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Labor Market Intelligence for Decision Making Luke Greiner Regional Labor Market Analyst Labor Market Information Office.

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1 Labor Market Intelligence for Decision Making Luke Greiner Regional Labor Market Analyst Labor Market Information Office

2 What is the state of the economy?

3 Current Situation of the State August job growth rebounded adding +6,100 jobs on a seasonally adjusted basis with +5,700 from the private sector. This provides MN with a 2% OTY growth rate, U.S. is 1.8% July’s loss of -4,200 was revised to just -100 MN has gained 202,900 jobs since employment low of Sept ’09 Gains were led by construction, professional and business services, manufacturing, information, and govt. Unemployment dropped.2% to 4.3%, driven by a decline in the labor force. Labor force participation rate fell to 69.8%. Tied with IA for 3 rd highest in country behind ND and NE. Our labor force has shrunk by -21,670 from 5 months of declines.

4 Regional Trends, August 2014 Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) OTY Numeric Employment Change Percent Employment Change Minneapolis-St. Paul MN-WI40,8852.3% Duluth-Superior MN-WI9470.7% Rochester9730.9% St. Cloud3,0082.9% Mankato1,3692.6% Minnesota56,3112.0% United States2,512,0001.8% CES Data are August 2013 to August 2014.

5 MN: Openings by industry

6 Perception vs. Reality What is the most demanded occupation in Central MN? Graduates from what associate degree program make the most money 1 year after gradation? Personal Care Aides Precision Production with a median wage of $19.10 per hour

7 Labor Market Information Office Each state produces employment and economic statistics in cooperation with U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. LMI includes employment statistics, unemployment rates, wages and salaries, job projections and more. LMI is the foundation for informed, market-responsive planning.

8 Meet the Regional Analysis and Outreach Team VACANT Northeast LUKE GREINER Central & Southwest TIM O’NEILL Twin Cities CHET BODIN Northwest MARK SCHULTZ South Central & Southeast

9 How do we get this information? From businesses There are over 165,000 employers in Minnesota. Over 388,000 people are self-employed, own their own micro-business, or work as contractors. From households Minnesota’s population is 5.3 million. Labor force topped 3 million workers in Minnesota.

10 Would a car salesperson try selling you a vehicle without knowing what you want? NO! If they did they would fail When interviewing for a job you are selling yourself Find out exactly what employers are looking for.

11 Find out exactly what employers are looking for and what their challenges are in specific industries in specific regions. Direct quotes from employers in Central MN: "I've actually had nurses tell me, 'This isn't what I signed up for. I'm a nurse. I'm not a counselor.' And it's like, 'Actually, that's part of the job.“ "It's crucial to us, in the positions that I recruit for, to have that Ag background. But it's not something that is as crucial as work ethic. If we can move somebody in that has the positive attitude—that will go over and above what needs to be done—we'll train them on the agronomy, or the technical, or whatever. That stuff can be learned a little bit easier than work ethic can be."

12 Occupations in Demand (OID) Lists of currently available career opportunities in a local labor market as determined by local labor market data. Regional occupations are ranked by a Current Demand Indicator, which measures short-term demand for jobs. Data updated twice a year.

13 Central Region Occupations In Demand EDR 6E

14 Using OID - ISEEK Job title is a link to the occupational description page on ISEEK. – Overview – Wages & Outlook – On the Job – Other Titles used for the same occupation – Education & Training Skills – Tools & Technology – Licensing & Certificates – Jobs on – Other Similar Careers – Related Industries – Video Descriptions

15 Minnesota's official job bank Free for employers and job seekers Let employers search for you Only legitimate jobs are posted

16 Find out about the current job openings Use the Job Vacancy Survey to find out details about the job openings in your area. Like what percent are part time and what the starting offer is.

17 Graduate Employment Outcomes Tool Brand new way to find out how much money college graduates make! Excited yet? You will be after graduating… OR

18 Graduate employment outcomes tool Brand new labor market tool!

19 Get realistic wage expectations

20 Major Matters


22 Find out how much jobs pay in specific regions of MN with OES

23 OES Help for your resume Use the tasks section Use wage data for negotiating

24 Questions?....

25 Other LMI products and publications Minnesota Economic TRENDS  Quarterly magazine on economic topics  Subscriptions available free of charge or on-line Minnesota Employment REVIEW  Monthly magazine on economic data and regional trends  Includes Minnesota business development  Available exclusively on-line

26 LMI Helpline LMI experts are available to answer your questions weekdays from 9 AM to 3 PM Telephone 651-259-7384, or toll free at 888-234- 1114 Send questions by e-mail to

27 Let me know how I can help Luke Greiner Regional Labor Market Analyst Labor Market Information Office Phone: (320)-308-5378

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