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Update on the Electronic Periodontal Literature Review Dr. Michael B. Goldberg, MSc DDS Assistant Professor University of Toronto.

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1 Update on the Electronic Periodontal Literature Review Dr. Michael B. Goldberg, MSc DDS Assistant Professor University of Toronto

2 Thank-you  American Academy of Periodontology Education Committee  Shana Berezin  Faculty and Post-Graduate Students of the University of Toronto, Faculty of Dentistry, Division of Periodontics  Faculty members of the University of Rochester and Indiana University



5 Periodontal Literature Review— Update  Electronic  Paperless  “Greenshift”  Instant updating available  Direct links to specific articles  Presenting not Critiquing Content  “Wikipedia”-type formatting  Internal search engine  Cross-chapter linking

6 Periodontal Literature Review— Topics Examination Diagnosis Maintenance Epidemiology Risk Factors Microbiology Pharmacology Regenerative Therapy Mucogingival Therapy* Implantology*

7 Periodontal Literature Review--Keywords  Article Accumulation  identifying keyword using PICO: P- patient, population I - intervention C- comparison O- outcomes Cardiovascular Disease Diabetes Smoking Specific Plaque Hypothesis Non-Specific Plaque hypothesis Supragingival plaque/calculus Subgingival plaque/calculus Infection Inflammation Bleeding suppuration Microbiology and…. Diagnosis Periodontitis Chronic Periodontitis Aggressive Periodontitis Gingivitis Periodontal Abscess Necrotizing Ulcerative Lesions

8 AAP Literature Review Article Check-list Randomized Control Trials Citation: 1. The study addresses an appropriate and clearly focused question?(1) YES NO 2. The assignment of subjects to treatment groups is randomized?(1) YES NO 3. Subjects and investigators are kept “blind” about treatment allocation?(1) YES NO 4. The treatment and control groups are similar at the start of the trial?(1) YES NO 5. The only difference between groups is the Treatment under investigation (1 point) YES NO 6.Were study drop-outs reported? (1 point) YES NO 7.Were results comparable in all sites for a Multicentre study? (1 point) YES NO 8.The study was useful overall (3 points) Score /10

9 AAP Literature Review Article Summary Sheet Reviewer’s Name: Goldberg Section: Exam/Diagnosis Author: Araujo MWB et al Title: Reproducibility of Probing Depth Measurements Using a Constant-Force Electronic Probe: Analysis of Inter-and Intraexaminer variability Journal: J Perio 2003;74:1736-1740 Study Design:RCTCohort/Cross-sectional/Longitudinal Prospective/Retrospective Observational Article Summary: Main objective was to evaluate the inter- and intraexaminer variability of PD using a constant force electronic probe. Compare variability between quadrant means and tooth means. 3 examiners (one DDS, two hygienists) measured 20 patients. Measured one quadrant only, excluded 8’s. Usually quad 1,. Inclusion criteria…35-79 y.o.; either gender/any ethnic background; > 6 teeth per quadrant; PD< 3 mm. Examinations done at baseline, 7 days, 14 days by two of 3 examiners each day. Therefore each examiner did 2 exams. 6 sites per tooth measured. Results: For quadrant probing data, standard error ranged from 0.38 mm to 0.42 mm. Tooth level variability was greater compared to quadrant level with incisors showing least variability and first molars showing most variability. Overall measurement error was always under 0.5 mm, regardless of tooth/quadrant measurement. Limited periodontal disease may keep information “tighter”…more disease severity and variability in PD may influence results in future studies. Also need to replicate study using manual probes in future. Clinical Relevance Ranking: Top 10%Top 25%Top 50%Bottom 50% Why?:

10 Periodontal Literature Review—Update


12 Where do we go from here?  Is this website (conceptually) something that will be useful to your program?  “Integrated Dental Education”—utility for pre-doctoral/post-doctoral programs  If so, what modifications would you like to see?  If not, why not?  If this website is to continue, how would your program be able to contribute to its upkeep and continued relevance ? ○ Co-ordinator—MG? Other? ○ Graduate Program Yearly rotations to update literature ○ Assistance from AAP web designers ○ In-Service Exam co-ordination

13 Contact Information Dr. Michael B. Goldberg Assistant Professor, Discipline of Periodontology, University of Toronto 124 Edward Street Toronto, Ontario 416-979-4928 ext. 4502

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