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PRESENTATION ON Vocational Training Institute By Kuc Majak & Associates.

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1 PRESENTATION ON Vocational Training Institute By Kuc Majak & Associates


3 Flag of the Republic of South Sudan South Sudan National Anthem

4 July 9 th South Sudan Independence Day bIo&feature=related bIo&feature=related

5 THE PROPOSED NAME Vocational Training Institute for the children of South Sudan

6 Who are the beneficiaries? Why particularly those groups? How will they benefit?

7 Where is the vocational Site? It is located 15 miles south of Aweil Town, the capital city of Northern Bhar El Ghazal State- The Republic of South Sudan Image of St. George Catholic Church in Aweil

8 What is the contribution of the state Government? A letter of Approval from the state governor office. “Attached” Contributed the land on Aweil-Wau Road

9 What is the role of the state ministry of education? The minister agreed on principle ( verbally) to provide teachers and staff.

10 What is the role of the community? Per consultation with the community youth, they agreed on principle to help laying bricks, but I have to provide food and drinks.

11 What is the role of the Federal Ministry of Education- Juba South Sudan? I met two senior administrators, who had pledged to render unlimited support for the project: clip Victor Akok Anei: Acting Director General for quality promotion and innovation- Juba Juac Agok: Director of Vocational Training- Juba

12 What is my Role? I KUC MAJAK will……… Volunteer my time. Be the executive director of the project. Coordinate the board of directors, executive office, volunteers, St. Mary’s, and both Federal and state governments in South Sudan. Run the institute for one year until the government of the state nominate my successor.


14 Project’s Affiliates in USA St. Mary’s Church, Rochester, NY, LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION St. Mary’s Affiliates of the project: 1.Anne Marie Brogan: Pastoral Administrator. 2.Marvin Mich: Department Director of Social Policy and Research, “CFC”

15 Affiliates of the project Mr. Mark Davis( Acting Director of Language Assessment Proficiency Center- LAPC- “RCSD” Mr. Ebo Ocran: Teacher at Jefferson H. School Mrs. Anne Marie Altier: Teacher at Jefferson H. School Mrs. Rose Mary Villarriubia-Izzo: Home School Assistant Bilingual- RCSD. Isse Abukar: Language Academic Coach- RCSD.

16 Affiliation list continue Mr./Mrs. Cleary: City Blue, Rochester, NY, Mrs. Achay A. Dau: Rochester, NY

17 Other projects created by South Sudanese Americans

18 Inspired by UP FROM SLAVERY -1901 Author, Booker T. Washington


20 COMMENTS/ QUESTIONS Closing Thank you for participation

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