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Mass Erosion Erosion of the Earth due to the force of Gravity.

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1 Mass Erosion Erosion of the Earth due to the force of Gravity

2 Video Clip 1)Watch the clip for the effects of erosion.

3 Discussion What tragedy did the clip describe? Why did this occur? What force created the landslide? How does this relate to erosion?

4 Graphic Organizer 1)Head the worksheet. 2) Fill in the worksheet while viewing the power point.

5 Mass Erosion …is the downhill movement of weathered materials …is caused by gravity … can occur quickly or slowly

6 Quick Mass Erosion Landslide : Sudden movement of rocks down a hill Rock can be loosened by volcanic activity, earthquakes, or heavy rain The pile of rocks at the bottom of a landslide is called a TALUS pile. ***Watch Outrunning a Landslide Video***

7 Example of Mass Erosion

8 Example of Landslide

9 Quick Mass Erosion Mudflow : Sudden flow of mud down a hill Occur in dry, mountainous regions after a heavy rainfall

10 Example of Mudflow


12 Slow Mass Erosion Earthflow : Slow movement of soil, rocks, and plant life down a hill Caused by loose earth and extra moisture as well as gravity Part of a hill looks like it is sliding away

13 Example of Earthflow


15 Slow Mass Erosion Creep : Slowest form Gravity pulling soil and rocks down a gentle slope Clues: Bent trees or telephone poles

16 Examples of Creep


18 Strange But True Rock Slide When: January 21 and 23, 2014 Where: Northern Italy Result of a series of sudden landslides The house in the picture is a 300 year old farmhouse.

19 Giant Boulder Destroys 300 yr. Old Farmhouse Barn


21 Just How Big and Close Was This Boulder?

22 Closure: What force causes mass erosion? Name three causes of a landslide?

23 Which Type of Mass Erosion Is This? Creep

24 Which type of mass erosion buried this Indonesian temple? Mudflow

25 What do we call the pile of rock at the bottom of the hill? Talus Pile

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