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1 Introduction to GFI Software and GFI Solutions.

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1 1 Introduction to GFI Software and GFI Solutions

2 2 One vendor for SMBs essential needs

3 3 GFI Partner Program (1/2) » Global program helping partners to increase their revenues » Products with excellent growth potential and profitability » Marketing, training and technical support to help drive sales » Free-to-join program: No purchase commitments required “We have gained hundreds of new customers as a result of our partnership with GFI.” - Infosystems, Leicestershire, UK

4 4 GFI Partner Program (2/2) » Membership for many different partner types and levels » Focus on flexibility and meeting the individual needs of partners » Competitive pricing, substantial discounts and flexible licensing » Dedicated sales and marketing resources “Our partnership with GFI has allowed us to open the doors to clients and organizations that we wouldn’t have had.” - GMA, London

5 5 GFI Solutions (1/2) » Networking and Security □ GFI VIPRE® Antivirus Business □ GFI Network Server Monitor™ □ GFI EventsManager™ □ GFI EndPointSecurity™ □ GFI LanGuard™ » Archiving, Backup and Fax □ GFI MailArchiver™ □ GFI BackUp™ □ GFI FaxMaker™

6 6 GFI Solutions (2/2) » Web and Mail Security □ GFI WebMonitor™ □ GFI MailSecurity™ □ GFI MailEssentials™ □ GFI MailEssentials Complete Online □ GFI MailEssentials Complete Appliance » Hosted Services for MSPs □ GFI MAX MailArchive™ □ GFI MAX MailProtection™ □ GFI MAX RemoteManagement™

7 7 GFI VIPRE Antivirus Business (1/3) The opportunity » Frustration with their current AV (Antivirus) solution leads companies to search for a replacement » Most vendors get low marks for high resource consumption on systems and missed malware detections » Many management consoles are complex and overkill for most administrators

8 8 GFI VIPRE Antivirus Business (2/3) The solution » High-performance technology that won't slow down users’ PCs » Low RAM usage and more efficient scanning intelligence than competitors » Clean, fast, and powerful: Designed “by admins for admins” » Next-generation malware detection technologies protect against zero-day threats » An easy-to-use management console gets admins up and running quickly

9 9 GFI VIPRE Antivirus Business (3/3) Key features » Protects against malware » Antivirus and antispyware protection » Client firewall (VIPRE Premium version only) » Malicious website filtering technologies (VIPRE Premium version only)

10 10 GFI Network Server Monitor (1/3) The opportunity » Manually monitoring disk space, services and processes on servers and workstations is time-consuming » If servers are not monitored properly, end users will complain of system failures before administrators know about them » Problems can escalate if administrators are unaware and away from the office » System downtime can be costly and damage credibility and revenue

11 11 GFI Network Server Monitor (2/3) The solution » High-performance monitoring solution with competitive pricing » Out-of-the-box monitoring of Exchange, ISA, SQL and web servers » Easy to learn, use and deploy (no client component/agent) » Performs actual administrator operations to verify services » Services are running and functioning without intervention from an administrator

12 12 GFI Network Server Monitor (3/3) Key features » Checks network and servers for failures and fixes them automatically » Maximizes network availability by monitoring all aspects of Windows and Linux servers, plus workstations and other devices such as routers and more » It is like having an extra IT person on staff

13 13 GFI EventsManager (1/3) The opportunity » Thousands of events generated every day by operating systems, databases and devices on the network » Manually keeping track is impossible without a dedicated solution » If something goes wrong, administrators may not have time to act » Failure to archive events for compliance can mean severe penalties » 44% of organizations reported insider abuse (Source: Computer Crime Survey, 2008) » Forensic investigation can be very costly unless data available centrally

14 14 GFI EventsManager (2/3) The solution » Event monitoring, management and archiving made easy! » Award-winning solution with attractive pricing » Fast and cost-effective monitoring and management of the entire network » Increased network uptime and network health and security problems identified through real-time alerts » Invaluable for forensic investigation with quick historical checking and tracking

