd. (T): 780-448-9338 (F): 780-448-9360 1-888-99-REBAR(73227) Bridge that didn’t use TUF-BAR ®

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