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Sandy Marshall, DVS, CAVS Joan M. Miller, MHA AHVRP Audio Conference July 11, 2012 1.

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1 Sandy Marshall, DVS, CAVS Joan M. Miller, MHA AHVRP Audio Conference July 11, 2012 1

2  Sandy Marshall, CAVS  AHVRP Board Member  Liaison to Certification Advocacy Committee  Director of Volunteer and Community Services  LRGHealthcare  Laconia, NH  Joan M. Miller, MHA  Executive Director, AHVRP 2

3  Recent CAVS updates  2013 changes  CAVS fundamentals  application and eligibility  exam content  renewals  Value of CAVS  Questions 3

4  Moratorium lifted July 15, 2012  Some re-take fees lowered  Those who did not pass between June 1,2011, and May 1, 2012:  $50 if re-take by November 15, 2012  Those who re-took in the timeframe:  $25, if re-take by November 15, 2012  Calculators permitted  No changes for current CAVS or renewals 4

5  CAVS Exam Committee  Mission  Members  Certification Advocacy Committee  Mission  Members 5

6  Board Liaison: Sandy Marshall, CAVS  Members  Betty Beck, CAVS, Duncan Regional Medical Center, Duncan, OK,  Kathy Berube, Maine Medical Center, Portland, ME,  Doug Della Pietra, Rochester General Hospital, Rochester, NY,  Pam Lemp, CAVS, St. Luke’s Episcopal Health System, Houston, TX,  Greg Sorenson, CAVS, Jack C. Montgomery Medical Center, Muskogee, OK, 6

7  Focused annual exam schedule – computer (candidates arrange proctors and test sites)  First full weeks of March and October – beginning in January 2013  March 3 to 9, 2013  October 6 to 12, 2013  Until December 31, 2012, computer exam available daily  Paper-and-pencil exam available at 2012 conference  9 a.m. to noon Wednesday, September 19, Dallas  Application deadline is September 1  No pencil-and-paper exam at 2013 conference  Will offer again if sufficient demand  Pencil-and-paper available to Chapters by arrangement  CAVS Open Forum at 2012 conference 7

8  To promote healthcare volunteer service management through the certification of qualified individuals by:  Recognizing formally those who meet the eligibility requirements and pass the CAVS exam.  Encouraging continued personal and professional growth  Providing a national standard of knowledge required for certification  Awarded by AHVRP, part of American Hospital Association 8

9  50% of position related to volunteer management  One of the following:  Bachelor’s and two years paid experience in healthcare volunteer management  Associate’s and three years of experience  High school diploma or equivalent and four years of experience 9

10  Access application on CAVS Certification pageCAVS Certification  Also available at under Education > CAVS  Mark on application if you plan to take exam onsite at annual conference, state conference (if offered), or online  Pay fee by check/money order or by credit card online via CCVA’s Website online 10

11  110 multiple-choice questions, 110 of which are scored  Passing score = 75 correct  Two hours long  Based on the body of knowledge of healthcare volunteer management  Cognitive levels:  Recall  Application  Analysis 11

12  Planning and Program Development (16%)  Management of Human Resources (20%)  Finance (12%)  Organization and Management of Services (17%)  Outreach, Advocacy and Public Relations (21%)  Professional Development (14%)  *Content outline is on page five of the CAVS Handbook *CAVS Handbook 12

13 13

14  Visit AHVRP’s CAVS Certification page to access the following tools:CAVS Certification  Application  CAVS Candidate Handbook  Content outline  Logistics  Checklist  AHVRP CAVS Review Guide -- $99 members/ $149 non-membersCAVS Review Guide  Renewal application  Talk to AHVRP members who have passed  Chapter/buddy study groups  Mock exams available once you request an exam date  Exam administered by the Council for Certification in Volunteer Administration (CCVA) 14

15  Credential valid for three years  To renew – Option 1:  Send in renewal application documenting 45 contact hours of continuing professional education and pay fee.renewal application  Courses, audio conferences, annual conference  Academic coursework  Self-study  Professional or academic speaking  Authoring/publishing  NOTE: Renewal applications must be postmarked 30 days prior to your CAVS expiration date and include renewal fee. 15

16  To renew -- Option 2:  Re-take and pass exam, and pay fee 16

17  AHVRP Member Rates  Exam: $250  Renewals:  CEUs: $135  Exam: $50  Non-Member Rates  Add $150 to each fee above 17

18  Certification vs. certificate  CAVS vs. CVA, administered by CCVA 18

19 Sandy Marshall  Rationale for pursuing CAVS  Personal value of CAVS  AHVRP’s commitment to CAVS 19

20  I felt like achieving certification not only elevated my own credentials within my field of expertise, but there certainly was a sense of pride and accomplishment in passing the test and being able to place those letters behind my name. I was recognized amongst my hospital peers and that meant a lot to me. I am glad that I can continue my professional growth through my continuing education to keep up my certification  Foremost, I became CAVS certified for myself. CAVS was, and is, the ultimate accreditation specific to our profession so it was important to me to verify I have invested my time, resources and professional development appropriately as a DVS. Healthcare professionals usually have multiple ‘designations’ after their names, CAVS demonstrates I, too, have purposefully focused on my professional path. “What is a ‘CAVS’ “ has generated many conversations where I can fully explain what a DVS is and this has promoted greater credibility and understanding of the depth of our jobs. I believe CAVS says, ‘I am devoted to professional excellence and development.’ 20

21  It may sound strange, but to me certification is an acknowledgement of my role as a professional among my peers at my hospital, it’s a validation of my expertise in the field of healthcare volunteer management, and personal fulfillment  Achieving the credential was very gratifying. Adding CAVS to my name badge has provided many opportunities to explain and be honored for our profession. I received a (one-time only) $500 bonus upon passing the exam. It truly validated that I am a professional and that our work is on par with other credentialed professionals. I continue to make sure that I have enough CEUs to submit for my renewals because it’s personally valuable to me.  I became certified in 2003 and have been very proud of it ever since. For me it was and still is validation that I am very qualified to serve in the profession I have chosen. Working in a setting where letters after your name are recognized and important it gives me credibility in the hospital and also in the community. 21

22  General inquiries  Joan M. Miller, MHA   312-422-3938  Certification Advocacy Committee  Sandy Marshall, CAVS  Director of Volunteer and Community Services  LRGHealthcare, Laconia, NH   603-527-2895 22

23  CAVS exam inquiries:  Katie Campbell, CVA  Executive Director  Council for Certification in Volunteer Administration   804-794-8689  CAVS renewal inquiries:  Lisa Hinkle, MS  AHVRP Education Coordinator   312-422-3936 23

24  Visit AHVRP’s CAVS Certification page to access CAVS resources and download a recording of the audio conference. You can also visit and find CAVS Certification under EDUCATION.CAVS 24

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