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Jane Eyre Chapters 11-14.

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1 Jane Eyre Chapters

2 Notable Characters Miss. Fairfax: Alice Fairfax is the housekeeper at Thornfield Hall. Adele Varens: Mr. Rochester’s ward, the little girl who for whom Jane is hired to be a governess. She was described as a “lively child, who had been spoilt and indulged,” but she became a good student who was “obedient and teachable” Mr. Rochester: Jane’s brooding employer and the owner of Thornfield with whom she ultimately falls in love.

3 Answer in your journal Jane’s appearance is alluded to in this section. How important do you think Jane feels that physical beauty is? While Jane may lack in physical beauty, what other qualities are emerging as her strengths? How does Charlotte Bronte characterize Rochester in these chapters? How does Rochester treat Jane during their initial encounter? What might this foretell about how their relationship will develop? Why might the events of Rochester’s life (143) have seemed shocking to Victorian readers?

4 Chapters 15-19 Chapter 15: Why does Jane become more affectionate and tolerant of Adèle, both literally and figuratively? We see that something odd is going on at Thornfield with Rochester's demand that he "like it if he can”, the strange laughter, and the attempt on his life. Note at the end of the chapter the change in the relationship between Jane and Rochester.

5 Chapter 16 What do you make of Jane creating a harsh piece of artwork for herself and a lovely piece of artwork depicting Miss Ingram? What makes a woman accomplished?

6 Chapter 17 How does Brontë transmit the characters of the Ingram ladies successfully to the reader?

7 Chapter 18 Comment on the sudden appearance of both Mr. Mason and the old gypsy woman. How does the narrator describe them and how she feels about them.

8 Chapter 19 This chapter shows another change in the relationship between Rochester and Jane. Analyze this new stage.

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