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Rochester & Buffalo Act! v17 Exclusive Premier. Agenda Introductions Act! History / Overview Act! v17 demonstration Act! E-Marketing & SPEM Act! for Cloud.

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1 Rochester & Buffalo Act! v17 Exclusive Premier

2 Agenda Introductions Act! History / Overview Act! v17 demonstration Act! E-Marketing & SPEM Act! for Cloud Tips & Tricks Q&A Drawings & Giveaways

3 Introductions - Presenters Twelve/Three Marketing, Inc. Geoffrey Boulden Bob Lozinak Laurie Gent Stephen Boulden Swiftpage – ACT! James Dever, East Coast CAM

4 4

5 Act! Overview #1 Contact & Customer Management choice! Tap into all relationship details quickly Designed for busy professionals Seamlessly interact with productivity and social tools

6 Act! Timeline 1987 – Act! 1Pat Sullivan / Yes Everybody Sells 1993 – Sold to Symantec 1998 – Sold to Interact / SalesLogix / Pat Sullivan 2000 – Act 5 for XP 2001 – Sold to Sage 2004 – Act 2005 (7) – complete re-write with SQL &.Net 2004-2013 Annual Releases, product refinement, Web, Mobile 2/15/2013 – Swiftpage buys ACT & SalesLogix 2014 – Swiftpage sells SalesLogix to Infor

7 Act! Features & Benefits

8 Act! Pro vs. Act! Premium

9 Calendar, Activity Tracking, and Smart Tasks Activity tracking & automated tasks Pipeline & Sales Opportunity Management Organized customer details Slide 9

10 Act! emarketing Integrated emarketing Call lists and Reporting Easily Create Templates Slide 10

11 Access on-the-go Slide 11

12 Business Care Protect Your Investment with Business Care With Business Care, you get automatic access to new product innovations, expert support you can count on, and valuable extras that help you reduce the time, effort, and cost of operating your Act! solution. Latest Technology – Stay current with the newest product innovations, plus stay compatible with popular operating and desktop systems, because you receive automatic feature enhancements and platform updates. Peace of Mind - Get the help you need, when you need it, to keep your business running smoothly, because you have access to expert Act! Support Advisors ready to assist you. Exceptional Value - Save on valuable extras, like online training with Act! Anytime Learning and mobile access to Act! — available with certain Business Care plans. Slide 12

13 Introducing Act! v17

14 v17 New Feature Areas Enhanced Act! emarketing Automation & Productivity Enhancements Streamlined Configuration & Access Options Act! Gets a Fresh, New Look -Integrated & Included -Lead Capture -Account Dashboard -Team Access -Smart Task Options -Contact Timeline -New Outlook Sync Options -Photo to mobile -Integrate with popular business tools -Additional read-only licenses -Web Remote Databases -Import Act! Premium for web -Hide inactive users -Improved global preferences -New icons -New layouts -Act! Marketplace integration -Act! Welcome page update

15 Recent History ACT2011ACT2012ACT2013ACT v16ACT v17ACT v18ACT for CloudAEM Office 2010 ★★★★★ ACT Mobile ★★★★★ Browse License??Not ACT Win 7 ★★★★★ IE9 ★★★★ More Smart Tasks ★ Chrome ★★★★ AEM Built in RESTful Excel Import ★★★★★ Universal Search ★★★★ Database Moving ★ Safari ★★★★ Dropbox/SharePoint Start Small Outlook Contacts ★★★ Google Sync ★★★ Social Updates ★ Company Creator ★ Global Prefs Outlook Calendar ★★★ Scratchpad Calculated Fields ★★ Web Forms Smart Tasks ★ History View ★★★★ Timeline Social Media ★ Lead Capture Cleaner Interface Photo to History (Mobile) Hide Inactive Users 2010Q3Released 2010Q4HF2 2011Q1SP1 2011Q2 2011Q3HF4-HF5Released 2011Q4HF6SP1 2012Q1 2012Q2 SP2 2012Q3 HF2-HF3Released 2012Q4 HF4-HF5HF1-HF2 2013Q1 SP1 2013Q2 HF6HF3 2013Q3 HF4Released 2013Q4RetirementHF7 HF1-4 2014Q1 HF5 2014Q2 SP1 - FP1 BetaLaunch 2014Q3 HF1-2 Fix 2014Q4 Retirement SP2 - FP2Released Launch 2015Q1 SP1 2015Q2 FP-SP2 2015Q3 deals 2015Q4 Retirement Release 2016Q1 SP1 2016Q2 FP 2016Q3 deals 2016Q4 Retirement etc

16 Geoff’s demo points New fancy look Users Unlimited browser licenses (Premium) Hide inactive One Way Outlook synch Avoids duplicates Timeline Lead Capture Act! E-marketing Attach Photo from Mobile – A word about smart tasks – we’ll do better

17 Feature Area 1: Enhanced Act! emarketing Chris Huffman Lead Capture – easily create simple web forms Team Accounts with send-as feature Emarketing Smart Task options Account dashboard snapshot Create, send, and track email campaigns Intelligent follow-up with the Call List

18 Act! emarketing Now Included! Act! emarketing Basic is now included in every purchase of Act! Send unlimited emails to up to 500 contacts per month. Business Care subscribers receive an additional $15 / month off, up to a $180 value*. *pricing and discounts subject to change.

19 Feature Area 2: Automation & Productivity Enhancements Prepare for and personalize customer interactions with Contact Timeline New Outlook sync options Attach photos to history from Act! Premium mobile Integrate documents with Dropbox, Google Docs ™, iCloud ®, SharePoint ™ and more! New Smart Tasks automation

20 Feature Area 3: Streamlined Configuration & Access Options Create read-only licenses for additional members of your business or team – at no extra charge! Up to 10 named users for Pro, and unlimited for Premium. Easily create and distribute Act! Premium for Web remote databases and offline clients, directly from the web. Improved global preference management Hide inactive users from dropdowns. Seamlessly import contacts from CSV files to Act! Premium for Web.

21 Feature Area 4: Act! gets a new, fresh look

22 Act! for Cloud

23 It’s Not ACT Confusing Name Cloud Service It’s a start Not Act! No synch No Opportunities No Companies No Word / Excel Integration No Notes Your ACT cannot talk to it Not Multi-User


25 What it is Pure Cloud – Windows, Mac, Android, etc. RESTful - The Real product is the API and that is largely done Now it’s a matter of creating the web pages/clients Tied to social media Google Facebook Linkedin Some day, this could be bigger than Act! Subscription model - $10/month Let’s take a look

26 Tips & Tricks

27 Web Info Tab Google Gmail Search{E-mail} Google Search on Email

28 Web Info #2 – Link to your ERP-Acctg

29 More Tips Dolphin Browser Clean out your My Record Search Any Phone Exponenciel add-ons Free Training every week from Twelve/Three – see Laurie

30 Business Care Optional “Free” software upgrades for 12 months If you are currently on BC, v17 is free Otherwise, purchase an upgrade Silver & Gold include Tech Support Discounts on AEM (S,G) Discounts on other products Feature Packs

31 Q&A

32 Get v17 Today with Early Bird Pricing! Sign up today to get 20% off new and upgrade licenses, or 30% off new and upgrade licenses if purchased with Business Care (no discount on Business Care.) Plus, receive an additional 5% off if you attend a Roadshow (valid for 30 days from the date of event).

33 33

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