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2 Nilotpal Ghosh 2003 Phd Researcher in Geology, University of Rochester, New York, USA
Firstly, I am delighted to congratulate the school on its Golden Jubilee and wish the faculty and students all the very best for future strides they make. I joined TIS in 1991 so I carry 12 years of extremely fond memories, some of which I know are buried in a time capsule under the school and I hope will surface one day. I have watched the school transform and efficiently keep up with changing times and all the credit goes to the vision and hard work of faculty and students alike. I feel fortunate that my teachers were always extremely supportive of me and encouraged me to achieve my goals. I have pursued my career in science, the foundation of what was laid here at TIS. I wish TIS, EoK all the very best. It has been a long time and I hope to visit the campus sometime soon. I am certain a basket of surprises await me.

3 Praneeta Goel 2007 passout Head Girl (XII) And Vice Head Girl (XI) True Tagoeran For 4 Consecutive Assistant Manager, Audit, Kpmg Llp, Manchester, Uk   TIS has shaped me into a complete individual that I am today. It wasn’t just a school for me, but a place where I could bring my whole self each day and add an extra feather to my cap of experiences, learnings and values. My school has taught me to be content with myself, but at the same time always try and reach out for the stars. I shall always remain indebted to TIS EOK for giving me the innumerable opportunities being part of various societies at school, giving me positions of responsibilities, or giving me the exposure to take part in various inter and intra school competitions. Each and every experience has helped me come so far in life. It has given me not only the confidence to express myself openly but also the ability to face any challenges in life with ease. If it wasn’t for what I had learnt at school, I would not have been able to make a mark for myself in the corporate world. I feel privileged to be a small part of this fraternity which is not just an institution of education, but also an institution of values and skills. I am proud to be called a Tagorean today and definitely Aham Yogya Asmi!!

4 Graduate Student At University Of Florida
Some of the best years of my life were spent at TIS EOK. I spent 5 years there, and not one day was dull. I used to miss school during holidays. I sincerely thank all our faculty and Ms. Suman Nath for all the wonderful opportunities they gave me to excel and learn. It has shaped me into the person I am today. Bijal Trivedi 2009 Head Girl (XII) Graduate Student At University Of Florida 

5 Zeeshan Azam 2007 Lead Engineer, Tata Power
It’s the after thoughts which you have after something is long gone—and that’s exactly what has happened- to this day- since I left TIS seven years ago. It never occurred to me when I was still in the folds of our school, how much I will miss my school, my wonderful teachers, my friends, and every little thing which was a part of it. But as the years passed, the longing for the school and the attached nostalgia kept on increasing, and now when I am independent enough to be on my own, I wish I could go back to the school and live those carefree days under the watchful eyes of my teachers where I could freely run around in the school ground or munch on Aunty’s awesome idli-dosa. I would be forever grateful to each and every teacher who taught me and helped me shape into the person I am today. The list would be endless if I were to name each one of my loveliest and dearest teachers… I really miss you all. You were our mothers outside our homes, who taught us, scolded us, punished us, slapped us (and yes, we totally deserved it), and despite being such a terrible headache, you still loved us. It feels great to be a part of one of the best schools in Delhi, something which I will always cherish. Thank you TIS. And Ma’ams, I wish could do much more than just saying a heartfelt thank you. You helped us to become what we are today.

6 Shailesh Pratap Singh 1994 Working with Ericsson Research and Development at Gurgaon
TIS, just by its mention brings smile on the face of all Tagoreans. We have some fond golden memories of our alma mater and would owe our success and values to it.

7 Jaganmeet Singh Gandhi 2007 Third Officer In Merchant Navy
The memories are still fresh in my mind of being a student of TisEok. It is only possible to have got so much in life because of all teachers of Tis Eok. I from my bottom of my heart would like to thank you all for making me what i am today and for what i have achieved so far by becoming an officer in merchant navy. Today i feel proud to be part of Golden Jubilee of my good school. Tis Eok is a school which has always given good environment to study and supported and appreciated us at every level of our journey during school to become a good human being and a proud Indian.  I would like to thank you Ms. Suman Nath for your blessings and guidance for my bright future. Miss my school very much. Jaganmeet Singh Gandhi 2007 Third Officer In Merchant Navy

8 International Head- Training and Fulfillment. NRI
Arpan Stephen 2004 International Head- Training and Fulfillment. NRI Its been a really exciting experience studying at TIS EOK. What we are today is an absolute result of what we were nurtured at TIS EOK. It’s a proud feeling of being alumni of the school. In fact in all my visits to India, I ensure that I meet the teachers who saw me as a kid, loved as a mother and mentored as a Guru. Was really excited when after years of passing out, I went back to the school and trained the teachers and students on Spoken English. I would want to know the dates of the celebration if any has been decided yet. Even if it takes for me to travel to India, I would love to do so and celebrate our success together with TIS EOK