15 15 GFI EventsManager (3/3) Key features » Centralize Windows, Syslog, W3C, SQL Server and Oracle audit events and SNMP traps generated by firewalls, servers, routers, switches, phone systems, PCs and more » Monitors an extended range of hardware products, reports on the health and operational status of each one and collects data for analysis » Powerful built-in intelligence helps users to easily identify and analyze the most important events on their systems » Large number of predefined and easy-to-customize reports » Flexible, secure and efficient data maintenance and replication

16 16 GFI EndPointSecurity (1/3) The opportunity » In the UK, only 45% of SMBs had security measures to manage network access for portable storage devices (Source: GFI SME Security Report, 2009) » 59% of ex-employees admit to stealing confidential company information, such as customer contact lists (Source: Ponemon Institute, 2009) » 67% of UK businesses do nothing to prevent confidential data leaving on USB sticks, etc. (Source: Information Security Breaches Survey, 2008) » 52% of enterprises have lost confidential data through removable media such as USB drives in the past two years (Source: Forrester, 2007)

17 17 GFI EndPointSecurity (2/3) The solution » Comprehensive control for administrators » Centrally monitors the network and detects connected devices and performed tasks » Actively manages user access and logs the activity of: □ Media players, including iPod, Creative Zen and others □ Storage devices, including USB sticks, memory cards, CDs and floppies □ Smartphones, Blackberry handhelds, mobile phones and similar □ Network cards, laptops and other network connections » Read-only and read/write permissions on a user/device basis

18 18 GFI EndPointSecurity (3/3) Key features » Helps control and prevent data leaks and theft by controlling access to portable storage devices such as USB drives, iPods and PDAs on the network » Grant temporary access to devices per machine/user » Automated client-side agent deployment » Reporting on access allowed, access denied, and devices connected

19 19 GFI LanGuard (1/3) The opportunity » Over 60% of online attacks are against web applications (Source: SANS, 2009) » 90% of all network security breaches are due to a software or hardware vulnerability caused by a missing patch (Source: Federal Bureau of Investigation, 2006) » Failure to meet compliance regulations such as PCI can result in hefty fines » Manual patching is time-consuming

20 20 GFI LanGuard (2/3) The solution » Secure a company’s network with minimal administrative effort! » A complete network vulnerability management solution: □ Vulnerability scanning □ Patch management □ Network and software auditing » Each scan will detect, assess and rectify any vulnerabilities on the network » Acts as a virtual network security consultant

21 21 GFI LanGuard (3/3) Key features » Vulnerability scanning for Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X across all environments, including virtual machines » Extensive, industrial-strength database incorporating over 15,000 vulnerability assessments, including OVAL (2,000+ checks) and SANS Top 20 » Patch management for Windows OS and applications in any language supported by Microsoft » Additional patch management for various popular non-Microsoft applications » On-demand and scheduled reporting

22 22 GFI MailArchiver (1/4) The opportunity » Easy-to-use email archiving that integrates with Exchange Server » Archive emails centrally for compliance, legal enquiries, internal investigations and eDiscovery requests » Backup emails in a way that enables easy searching and restoration » Reduce maintenance associated with PST files » Archive email in an SQL database and not on Exchange so users can achieve a near ‘unlimited’ mailbox » Tested and proven - used by thousands of IT administrators

23 23 GFI MailArchiver (2/4) The solution » Secure a company’s network with minimal administrative effort! » A complete network vulnerability management solution: □ Vulnerability scanning □ Patch management □ Network and software auditing » Each scan will detect, assess and rectify any vulnerabilities on the network » Acts as a virtual network security consultant

24 24 GFI MailArchiver (3/4) Key features » Integration with Exchange 2003, 2007 and 2010 » Outlook integration avoids problems associated with stub files on Exchange » Enhanced auditing – so emails for eDiscovery/compliance can be verified as genuine and tamper-free

