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Rochester New Horizons Music

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1 Rochester New Horizons Music
Priscilla Brown – Program Director Sue Ames – Band Council Chair

2 Presentation Outline History of New Horizons Rochester New Horizons
Music Performance

3 History of New Horizons Program

4 Rochester: The Birthplace of New Horizons Music
Dr. Roy Ernst Professor at Eastman School of Music Founded in 1991 ~ 40 Musicians Current Status: Over 200 Programs around the world USA, Canada, England, Italy, Australia

5 Mission To enhance the musical experience of adults by providing the opportunity for them to perform music in an ensemble To provide a program for beginning and experienced musicians of all levels

6 Philosophy Program exists for the enjoyment of its members
Adults can learn to play an instrument or sing at any age Member-centered program supported by resources from the Eastman Community School of Music

7 Ensembles Bands – beginning, intermediate, advanced
Orchestras – full and string Chorus Smaller ensembles Flute Choir Brasso Profundo Saxophone Ensemble Clarinet Choir Big Band Vintage Jazz

8 New Horizons Combined Band

9 New Horizons Combined Band

10 Clarinet Choir

11 Brasso Profundo

12 New Horizons Orchestra

13 Green Strings

14 Green Band

15 Big Band

16 Vintage Jazz

17 Chorus

18 Anyango Yarbo-Davenport
Conductors Ken Scott Priscilla Brown Anyango Yarbo-Davenport Bruce Burritt Julie Elliot Alan Woy

19 Christopher Seaman, RPO
Guest Conductors Dr. Mark Scatterday, ESM Arild Remmereit, RPO Jeff Tyzik, RPO Christopher Seaman, RPO

20 Rehearsals 1-2 times a week September through May
First Unitarian Church Conductors – retired professional musicians Mentors for sectional rehearsals – Eastman students

21 Mentors: Sectional Practice

22 Performances Holiday concerts – area malls City schools
Senior citizen centers and residences Kodak Hall Outdoor concerts Benefit Events Wilmot Cancer Center Gala

23 20th Spring Band Concert

24 Fees $140 – 165 per semester Scholarships available

25 Rochester New Horizons Website

26 How to Join
Contact Us Call Eastman Community Music School

27 New Horizons Sampler Mary Deane – alto saxophone Dick Cole – clarinet
Mike McKain – bass clarinet

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