9 Some unforgettable memory of the place that nurture, protected and prepared for the next world..Just cannot describe. Ashish Manchanda 2002 Presently Placed at Sr Analyst – McKinsey & Company

10 Having own Event Production Company in Dubai
My school, where I spent 13 years of my life, infact all my childhood. I am what I am because of TIS. I found my best friends there with whom I am still in touch. We still meet and still talk about our teachers, school, time spent there. TIS, EOK base of my life today. Minakshi Chandran 1994 Having own Event Production Company in Dubai I had the privilege to gather all my education from Pre-Nursery till my Senior secondary at TIS, EOK. I will always cherish the moments I spent in TIS, EOK. I am really thankful to all the respected teachers of TIS, EOK who have taught us and made us what we are today. I would love that my kids would have the same opportunity to study at TIS EOK. Nitin Vig 1998 Project Manager, Fortis Clinical Research Ltd. (Pharmaceutical R&D, Clinical Research field)

11 Freelancer (Website designing/development)
Vikas Kapoor 1994 Passout Freelancer (Website designing/development) The 10yrs. of my student life which I spent in TIS were the most memorable ones. Starting from Mrs. Vijay Kapoor (my first and most lovable teacher) till Mrs. Juneja all were excellent and not to forget my personal favourite (Mrs. Kavita). They all gave us real values and shaped all of us as the real intelligent fighters in life. Our batch was considered the naughtiest and most Intelligent of our times. We had toppers within mark difference and that’s why all our class mates are doing wonders in their own lives. I was a class topper from I – V std. and maintained my good marks till class X. Though the infrastructure in those days was limited (like not too many sections for each class etc.) but we still made the most out of the things available. Pandey maam, our strict but lovable Sports teacher is always remembered by each one of us. Mrs. Dara, Mrs. Das, Mrs. Usha, Mrs. Gaur, Mrs. Sharma, Mrs. Arti Kailash, Mrs. Anamika (wow), I can still remember those wonderful days we had in school with these strict but lovable teachers!! Now the school has changed a lot and I read a lot of events/happenings of the school and feel proud that I am an Alumni of this. May it keep the reputation and be rated amongst the top 5 schools in Delhi.

12 Jyotsna Goel 2011 Working as a Junior Research Analyst, McKinsey& Company
Being a Tagorean has not just been a privilege but a journey rich in learning and full of experiences. I feel proud to share that a student who dreaded getting ready for school in the morning, turned out to become the school topper in CBSE, Class XII and I owe it all the teachers of the TIS family. The founding stones of my education paradigm, have been laid by the teachers of TIS, who have not only helped me evolve as a positive human, but also, helped me emerge as a leader, but also hone my skills and excel in every task I undertake, by taking part in the co-curricular activities and at the same time striking a balance with the academics..

13 (Physics Graduate from DU, Currently Pursuing MCA from IGDTU)
MEGHNA ACHARJEE 2011 STUDENT (Physics Graduate from DU, Currently Pursuing MCA from IGDTU) I studied in Tagore International School, East of Kailash since I was in nursery. Like any other child, I have had my share of ups and downs. But, I can proudly say that most of my experiences have been great.  School is our second home. It is where we learn to read and write as well as our manners. In my case, the teachers and peer group has been very supportive.  I am not a straight-A student but I have other talents which were recognized by my ever encouraging teachers. They made me realize my potential and helped me tap it. And my Principal Ma’am has always been a guiding force.  My friends in school have also been loving and caring. I always had a shoulder to rely on. My experiences would be incomplete without them.  The best part about our school is that everyone is given an opportunity to showcase his/her talent. The extra-curricular activities always bring out new talents and the best within us all.  It bleeds my heart to part from my alma mater, the place where I grew up from an innocent 3 year old to a 17 year old teenager. It gave me the best years of my life and it’s impossible to repay it by any means.  I am proud to be a Tagorean!!!!

14 Rachit Gulati 2012 Head Boy (11-12), Vice Head Boy (10-11), House Prefect (09-10, 08-09, 04-05) Second Home’ is the word that pops in my mind when I think of Tagore. The beautiful memories and experiences that I was privileged though to get in this place will forever be etched in my mind. Tagore International School, East of Kailash has made me the confident, skilled and lively person that I am today. It opened me up to a whole new world of opportunities and platforms where I got a chance to exhibit my talents and abilities. I shall always cherish these golden years of my life.

