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How To Beat Boig at Starcraft Version 1.0 A Bradley Schlesinger Presentaion StarCraft June 18, 2007.

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1 How To Beat Boig at Starcraft Version 1.0 A Bradley Schlesinger Presentaion StarCraft June 18, 2007

2 Boig-General Boig usually uses Protoss and builds a huge carrier fleet. This is usually risky, as this takes an entire treasury and a long time. However, Boig usually is successfully able to do this because he is not attacked while he is making his fleet. There are usually two ways to defeat him. One way is to attack Boig while Boig only has a few carriers. The other way is to build a huge number of anti-air units/buildings and wait for Boig to attack. When Boig’s force is destroyed, counter-attack. Boig will probably only have probes to defend his base (and maybe a few photon cannons), and you can wipe him out before he has time to to rebuild his fleet. I’ll start with strategy 1 first (attacking) and then I’ll show you strategy 2 (defending). Boig

3 Carrier Facts Carriers are arguably the best units in Starcraft. Here are their fully upgraded stats: Shields-150 Hit points-300 Interceptors-8 Attack per interceptor-9 (9*8=72!!!!!!!) Armor-7 Shield-3 At the maximum, 33 carriers can be built. That is a lot!!!!! However, there are a number of units that really shine when pitted against carriers. I’ll start with Terran first, then Zerg, then Protoss. Carrier

4 Terran Carrier Killers The Terran Carrier Killer is the Wraith. Once you build a control tower, research Apollo Reactor. This will allow your Wraiths to cloak. Unless you are near Boig’s base, he will probably not have detectors to find your Wraiths. Then you can take out his carriers, no sweat. Here are the Wraith Stats (Fully Upgraded): Attack-26 Armor-3 Cloak Time: 225 seconds (3 min 45 sec) Supply-2 (100 can be built) Also, Battlecrusiers (Yamato Cannon) and Goliaths can be used. Wraith

5 Zerg Carrier Killers The Zerg Carrier Killer is the Scrouge. The Scrouge is a Kamikaze, killing itself to cause damage. Use 5 Scrouge against a LONE Carrier. Here are the Scrouge stats: Attack-110 Armor-3 Supply-1/2 (400 can be built) Also, Hydralisks, Mutalisks, and Defilers can be used. Scrouge

6 Protoss Carrier Killers Scouts are the Protoss Carrier Killers. They are stronger than the Scrouge and Wraith, but are more expensive and take longer to build. Research the Gravitic Thrusters and Apial Sensors from the Fleet Beacon; They will really help the Scouts. Here are the Scout Stats. Attack-34 Shield-3 Armor-3 Supply-3 (66 can be built) Also, High Templar (Psionic Storm), Archon, and Dragoons can be used. Scout

7 Strategy 2 The second strategy is waiting for Boig to attack, then with your air defenses, wipe his fleet out. Each race has its own air- defense unit. I’ll start with Terran, then Zerg, then Protoss.

8 Terran Anti-Air Buildings The Terran Anti-Air building is the missile turret. You should build turrets in groups of four or more. Here are the turret stats: Attack-20 Armor-1 Range-7 Requires-Engineering Bay Hit points-200 Cost-75 minerals Detector-Yes Turret

9 Zerg Anti-Air Buildings The Zerg anti-Air Building is the Spore Colony. Spore Colonies evolved from Creep Colonies. Here are their stats: Attack-15 Range-10 Cost-125 minerals (Spore and Creep Colony) Armor-1 Hit Points-400 Requires- Evolution Chamber and Creep Colony Detector- Yes Spore Colony

10 Protoss Anti-Air Buildings The Protoss Anti-Air Unit is the Photon Cannon. For Every 3 Photon Cannons, there should be 2 Pylons. Here are the Photon Cannon stats: Attack-20 Range-7 Cost-150 minerals Armor-0 Shields-0 Hit Points-100 Shields-100 Requires-Forge and Pylon Detector-Yes Photon Cannon

11 Scenes of Battles

12 More Battles

13 Even More Battles

14 Conclusion Use these strategies on Boig, and don’t be afraid of his carriers! When he attacks, that means his base isn’t as defended. Go attack his base! If you use strategy 2, then you probably have more defenses at your base then Boig does at his. Boig sometimes take 7-on-1 challenges, which makes it even easier to win! Version 1.3 will come when Boig starts using a different race. Version 2.0 will come when Brood War is installed. Good Luck!

15 Coming Soon… The end of the G-Dawg Dynasty came on July 31, 2006-The same day Caitlin Allison Schlesinger came to TTC, Week 6. This camper got G-Dawg out a record 7 times! No one, not even Boig, has come close to this record. Discover how a CIT was ruined by a 7-year old as we give you reasons and explanations how he lost. Katie may even speak on the subject. Coming in 2008! Caitlin “Katie” Schlesinger G-Dawg has never been the same…

16 Credits was where I got the info from. All images came from or from many of the battles from Battle Reports. They can be viewed from I also used the Starcraft-Brood War program and the strategy guide for Brood War (Prima’s Official Strategy Guide). The picture of Boig and Z-Bawla can be found at The picture of StarCraft (First Page) can be found at The picture of Boig dancing can be found at The picture of Katie can be found at The picture of G-Dawg can be found at

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