25 25 GFI MailArchiver (4/4) Key features » Allows companies to archive emails either with cost effective SQL Express and NTFS or to scale with SQL Server » Users can restore emails through a one-click process – even if deleted by mistake » Powerful searching capabilities through multiple databases with a single query

26 26 GFI BackUp (1/3) The opportunity » In 2009, over 114 million people were affected by data loss (KPMG study) » Growing problem as SMBs produce 80% more data, year on year » No single cause – but every type of business can be damaged » Failure to produce digital documents during a compliance audit/litigation can result in fines/penalties

27 27 GFI BackUp (2/3) The solution » Regular backups … but must be fast, easy and affordable » Store data in multiple locations (on and off-site) to protect digital assets » Easy-to-use, intuitive disaster recovery tool – quick restore » Visibility into state of all backups

28 28 GFI BackUp (3/3) Key features » Highly cost-effective, installed in minutes, effortless backups » Can extend beyond files and folders … to disk images, VMware virtual environments, Microsoft Hyper-V, SQL Server environments and more » Easy-to-use, web-based admin console, accessible from anywhere » Non-proprietary Zip backup compression » Military-strength 256-bit AES encryption » Available in Professional (SoHo) Edition and advanced Network Edition

29 29 GFI FaxMaker (1/3) The opportunity » Every business has the need to send/receive important faxes » Faxing manually is time-consuming and expensive » Compliance/security concerns – as confidential faxes, sent or received, may fall into unauthorized hands » A better solution is within easy reach for any company with email/VoIP » Many regulations require the use of faxing for secure document transfer (HIPAA)

30 30 GFI FaxMaker (2/3) The solution » Leading fax server, winning many awards and thousands of customers » Allows users to send/receive faxes and SMS/text messages from desktop » Simply type in the fax number in Outlook (or choose from a Contacts List) and press ‘Send’ » Substantial time and cost savings » Paper-free faxes are more secure and easier to distribute » Store, search for and retrieve faxes easily – ideal for eDiscovery

31 31 GFI FaxMaker (3/3) Key features » Seamless integration with Exchange and other mail servers » Allows users to send/receive and edit faxes directly from Outlook » Multiple fax routing options – DID, MSN & Line routing – routes faxes directly to the user’s mailbox for secure faxing » Advanced integration with existing line-of-business applications (EMR, EHR, Billing, Manufacturing systems) that require faxing » Fax over IP (FoIP) enables users to send faxes over the Internet at low cost while integrating with the existing IT infrastructure

32 32 GFI WebMonitor (1/3) The opportunity » Twitter and other social networks cost UK economy £1.38bn in wasted time (Source: Morse) » 40% of employee Internet activity is non-work related (Source: IDC) » Social networking sites are a target for malware and phishing » Companies need to control Internet use, maximize employee productivity, protect networks and meet regulatory requirements » Banning access to the Internet is not a solution

33 33 GFI WebMonitor (2/3) The solution » Provides real-time HTTP(S)/FTP monitoring and access control » Controls browsing and monitors downloads » Stop viruses, spyware and malware – multiple antivirus engines check downloaded files for viruses and malware » Boosts employee productivity by blocking or limiting access to millions of non-work related sites including personal email, P2P, Facebook, MySpace, adult sites and gaming

34 34 GFI WebMonitor (3/3) Key features » Three versions available to fit every company’s needs: □ WebFilter Edition controls which sites users can browse □ WebSecurity Edition protects networks from viruses, spyware, malware and phishing attacks □ UnifiedProtection Edition combines WebFilter and WebSecurity editions for complete control » Blocks access to categories of sites by user/group » Limit browsing by time or bandwidth as well » Scans allowed traffic for viruses and malware » GFI WebMonitor also available as a dedicated plug-in for Microsoft ISA/TMG Server