15 Tvisha Gupta 2010 Final year student of MSc Applications of Mathematics from Chennai Mathematical Institute. Did BSc (Hons.) Mathematics from St. Stephen's College prior to this. Post in the cabinet: Vice Head Girl ( ), Head Girl ( ) I was reading a book when my phone suddenly rang. My phone screen flashed with the words ‘Minakshi Ma’am’. I got surprised. She asked me if I could write an article for the golden jubilee magazine of our school. My response? An affirmation with a big smile on my face! I was so much excited to do something as a ‘Tagorean’ after more than four years of graduating. I spent the day recalling the amazing fourteen years spent in my school and eventually decided to write about some of those recollections. My school life can be easily divided into two parts. One till Class IX and other from Class X. The reason behind this is very simple. Till IX, I was an obedient student, involved more into academics with a little exposure here and there about the world outside my books. Life somehow changed in class X. I was found more outside my classrooms than inside them. Not because my interest in academics declined. Never! But because I was hopping from one staff room to another, from one classroom to another, from the auditorium to the library, just so that I could rehearse for the events that had lined up. And honestly, that is one experience that I am sure will be in my memories my whole life. I remember rehearsing for five different events at a time, keeping my fingers crossed just before going on the stage for a debate that I do not mix up material prepared for the one that was just two days after the former; going to teachers and asking them to explain me the stuff I had missed when instead of me, my school bag was sitting on my seat and trying not to burst out with laughter seeing their expressions at my confused state; realizing that I had not been to most of the PT classes in the year and so I had absolutely no idea what sport the whole class was learning or playing. Enter Class XI and a badge with my name and ‘Vice-Head Girl’ written on it. I guess the previous year had given me enough practice for what was in store for the next two years. Loads of lists, cabinet register, meetings and the arguments in them, organizing events, being physically present at one place but mentally at six! And to top it all was the pressure of new subjects to study and of course the various competitions I had to prepare for. Doing justice to the oath taken at the Investiture Ceremony was not an easy task at all. But it brought some unknown pleasures. Playing with kids while I was on my duties had become a part of my daily life; finding myself more and more attached to the people in the cabinet and the teachers involved with it; the school podium had started giving me a feeling of comfort and I did not want to leave it after my final speech on the Graduation ceremony. I won’t be exaggerating if I say that TIS made me what I am today. It gave me the confidence to strive through the hard times; it gave me friends for my life; it taught me how teachers can be great friends as well; it taught me how to find happiness in the smallest of things; it gave me so many memories that every time I pass from the road outside school, I make sure that I slow down and have a look at the corridors I spent hours in; and of course it helped me develop a love for Mathematics that ultimately pursued and made it into a career. I, Tvisha Gupta, former ‘Head Girl’ feel immensely proud to be a ‘Tagorean’!

16 Research Scholar pursuing PhD
Antara Kar 2007 Research Scholar pursuing PhD School is the best experience of my life till now. Regarding TIS, I could not have asked for a better school with one of the best teachers I have got. I learnt a lot from teachers like Behl Ma’am, Shabnam Ma’am, Geetu Ma’am, and Reeta Ma’am (our music teacher). I was the captain of the Netaji House in my last year of school, and I had great fun in trying to be a good leader, succeeding at times, and not at some. School gave a chance to be a leader in something, and for that I am so grateful, because I got valuable tips on how to lead my life in the future, i.e. right now. I have been a part of this school since nursery, so I spent 14 years and always felt like a part of a big family whenever I was in school. The library played a special role in my school life, and I was always known as the one who picked out those books to issue which most others did not, and Virmani Ma’am knew me through that (probably not anymore though). I had a great set of friends since primary, found and lost many friends in my school life. My two best friends are still from school, and are a huge support system to me even now. To sum up, I would say that I always considered my school as my second home, and felt great pride in being a part of this institution. I met some amazing people, had great fun, learnt a lot of lessons, both academic and personal, had my share of bad days as well, but everything turned out to be just fine, and that is only because this school meant so much to me. I am so nostalgic while writing this, and it makes me miss my school even more. I just want to end this by saying that “I am proud to be a Tagorean, and I always will be.”

17 Priscilla Kapoor 2013 Pursuing II year B.A. (hons) English from Jesus and Mary College, Delhi University. Also, the Vice President of JMC's English Dramatics Society. TIS is one of those institutions that helps a child grow as a person. It caters to all their needs. My experience as a student has been nothing less than a roller coaster ride. It has been an experience both exhilarating experiences and also of hard learning. I would say that everyone needs as a child ‘A TIS Experience’. It is one that’ll be cherished throughout one’s life. No one can forget the teachings that this school has taught, those that no book can teach. The credits must go to the faculty and the principal. I as a part of the alumni of this school would want to thank them all for their vital role in making me a person as I am today.

