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Budgeting for and Funding Technology. Interaction Tools Interactive Session –Twitter: #MYMBudget –The standby.

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1 Budgeting for and Funding Technology

2 Interaction Tools Interactive Session –Twitter: #MYMBudget –The standby

3 Introductions What are we here to learn? –How to develop a technology budget –How to fundraise for technology projects –Strategies for the recession environment –Group Questions and Topics

4 Meet Our Panel

5 Agenda Overview of Budgeting Fundraising Strategies Group Session Open Q&A Final Comments

6 Overview of Budgeting Strategic Technology Planning

7 Overview of Budgeting Panel Comments

8 P&L vs. Balance Sheet Financial Terms –Profit and Loss Statement (P&L) Over a given period of time –what did you spend your money on –and how are you doing (are you up (PROFIT) or Down (LOSS) –Balance Sheet How much money (or equivalent assets) do we have at any single given moment

9 Budgeting Without a Plan: A Quick and Dirty Approach  Gather the Data  Review the prior year Profit & Loss Detailed Statement  Perform a physical & mental walkthroughs  Review the organization’s calendar  Whittle it down  Review the list of tech needs and expenses.  Be sure to understand the long-term cost obligations.  Look for and eliminate any duplicate budgeting  Work with your team to reduce spending to fit within the budget.  Focus on fully implementing the highest-ROI projects

10 Fundraising Strategies

11 Panel Comments

12 Group Topics

13 Topic Ideas Budgeting for Staff Resources Board staying involved/Scope Creep Drivers Funding Strategies –Social Media – How can we attract infrastructure dollars What are other organizations spending? How do you measure the Spend and what’s the right amount for us? –Stating your case to make this compelling vs. immediate needs/ Strategies for raising large sums of funding for IT, when they are program related Using IT to Reduce IT Expenses “Virtualization”, etc. –Comment: Approaches of asking for continuous funding is important

14 Group Results (1 of 2) Fundraising Challenges/Strategies –Capture Institutional Knowledge –Research –Ask at Every Opportunity –Negotiate with vendors – achieve “win-win” Scope Creep –Clear definition of strategy as a tool across project lifecycle –Clear Organization for Decisions (e.g. steering committee) –Clear Escalation Process

15 Group Results (2 of 2) Controlling Board Involvement –Speak in terms they understand –Ensure they understand the financial ramifications of scope creep/project extension Controlling Costs via IT –Know what the costs are Time, lost volunteers, staff frustration Know your TCO, for large installations, even include energy costs, etc. Virtualization, more efficient equipment, etc. –Punchline: We’re already paying the costs It’s just hiding other places now

16 Open Q&A

17 Final Comments

18 Resources –Chapter 6 Google Group: MYM Budgeting – Twitter Search: –#MYMBudget Panel – – – –

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