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Career & Leadership Development Center Baker University Center 533 740-593-2909

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1 Career & Leadership Development Center Baker University Center 533 740-593-2909

2 Career  Drop Ins (10 minutes)  Coaching Sessions  Mock Interviews  Bobcat Career Link  Career/Internship Fairs  On Campus Recruiting Leadership  Student-Led Programs  21 st Century Leadership Series  True Colors  fOUndations Program  Online Library for Leadership Resources

3 Thinking about my decision making Knowing how I make decisions Knowing about myself Knowing about my options

4 Learning Outcomes  You will be able to…  identify your own skills and interests related to your job search  describe the importance of networking to prepare for your professional career  indicate methods to customize job application documents including resumes and cover letters  Define elements of professional presentation  Describe appropriate relationship building techniques through networking

5 Resume Quiz Fact or Fiction Resumes can be stressful. Let us help you.

6 Always include references or “references available upon request” in your resume

7 You only want to list your GPA if it’s above a 3.0

8 You can use social media to network with prospective employers or leaders in your field

9 List all of your work and involvement info all the way back through your high school years

10 You can stretch your experiences so they sound better or more relevant than they really might be

11 Employers spend less than a minute reading your resume

12 Starting Your Search ◦ Explore your options and identify what interests you ◦ Identify the skills you want to market to employers ◦ Research employers to find your best potential “fit”

13 Research Tools Bobcat Career Link Faculty & Staff CLDC Coaches

14 Why network?  Discover what it is like to work in the field  Build professional connections in your field  Determine if your field is a “fit” for you Where to start…  Identify areas of professional/personal interest  Share your interests with people you know ◦ Find out if any contacts are in a similar field ◦ Ask to be connected with others

15 Networking Tools CLDC Resources  Assistance with researching and informational interviews  Leadership Branding: 21 st Century Leadership Series  Career and networking events Informational Interviews  Learn more about a specific field or industry  Explore how professionals developed their career path

16 What are you interested in?  Do you have an ideal job in mind…  Type of work you would do  Where you would live  Tasks you find engaging  Contact with people  Physical requirements

17  What makes you stand out?  Academic skills  Experience-based skills  Where did you develop those skills?  Greek participation  Classroom experience  Student organizations  Internships and/or work What are your strengths?

18 What do you value?  Potential ideas…  Working with a team  Autonomy/Independence  Work-life balance  Laid-back environment  Travel frequently

19 What do employers want to see?  Communication  Analytical  Teamwork  Technical  Strong Work Ethic Also on the list: Leadership skills, Self-confidence, Friendly/outgoing personality, Tactfulness, Creativity, Strategic planning skills, Entrepreneurial skills/ risk-taker, sense of humor

20 Practice: Resume Revision

21 Identifying Information: Fix-Up Kenny Quinn 330-333-3333  KENNETH QUINN 105 East State Street, Athens, Ohio 45701  330-000-0000 

22 Education: Fix-Up OHIO UNIVERSITY, Athens, Ohio Bachelor’s Degree of Arts and Sciences, December 2014? Certificate GPA: 1.8/4.0 OHIO UNIVERSITY, Athens, Ohio Bachelor of Arts in English, Expected May 2013 GPA: 3.2/4.0

23 Experience: Fix-Up Friendly Friends Summer Camp, Jackson, Ohio Volunteer Teacher, 6/11-8/11 Made plans and activities for the summer Made sure no one got lost on field trips Friendly Friends Summer Camp, Jackson, Ohio Volunteer Teacher, 6/11-8/11 Developed age-appropriate plans and activities for the 30 campers Collaborated with three other teachers to develop lesson plans and group activities Helping Hands Charity, Rochester, Michigan 6/10-8/10, 6/09-8/09 Development Intern Called people and asked for donations First job ever Helping Hands Charity, Rochester, Michigan 6/10-8/10, 6/09-8/09 Development Intern Build rapport with donors while soliciting funds for the Millenial Campaign Updated records and maintained current fundraising databases of 350 donors Collaborated with a team of 25 employees to raise one million dollars each summer

24 Cover Letter Basics Opening Paragraph ◦ Introduce why you are applying ◦ Specify what you are applying for ◦ Share why you are interested Middle Paragraph ◦ Match your list of skills with the job requirements ◦ Include applicable words from the job description ◦ Prove that you have researched the organization thoroughly ◦ Show how you possess skills needed by the organization Closing Paragraph CUSTOMIZE!

25 Networking Etiquette What exactly is Networking? Building enduring relationships Connections are mutually beneficial

26 Networking Etiquette Be Prepared: Prepare a 30 second “elevator speech” or introduction o Name, Major, Interests, Skills/Experience Do your research Stay updated on current events and prepare talking points Know your desired outcome Plan your professional dress

27 Professional Dress Etiquette What to wear:

28 Professional Dress Etiquette What not to wear:

29 Shake hands firmly Wear nametags on the right In conversation, listen more than speak Focus on the conversation Make a crisp but polite conclusion Follow up and say thank you Networking Etiquette

30 Ordering Food Ask for suggestions from the host if unsure of what to order Order in the mid-price range on the menu This is not the time to try unfamiliar foods Avoid finger foods and messy foods Dining Etiquette In a formal dining setting: Remember BMW…bread on the left, meal in the middle, and water to the right Avoid using your neighbor’s bread plate or water When using your utensils, start on the outside and work your way in as the meal progresses

31 Other tips… Wait until everyone is served before eating The napkin goes across your lap Only use the napkin to blot your mouth What to do with your napkin when done eating Utensils are for eating only not for gesturing Bread buttering etiquette Dining Etiquette

32 Other tips.. Pass items around the table, not across it Wait to season food after tasting first Pass the salt and pepper together Let your host know ahead of time if you have dietary restrictions Always be polite to servers Take small/medium bites and chew quietly Speak only when your mouth is free of food Eat and enjoy the food, but do not gorge or horde Dining Etiquette

33 Email and Snail Mail Keep emails brief and always proof-read Send thank you notes within 48 hours Include your contact information in every message Voicemail Make sure your voicemail greeting is professional and appropriate Social Media Employers may search for you—is your profile ready? Communication Etiquette

34 Networking Etiquette Do: Arrive Early Compliment Maintain good eye contact Establish a common ground Be strategic and move around the room Ask questions Get out of your comfort zone Be engaged, be positive, and smile Be yourself

35 Networking Etiquette Don’t: Use jargon or slang terms Gossip or preach Interrupt Be loud or talk too fast Finish other’s sentences Try too hard to be funny Argue

36 Career & Leadership Development Center Division of Student Affairs Baker University Center 533 740-593-2909 Presenters: Ali Mears and Jon Norris

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