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CTSA Communications Activities Thomas T. Fogg MS MPH Kameha Kidd, PhD March 2010.

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1 CTSA Communications Activities Thomas T. Fogg MS MPH Kameha Kidd, PhD March 2010

2  Recent meeting in Rockville, March 4-5, 2010  Several action items underway, two items to point out today: –Development of a CTSA Consortium Internal Communications Plan –Communication of CTSA Science Advances Communications KFC

3  CMG mission: to help increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the CTSA Consortium  CMG approach: –Initial focus on three principles of operation – project tracking, portfolio analysis, and communications –Flexible and adaptive, working with the CCEC and Consortium to integrate and establish a matrix for communication and information exchange  “Tiger Teams” from the Communications KFC will develop an internal communications plan for the Consortium, working with CMG Communications and the CMG

4 The Problem  The CTSA consortium is a highly complex, diverse, dispersed organization –CCEC/CCSC –CC CHOC –5 strategic goal committees –13 key function committees –Many subgroups –Over 100 active projects –46 member institutions, plus the NCRR –Over 2000 faculty and staff  Effective, efficient communication is critical to carrying out the CTSA mission

5 Communication Source Groups  Source Groups –CCEC/CCSC –NCRR leadership and staff –SGCs –CC CHOC –KFCs –Developed  Needs of each group differ dramatically  “Tiger Teams” from Communications KFC will be formed to address each communications source group –Report to Communications KFC Steering Committee –Vet recommendations with source group leadership –Report progress to CCEC and CMG

6 Developing a Plan  Needs assessment –survey/interviews with source group  Plan development –data-driven –build on Dixie Baker Plan/strawman communications plan –integrate with existing tools  Plan implementation –vehicles or tools –standards or policies

7 Steering Committee from Communications KFC  Tom Fogg (Rochester)  Kameha Kidd (NCRR)  Michele Maclay (North Carolina)  Jamie Racklyeft (Michigan)  Bob Rice (Ohio State)  Stacey Scirocco (Yale)

8  Session on science advances and other highlights –NCRR Office of Communications and Office of Science Policy –Defined types of information how utilized (science advance vs highlight) –Shared efforts to identify, track, and communicate information Communication of Science Advances

9  Moving forward: –Coordination between NCRR and CTSA Communications representatives –Developed CTSA Science Advance Template –Submission of science advances to NCRR Office of Communications and Program Official –Continue to post these and other highlights to the CTSA wiki Communication of Science Advances

10  PI Name  Institution  Project Title  Background  Advance  Public Health Impact Statement  NIH Directors theme(s) relevance  CTSA Strategic Goal relevance  How CTSA Enabled Advance  Grant Support  Publication Citation and Link (if applicable) CTSA Science Advance Template

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