35 35 GFI’s email security suite of solutions (1/5) The opportunity » The Radicati Group estimates that more than 80% of global email traffic will consist of spam mail by 2013 » According to a study conducted earlier this year by Nucleus Research Inc., spam management costs U.S. businesses more than $71 billion annually in lost productivity ~$712/employee » Spam clogs up inboxes, and is a general annoyance to end-users » Spam is now a prime delivery system for malware and other unwanted programs

36 36 GFI’s email security suite of solutions (2/5) Key features » GFI MailEssentials □ A server based anti-spam solution for Microsoft Exchange and other mail servers □ Multiple anti-spam engines – multiple actions can be taken □ Quarantine digests allow users to release messages without logging in » GFI MailSecurity □ Provides up to five antivirus engines protecting an email server □ Acts as an email firewall protecting from email viruses, exploits and threats, as well as from email attacks targeted at an organization □ GFI MailSecurity ReportPack is a reporting companion that offers an easy-to- see understanding of a company’s email security patterns

37 37 GFI’s email security suite of solutions (3/5) Key features » GFI MailEssentials Complete Virtual Appliance □ Deployed by loading the virtual appliance in VMware □ Easy to setup, use, manage and configure □ Proactively blocks email spam/email threats before they enter the mail server □ Inbound and outbound email protection against spam, viruses and malicious attachments – includes GFI VIPRE® antivirus engine and Cloudmark™ anti- spam engine

38 38 GFI’s email security suite of solutions (4/5) Key features » GFI MailEssentials Complete Online □ A hosted email security, spam filtering and email continuity solution □ Incoming email is redirected to a fully redundant network and application architecture, which processes messages in real-time □ Ensures the optimal filtering of unwanted or harmful messages □ Uses traditional spam filtering techniques and leading-edge approaches to message analysis □ Compatible with any email system and can be implemented in minutes □ Email archiving add-on available

39 39 GFI’s email security suite of solutions (5/5) The solution » Businesses need to have an intelligent anti-spam and antivirus solution to protect them from new malware trends » Which of GFI’s email protection solutions is best for their organization? » They have choices – On Premise, “In the Cloud”, or Hybrid

40 40 Web Security (1/2) » Block/allow categories of sites by user/group – WebFilter Edition » Protect with multiple AV engines » Block Downloads – WebSecurity Edition » Monitor browsing habits – both » UnifiedProtection Edition gives all features » Protect end-user machines » Block known bad websites – VIPRE Premium version » Layered approach affords best protection

41 41 NAS Web Security Printer Block/allow categories of sites by User/Group - WebFilter Edition Protect with multiple AV engines and Block Downloads - WebSecurity Edition Monitor browsing habits - Both UnifiedProtection Edition gives all features Protect end-user machines Block known bad websites - VIPRE Premium version Layered approach affords best protection

42 42 NAS EndPoints Printer Control and report on removable devices Prevent data theft and keep bad stuff from coming in Prevent certain file types (.exe,.doc,.xls) USB PDA Smartphone Monitor and act on: Uptime Services Processes Monitor/alert/report on: Computer generated events Events generated by users Devices Scan and Remediate: Vulnerabilities Missing Patches Audit Network Scan for malware Firewall in VIPRE Premium version LanGuard can monitor and report

43 43 File Server NAS Productivity/disaster recovery Printer Send and receive faxes from desktop Integrate with existing phone/email systems Get rid of fax machines Deploy agents to machines Backup files, databases, virtual machines Restore as needed Archive all emails Easy to view/retrieve/search Even archive faxes FaxMaker Server

44 44 NAS Email Security Printer Block spam and viruses your way: Cloud On-premise Both - Hybrid approach Scan for malware Scan email at mail client level Virtual Appliance

45 45 Thank you for taking the time to join us today Please check out reference materials located on GFI’s website and “The Partner Area” GFI’s websiteThe Partner Area Contact your GFI channel account manager for help in your sales efforts

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