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TEACH LIKE A CHAMPION Written by Doug Lemov Presented by Pam Cohea.

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1 TEACH LIKE A CHAMPION Written by Doug Lemov Presented by Pam Cohea

2 TECHNIQUES  Tested and Tried  Proven Effective  Buoyant in the most challenging classrooms! SMOOTHER SAILING WITHOUT THE ICEBURGS!

3 Doug Lemov Managing Director of Uncommon Schools Former President of School Performance NY VP Accountability at State University of NY Principal or Teacher at: University, High School & Middle School

4 Uncommon Schools 16 schools in Brooklyn & upper New York 80-90% poverty rate 90-100% minority

5 Grades 3-8 District Cumulative Results 2009

6 Expert Teams 1. Find your color table. Please take your things as you go. 2. Read the pages indicated at your Expert Table. 3. (5 min) 4. Discuss & Complete “Team Map”. (15 min) 5. Prepare Technique Poster that will include technique name, illustrations and key words. 6. (20 min) 7. Discuss the application of your technique in the science classroom with a specific science concept. Please be ready to share the example with others. (5 minutes)

7 Team Tour 1. Find your number table. Please take your things. 2. Introduce yourself to your team and tell them 3 things about yourself. 3. When instructed, please move to the poster along the wall that has your team number. 4. Using the poster, the expert for this technique will explain it to the rest of the team. Team members will record notes. Questions can be answered by the expert if time permits. (5 minutes) 5. At the signal, teams will move clockwise to the next poster.


9 Classroom Culture  Discipline  Management  Control  Influence  Engagement

10 Be a STAR Student  S Sit up.  T Track the speaker.  A Ask & Answer questions like a scholar.  R Respect those around you.

11 Strong Voice  Economy of Language – fewer words are stronger  Do Not Talk Over – every student has the right to hear  Do Not Engage – tell what to do or give expectation  Square Up/Stand Still  Quiet Power – lower and slower keeps you in control

12 Critical Thinking  One at a Time  Simple to Complex  No Bait and Switch  Clear and Concise  Stock Questions  Hit Rate

13 Video Clips Can you identify the technique?

14 Add to the Mix  Share with your team a strategy, technique, game… that really works for you!

15 EXTRA just because…


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