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Welcome! Jim Aloise Micah Kotch Emily Wheeler. Congratulations! 2.

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1 Welcome! Jim Aloise Micah Kotch Emily Wheeler

2 Congratulations! 2

3 Why are you here?

4 We like you!

5 50 applications across 6 schools, colleges and labs Web, mobile, software, hardware, consumer, enterprise, etc. Applications reviewed by 22 highly qualified judges Picked the 15 best teams with the right 1.Skills 2.Attitude 3.Commitment 4.Ideas We like you! 5

6 Space, time & resources to focus on your startup Learn skills & get tools to search for a repeatable & scalable business model Connect you with mentors from the NYC venture, clean tech, and startup community Strengthen ties among some of NYU’s, Columbia’s and our other partners’ most promising entrepreneurs & with the larger community Work hard and have a lot of fun! What should you expect? 6

7 And… 7

8 To get more Cleantech ideas from the lab to the market!

9 No soup for you! 9

10 Keep to the schedule Come prepared Listen & learn… don’t sell Leverage each others skills & connections Respectfully exploit your mentors Take advantage of INSITE office hours Have a great time! What do we expect? 10

11 Before you go…

12 Emails Internal Website Curriculum Guide Pre-program survey Boot camp Schedule Program Schedule ACME * Deck Short articles & videos Startup Owner’s Manual Business Model Generation Packing List 12

13 1. Watch the following short videos: Steve Blank: Conducting Customer Discovery Interviews 2. Read the following texts: Harvard Business Review - Why the Lean Start-Up Changes Everything Business Model Generation: p.14-49 Startup Owners Manual: p.22-84 3. Prepare a short introductory presentation including: Slide 1: Title Slide - team name, logo, product description/picture, team members Slide 2: Business Model Canvas - populated with your first hypotheses Slide 3: Overview of competitive landscape 4. Schedule ~4 customer interviews for today Pre-Class Assignments 13

14 PowerBridgeNY Program

15 A framework, not a formula

16 Other Camps in our Network 16

17 Prior Campers 17

18 Campus Map 18

19 Turn Guesses… 19 Guess

20 …into Facts! 20 Fact

21 Why?

22 Investors (& JUDGES) like facts!

23 Staff

24 Coaching Team 24

25 Camp Counselors 25 Emily Wheeler NYC ACRE U.S. Department of Energy Loan Guarantee Program General Electric Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

26 Camp Counselors 26 Micah Kotch NYU Entrepreneurship & Innovation NYC ACRE Design-in-Kind Pratt Institute GameLoft Colgate University BA

27 Camp Counselors 27 Jim Aloise Columbia University General Electric GE Global Research University of California, Los Angeles MBA New Mexico State University MS University of Rochester BS

28 Camp Counselors 28 John Blaho NSF coPI, NYC Regional Innovation Node CUNY Director for Industrial-Academic Research University of Chicago University of Alabama School of Medicine Ph.D

29 Your New Best Friend! 29 Julia Byrd PowerBridgeNY Program Associate -Internal Website and FluidReview Specialist -PBNY Resources or Materials -Texts, Articles, Resources

30 Campus Representatives Brookhaven National Laboratory Pat Looney City University of New York John Blaho Columbia University Donna See Cornell University Bethany Koi NYU-Poly Chris Snyder Stony Brook University Bill Worek

31 Mentors are coaches, not consultants ~2 per team: Entrepreneurs & Investors Meet at mutually convenient time & place, preferably in-person + Floating mentors –Designers-in-Residence –Hackers-in-Residence –Entrepreneurs & Investors –Lawyers & Accountants Sign up for floaters with Staff They’re volunteers Mentors are Supervisors 31

32 Feb 5: Full Proposal Due –Review with Mentor (and InSITE team) –Submit in Fluid Review March 5: Pitch Day and Showcase –Real demo day –Pitching to Panel of judges –Invite NYC investors & entrepreneurs + VIPs Important Dates 32

33 Program Logistics

34 Today’s Schedule 34 TimeTopic 8:30-10:00AMLecture 0: Class Introduction and team presentations 10:00AM-11:30PMLecture 1: Business Model/Customer development 11:30AM-12:00PMLecture 2: Business Model Canvas Examples 12:00-1:00PMLunch – Mentor workshop & Teams best practice panel 1:00-2:00PMLecture 3: Customer Discovery: The Art 2:00-3:15PMLecture 4: Value Proposition 3:15-3:30PMCoffee Break 3:30-4:30PMStorytelling Presentation 4:30-5:00PMLecture 6: Future expectations

35 February 5: Full proposals due Mid-February: Full proposals selected by the Judges will be invited to prepare pitches March 5: Pitch Day March 10: Final awardees announced Project plans for awardees should be approximately 12 months long, but should be predominantly driven by the milestones. Program Schedule 35

36 Brian Asparo, Green Change Networks Ben Carver, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich and Rosati Miriam Eaves, Castrol innoVentures Shane Eten, Columbia Technology Ventures Maxwell Fine, HEVO Stan Fischer, Vestlynx Peter Fusaro, Global Change Associates Chris Garvin, Terrapin Bright Green Ali Heron, Kwivo David Hochman, Business Incubator Association of NYS Tim Hoffman, Cleantech Open Richard Klein, Quixotic-Systems Inc. David Levine, DM Levine Consulting LLC Jonathan McClelland, MJ Beck Consulting Steve Monks, HEVO Rob Morin, Tangent Energy Solutions, Inc. Sam Negahbani, Energex Technologies Joe O'Connor, VisorPoint Christopher Opie, Bernstein Global Wealth Management Brian Phillips, Zurich Ventures Jun Shimada, ThinkEco Paul Thomas, Thomas Venture Development LLC Kathy Timko, Virendia, LLC David Unger, US ENERGY Group Steve Wolk, Strategic Investment Consulting Michael Wu, Blue Angle Ventures Frank Zammataro, Rentricity Mentors 36

37 Thanks to our sponsors! 37


39 Appendix 39

40 Lean Launchpad curriculum –Techniques for testing hypotheses, experimentation & iteration to search for repeatable & scalable biz model Flipped classroom –Online (Udacity) lectures –Two texts designed for this purpose –Check-in time spent reviewing teams progress/ personalized feedback –GOFB : Interview >10 customers & partners/month Monthly meetings with mentors On going guest speakers & workshops Athletic Instruction 40

41 Floating Mentors/Coaches Hackers Jared Wyatt Steve Ellis Tal Safran Designers Liz Danzico, School of Visual Arts Rune Madsen, O’Reilly Media Zoe Fraade-Blaner Legal Peter Fusco, Lowenstein Sandler Tax & Accounting Michael Gawley, EisnerAmper Investors Fred Wilson, Union Square Ventures Craig Shapiro, Collaborative Fund Jalak Jobanputra, FuturePerfect Entrepreneurs Ali Heron Caren Maio, Nestio Storytelling Craig Protzel, ITP 41 You’ll receive an email each week about who’s holding office hours so you can sign up

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