18 House Prefect in 12th Class
Divya Gupta Beri 2007 Domestic Engineer House Prefect in 12th Class I feel very proud to be part of TIS family. Today whatever I have achieved in my life is all because of this institution which always has stood beside me. Rest I would like to say that I miss all my teachers, friends and surroundings of TIS. Thank You!

19 Priyanka Phakay 1995 Post held in (Cabinet or House)

20 Ajay Rajpal 1995 Post held in (Cabinet or House) General Manager - Audi Awesome ! Miss those lovely days, our teachers - Roy Mam economics, Sibbal Mam commerce, Pandey Mam Sports., bahl Mam English…Learned many things from TIS esp this school gave me an opportunity to showcase talent, open up in group discussions etc. , improvised my language skills here & many more Participated in Basket ball inter house tournament, Cricket tournament,other indoor activities & the wonderful Sports day & Class section full picture. Thank You

21 Supriyo Ghosh 20o7 MBA student
Tagore International School is a second home for me. Given a chance I would like to come back and attend some classes that I bunked during those times (although they are countable). The school did not only give education but what we received was Knowledge, teachers were mentors and lunch time was not only eating period but a chance to grab friends’ lunch boxes. If you would ask me what I miss the most, it would be my favorite music classes and P.T. periods. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to express our school days. I remember “ SODA, LEMON, GINGER POP, TIS on the TOP” SUPRIYO GHOSH

22 Manveet Kaur 2007 Working as Public Relations Professional
Tagore is the best school anyone could ever ask for. It has made me a better personwhile growing up and has made sure I am grounded to my roots and has really groomed me well. There is not one thing I would like to change about the school. All the moments spent her with teachers from nursery to Class 12th will be cherished always as long as I live.I have a wish that I would want my children to study in this school and experience what I did while growing up. To All the teachers and mentors, I say thank you for being the most amazing role model for us.

23 Vimal Choudhary 1995 passout Head BOY (XII) And Vice Head BOY (XI) COO-MLI, McKinsey & Co.  
I spent my entire schooling life from class 1 to class 12 in TIS, EoK so it was a second home to me, and very dear to me. Whatever I am today has been in a large measure been shaped by TIS. I have very fond memories of the school when it only had the old building and a small playground and then we acquired the big land and expanded. I still remember our underground library a unique thing in those days and probably even now and our cute little sports room in a porta cabin. All the lovely friends and teachers have had a positive influence on me and I am happy to be still in touch with many of them.

24 Parichit Pandey 2001 passout Head BOY Finance Manager
Let me start by saying that I miss school everyday….when I look at a school bus,look at school kids, drive past a school….as I said everyday. School shapes your future and tell you what, I am pretty happy with where I am in my life. So a big thank you to the best school in the world . Thank you to all the teachers and everything they taught me, from course lessons to life lessons.I started school in mid 80’s and have seen a lot of changes made to the school building. I particularly remember the open corridor on the second floor that was very unique - now covered and the extra classes made along with the huge Rabindra Nath Tagore image. I have seen the canteen go from a 2x2 in size to what it is now. Talking about canteen reminds me of how we used to buy one glass of Fountain Pepsi and share amongst at least 10 of us……..yaar 5 rupees was a big deal back then…the good old school days…..damn I miss school. Sarla aunty ki idli sambhar, chole kulche ka thela, kwality walls ka thela, bhushan bhaiya ki canteen…..kya din the! Feeling Nostalgic, I think I can keep writing about my experiences all night. I had a blast at school and talk to my mates and my family about school all the time.A big thanks to the school and all the best!  

25 Bhuvnesh Gupta 2010 (Software Engineer at Accenture) There are so many things that I can say about my school. After all being there for 13 years from KG to 12th have left me with so many wonderful memories that will be cherished forever. The overall environment and the ever supporting faculty helped me all the way to grow my potential and realize my dreams. The amazing support that I have received from all the teachers that taught me during my stay here and the numerous extracurricular activities that happened in the school helped me a lot in developing my overall personality. A heartiest congratulations to our school for completing 50 years

26 Deepak Wadhwa 1997 Sports Captain Business (Proprietor) School Days were the most beautiful days of my Life. I was very shy in my younger age and was very afraid in participating in any events but I was very fond of Sports and I always dreamt of being the Sports Captain of my school, which I succeeded in doing so. And I thanks a lot to my Sports Teacher Mrs. SUNITA PANDEY who helped me and believed in me and gave me that post. Lovely Days which I wish I could live again.

27 Ruchit Jain 1998 House Prefect Director The Best Experience Ever! Cant forget the school. I’m privileged to have studied under so many good teachers. I Still have my buddies from TIS, my wife was my classmate at school! I’m glad I’m still in touch with my school & some the teachers. Words are less to explain TIS Thank You  

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