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Demographic Profile of Muslims in Minnesota Dr. Bruce Corrie Associate Vice President.

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1 Demographic Profile of Muslims in Minnesota Dr. Bruce Corrie Associate Vice President

2 Terms Islam refers to a religion Muslims are people who follow Islam Middle east includes major groups such as Arabs, Turks, Persians (and Jews) Middle East very diverse in many aspects

3 Population Difficult to come with a good number 20,221 (Arab American Institute Foundation) 16, 796 ( US Census of Religions 2010) 21, 803 ACS estimate of Somalis in Minnesota Obviously an underestimate of actual numbers. Even though less than 1 percent of Minnesota’s population – 16 th in the nation

4 Arabic Speakers – Metro Area 1 Dot = 10 People

5 Students 2013 Minnesota Schools 2013 LanguageStudents Arabic2053 Farsi133 Somali14876 Kurdish205 Turkish63

6 Population – Top MSAs – Mankato – Minneapolis-St. Paul – Rochester – Lacrosse – Fargo – Duluth – Grand Forks

7 Foreign Born Population MN Iraq541 Israel737 Jordan562 Kuwait252 Lebanon686 Saudi Arabia298 Syria335 Yemen306 Turkey543 Armenia51 Other Western Asia557 Eritrea1,255 Ethiopia/Oromo13,195 Egypt1,840 Morocco876 Sudan2,036 Afghanistan271 Bangladesh782 India21,306 Iran1,232 Kazakhstan710 Pakistan1,675 Uzbekistan114 Other Eastern Africa/Somali23,832

8 Muslim Population: National 0.8 percent of US population in 2010 according to the Pew Center. Projected to grow to 1.7 percent in 2030 Most Arab Americans are Christian

9 Muslims: Race and Ethnicity 2011

10 National Picture (Ancestry)

11 Muslims: Education, 2011

12 Integration

13 Very American

14 Quite Satisfied with Life

15 Most Citizens and Immigrant

16 Church Attendance

17 Social Interaction

18 Pew Research Data, 2011 MuslimUS Entrepreneurs20%17% Homeowners33%58% Satisfied with Country today56%23% Regularly Use Social Media57%44% Regularly watch sports48%47% Yes - conflict between Science and Religion37%59% Agree with Evolution45%52% Do you think of yourself as American first or Muslim49%46% Very Concerned about rise in Islamic Extremism31%36% Citizen70%47% Voted64%76% Satisfies withlife today82%75%

19 Prominent Arab-American politicians 80. Who are some prominent Arab-American politicians? U.S. Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell, D-Maine; Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham; Former secretary of Health and Human Services Donna Shalala; Former New Hampshire governor and White House chief of staff John Sununu, 2000 presidential candidate Ralph Nader.

20 Prominent Arab Americans Shakira, pop star Christa McAuliffe, the teacher/astronaut who died aboard the space shuttle Challenger; Indy 500 winner Bobby Rahal; Heisman Trophy winner and NFL quarterback Doug Flutie; creators of radio’s American Top 40 Casey Kasem and Don Bustany; Mothers Against Drunk Driving founder Candy Lightner; Jacques Nasser, president and chief executive officer of Ford Motor Co., and Helen Thomas, former dean of the White House press corps.

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