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Schemes of Work Creative AA Health, Fitness & Well Being Competitive.

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1 Schemes of Work Creative AA Health, Fitness & Well Being Competitive

2 Dance Theme Relationships Action Words Space Action / Reaction Quality

3 Theme Escape Creep Explode Dart

4 Actions Jumping Travelling Turning Gesture Stillness

5 Quality Timing FlowExtension Shape PostureSpace

6 Relationships Partner StimuliQuality

7 Action / Reaction One action Followed directly with another

8 Space Size Pathways Direction Levels: Low, medium,high

9  Explore action words – CREEP, DART and EXPLODE  Perform a small routine showing some quality in movement  Understand Question and Answer structure Learning Outcomes Lesson 1

10 Here pupils to view video, brainstorm and make comment on why we want to escape and actions we may use related to escape

11 Practice, repeat and refine actions linked to the words creep, dart and explode Listen to all instructions Describe movements related to the words creep, dart and explode Explain what is meant by question and answer Following the phantom of the opera clip think of actions related to the theme explode Experiment confidently with own and others ideas

12  Recap and refine phase A  Explore action words – SPIN, SLIDE, and WHIRL (Phase B)  Practice, repeat and refine the performance to take into account 8 beats Learning Outcomes Lesson 2

13 Answer questions about dance actions when targeted Speak clearly and confidently during class discussions about dance actions Discuss your progress with a partner and set targets for improvement Explore the different dance actions and link them to the words spin, slide and whirl Select the most appropriate action to demonstrate the words Adapt your dance to fit to each set of 8 beats

14  Experiment with ‘Gesture’  Adopt different roles (Performer, teacher, evaluator)  Use the digital blue or video recorder to evaluate performance  Evaluate the quality of the performance Learning Outcomes Lesson 3


16 Use the cameras to record and analyse performance Discuss the most appropriate way to teach phrase B to another pair Decide on when to use the role of performer, teacher and analyser Analyse performance using the correct terminology Explain and understand how quality of performance enhances your dance Teach another pair in the class Phrase B Show sensitivity to others in the group when performing Select different roles throughout the lesson Adapt the dance to increase quality of performance

17  Understand and apply ‘space’ to the routine  Analyse and Evaluate the quality of performance (feedback) Learning Outcomes Lesson 4


19 Work independently and cooperatively Explore ideas and experiment with different levels and directions within the dance Show sensitivity to the needs of others in the group Demonstrate the correct technique when lifting / spinning your partner Give constructive feedback highlighting good points followed by suggestions for improvement Understand and describe the elements of space within your dance Describe how space can enhance the quality of your dance

20  Explore phrase C - ‘conflict’  Use action and reaction within the dance  Improve performance through repetition and observation Learning Outcomes Lesson 5

21 Pupils also view a dance combat video

22 Discuss the effectiveness of action reaction within your dance Analyse your performance using the correct terminology (See dance wall for help) Repeat and refine performances Understand the term action reaction and use this to improve the quality of dance Work closely with your partner to improve the quality of your dance Exchange ideas with dance groups Explore action reaction and select the best phrase for your dance

23  Perform whole dance (Phrases A, B, C)  Incorporate ICT - Use cameras to video performances and obtain visual feedback  Evaluate performance Learning Outcomes Lesson 6

24 Perform your dance in time with the beats Complete the checklist using correct spelling and terminology Discuss the outcomes of your dance with a partner Identify individual areas of strength and area for development Film your final performance Watch the performance using a lap top or the interactive board Be prepared to make further analysis during your ICT lessons!!!

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