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15 th Distance Library Services Conference Outreach to International Campuses: Removing Barriers and Building Relationships Susan Mee Global Education.

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1 15 th Distance Library Services Conference Outreach to International Campuses: Removing Barriers and Building Relationships Susan Mee Global Education Librarian Rochester Institute of Technology

2 Background: First Distance Courses – 1979 2 courses and 56 students 1994/1995: 129 online courses and 3,200 students 2010/2011: 657 online courses and 9,815 students

3 International Campuses Dubrovnik, Croatia Prishtina, Kosovo Dubai, UAE Zagreb, Croatia

4 American College of Management & Technology - Dubrovnik Undergraduate degrees - Information Technology - Tourism, Hospitality & Service Management Students receive dual degrees: RIT & ACMT, both accredited degrees 30% of students from approximately 20 different countries

5 American College of Management and Technology (ACMT) -Dubrovnik, Croatia -Founded in 1997

6 American University in Kosovo – Undergraduate degrees: – Information Technology – Media and Graphic Communications – Public Policy, Economics and Management Graduate degrees: -Professional Studies, Public Administration Only private, not for profit university in Kosovo Students from 21 countries Classes taught in English

7 American University in Kosovo (AUK) - Prishtina, Kosovo - Founded in 2003

8 RIT Dubai Undergraduate programs: - Business & Management, Engineering -Computing & Information Technology -Graduate degrees: -Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, MBA -Service Leadership & Innovation -Networking & Systems Administration

9 RIT Dubai -Dubai, United Arab Emirates -Founded in 2008

10 American College of Management & Technology - Zagreb Undergraduate degrees: -International Business -Information Technology Graduate degrees: -Service Leadership and Innovation -Human Resource Development Zagreb is the capital and largest city in the Republic of Croatia, population of 1.3 million in metro area

11 American College of Management & Technololgy (ACMT ) – Zagreb Campus -Zagreb, Croatia -Opened September 2011

12 The Challenges Delivering library instruction to the international campuses Canned versus live/interactive Providing support to faculty and students English is not the native language Time zone differences Same general calendar, Different holidays

13 Resource Support Electronic Resources Databases, ebooks ILL/IDS Collection Development Not everything available in e-format

14 Cultural Differences Recognizing differences Faculty are both US and European Former Communist States – – Different education systems – Incoming students varying skill sets – Differing expectations

15 Plagiarism New concept to many Copyright & Plagiarism are unfamiliar terms Citing work: Often no prior experience Different cultures view this differently….

16 Library Accessible to the Remote User Research databases E-books Online Tutorials – LIV@RIT Virtual Reference Live Chat

17 Delivering the Library Challenges: Overcoming Google and Wikipedia RIT Library “too confusing” and “complicated” Library is not the preferred “go to” source

18 Technology Tools - delivery vehicles DVDs Adobe Connect Collaboration Grids Adobe Captivate, Camtasia LibGuides, LIV@RIT Tutorials Skype, SeeVogh, JoinMe Trillium, Meebo Chat


20 Real Time Library Instruction First Year Library Orientation Live, Interactive Sessions Presentation Questions and Answers

21 Live Instruction via the Collaboration Grids RIT Research Computing:

22 Collaboration Grids

23 Modern European History Class Students had begun their research Library Instruction Session Students prepared with questions Troubleshoot student research problems live Found professor-approved research results!

24 Technology is Only One Component

25 People Access & Building Rapport Takes time Build trust and confidence In person connections important In person valued over online -Courses and Services

26 On-Site Visits Invited by the campuses Faculty initiated Faculty workshops Faculty 1:1 meetings Many, many student class instruction sessions Partnering with faculty: co-teaching/grading assignments

27 AUK Students

28 Working and Learning Together…

29 Onsite Visit Outcomes International campuses do not feel the RIT Library is their library -Meet the Librarian page -LibGuides – by College Including international campus holdings to RIT Library catalog DML (institute repository) now includes communities for each international campus

30 Meet the Librarian Page

31 LibGuide Collections by Community

32 MyLibrary – linking application: Librarians embedded in every course by default. Customized library and contact information based on course subject. myLibrary tab

33 Integrated Catalog

34 Ongoing Support Virtual Library Reference and Office Hours – Piloted first with ACMT Dubrovnik Collaboration Grids – Continuing with AUK Skype – in the AUK Library or any location

35 Virtual Reference

36 The Data International Campus Enrollments CampusFall 2010Fall 2011% Change ACMT Dubrovnik 384302-21% ACMT ZagrebNA 79Overall Same AUK561595+6% RIT Dubai172204+17%

37 Library Website Visits CampusFall 2010Fall 2011%Change ACMT (Dubrovnik) # Students: 1,297 384 2,438 302 +88% -21% students ACMT (Zagreb) -- 292N/A AUK # Students: 4,508* 561 5,871* 595 +30% +6% students RIT Dubai # Students: 1,064 172 1,314 204 +23.5% +17% students

38 Library Database Usage CampusFall 2010Fall 2011 % Change Winter 2011/12 % Change ACMT Dubrovnik 1,128 – only Campus 1,090-3.5%1,394+28% -21% students ACMT Zagreb NA 418 NA 524+25.5% AUK2,305*4,546*197%5,956*+131% +6% students RIT Dubai 7481,165+56% 628-46% +17% students

39 Information Delivery Requests Campus2008/092009/102010/11Fall 2011Wtr 2011 ACMT Dubrovnik 372170 - Year21 - Qtr42 - Qtr Patron TypeFaculty: 37 Student: 0 Faculty: 21 Student: 0 Faculty: 46 Student: 0 Faculty: 18 Student: 3 Faculty: 16 Student: 17 ACMT Zagreb N/A 91 Patron Type: ---Faculty: 8 Student: 1 Faculty: 1 Student: 0 AUK008 - Year31 - Qtr13 - Qtr Patron Type---Faculty: 6 Student: 25 Faculty: 5 Student: 8 RIT Dubai001 - Year0 - Qtr2 - Qtr Patron Type--Faculty: 0 Students: 1 -Faculty: 0 Students: 2

40 The Numbers are Increasing… Making connections Building relationships Providing service Outreach over distance Takes time, effort, consistency Usage and stats indicate improvement – -Still work to be done -International Campuses are using the Library and its Services

41 Efforts Continue – More outreach More service More relationships, more partnering with faculty, cross-campus collaborations Striving to remove perceived barriers Streamlining access Message is critical: The RIT Library is Your Library – wherever you are physically located!

42 Questions?

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