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Addressing the Middle Skill Challenge with Labor Market Outreach Todd M. Oldham Vice President September 11, 2012

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1 Addressing the Middle Skill Challenge with Labor Market Outreach Todd M. Oldham Vice President September 11, 2012

2 Monroe Community College 17,699 credit enrollment 37,301 total enrollment 90 Degree and Certificate Programs 30 Middle-Skill Focused Multi-Campus Community College Serving City of Rochester in Monroe County, New York

3 Middle-Skill Occupation Statistics for NY 46% of Workforce in NYS* 39% of job replacement in NYS 2009-2018* 13,500 M-S regional jobs*** 27% of M-S workers with associates or less earn more than average bachelor degree** *Skills2Compete: NY’s Forgotten Middle-Skills Jobs **Harvard University, GSE: Pathways to Prosperity ***Finger Lakes REDC Higher Education Workgroup Occupations requiring less than a four year degree but greater than a high school diploma.



6 Career Pathway Defined A Career Pathway is a series of connected education and training programs and student support services that enable individuals to secure a job or advance in a demand industry or occupation. Career Pathways focus on easing and facilitating student transition from high school to community college; from pre- college courses to credit postsecondary programs; and from community college to university or employment. GOAL: Increase the number of NYers with certificates, credentials, and degrees in demand occupations.

7 Key Challenge: Public Awareness of in-demand Career Pathways Proactive marketing and communications: – Dedicated MARCOM staff with budgetary resources – Profile local Middle-Skill/Applied STEM Career Pathways for Parents Career Coach Social Media/Web 2.0/Video Profiles – Increased enrollment in CTE Marketing to existing MCC students (undeclared) Expanding partnerships with area schools – Dual enrollment Partnerships with CBOs engaged in workforce development

8 MCC Career Coach Launch Plan Target Audiences: MCC students and employees MCC Foundation Secondary schools, including Skill Centers (students, teachers, counselors) Parents of current and prospective students Partners – current and prospective Business and industry State University of New York - SUNY Community Based Organizations Public libraries

9 Why Career Coach at MCC Newly formed division for Economic and Workforce Development Actively promote applied-STEM / CTE and middle- skill career pathways to students and parents Proactively address shortages in educational pipeline Increasing enrollment within MCC’s Career Technical Education programming Ultimate goal: producing more workers for regional in-demand occupations

10 MCC’s Career Coach Messaging Strategy Messaging directly linked to strategy around the new division and MCC’s middle-skills agenda Career Exploration Tool Research and national conversation around aligning community colleges to their local labor market and the impact to workforce development Created a Logo and Promotional Materials Developed a formal launch plan with timeline Tied messaging together in a one page essay

11 Promotions (electronic, print and online) Use student testimonials for promotional opportunities Reach students through faculty and key offices Workshops (demos by MCC experts) for students, employees College-related events, such as expos, fairs and open houses Greater Rochester community Workshops (demos by MCC staff) High-school and college-related events, such as expos and fairs Share information with high schools Use student testimonials for promotional opportunities Incorporate into messages at speaking engagements Tactics


13 Career Coach Bookmarks with QR Code

14 Career Coach Flyer with QR Code


16 Community Response Strong media interest 81,000 visits to site since launch K-12 and Community Based Organizations Libraries and Workforce Investment Partners Need to continually reinforce use of the tool – Measured by hits, conversions and time per session Opportunity at several levels to embed tool within curricula initiatives both internally and externally

17 Media Coverage from CC Launch 13 Wham News: Brighton Pittsford Post: Democrat & Chronicle:|head|head Rochester Business Journal: 0bfad4/$FILE/RBJ%20article.PDF 0bfad4/$FILE/RBJ%20article.PDF Rochester YNN: WROC/Fox Rochester: EMSI Monthly College Report (blog):

18 Junior Achievement: World of Work World of Work exposes students in grades 6-12: an understanding of their personal skills, interests and values an understanding of the career clusters most-aligned with those qualities an in-depth analysis of those career choices (education required, wages, career progression, demand) with a specific focus on the local economy and job market. Students will utilize JA's Kudor Skills Assessment and MCC's Career Coach tool to gain knowledge relating to local workforce opportunities.



21 Systematic Approach to Integrating Labor Market Information into Programming

22 Undeclared Career Technical Education Category

23 Strategic Partnerships with Community Based Organizations: Target the Non-Traditional Student


25 Future Directions Deploy CTE Interest Inventory Online Map Financial Aid and Scholarship Info Into Career Coach Video Vignettes of Local In-Demand Occupations Develop In-demand Occupations Website Expand LMI enhanced Curricula into Dual Enrollment and Immersive Learning Opportunities with community partners and school districts

26 Selected Resources Harvard Graduate School of Education: Pathways to Prosperity – February 2011. NYS Forgotten Middle Skills – March 2011. An Economy that Works: Job Creation and America's Future, McKinsey Global Institute – June 2011. Help Wanted: Projections of Jobs and Education Requirements Through 2018. Georgetown University, Center on Education and the Workforce – June 2010 Finger Lakes Regional Economic Development Council Strategic Plan – November 2011. U.S. Manufacturing Nears Tipping Point, Boston Consulting Group (BCG). point/ College 2.0: Transforming Higher Education through Greater Innovation and Smarter Regulation – May 2011. The Case for Being Bold: A New Agenda for Business in Improving STEM Education – April 2011

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