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1 Agency CIO’s Meeting Hosted by George Bakolia and the Enterprise Project Management Office October 5, 2006.

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1 1 Agency CIO’s Meeting Hosted by George Bakolia and the Enterprise Project Management Office October 5, 2006

2 2 Agenda Opening Remarks – George Bakolia Project Approval Current Processes Roles of Approvers EPMO – Sharon Hayes ETS – Stan Jenkins OSBM – Jim Dolan OSC – Julie Batchelor Security – Chip Moore Procurement – Patti Bowers EPMO Change Process / Working Groups Questions and Answers

3 3 Project Approval Current Processes State Approvers meet every Thursday afternoon to review projects State Approvers provide analysis to the team regarding projects State Approvers may discuss project information with Agency contacts State Approvers approve or reject projects based on analysis – Rule Of Thumb – 5 business days for decisive action – Projects providing thorough and accurate information that align with agency and state directives facilitate approval process – Large and Mega projects can push envelope for normal processing The project moves into the SCIO and DSCIO workflow after all State Approvers approve the project If any State Approver rejects the project, once all other State Approvers have taken action, the project goes to the Agency workflow for processing EMPO and ETS representatives meet weekly with SCIO and DSCIO to review projects SCIO and DSCIO approve or reject projects based on analysis

4 4 EPMO IT Project Evaluation Role Provide Advice and Counsel Advocate for Project Approval Ensure Project is Planned and Organized for Success Ensure that Workflow Phase Exit Criteria have been met Verify and Validate the “fit” of the Project Manager to the project Ensure that Issues and Risks are identified and managed Ensure that project workflow and project processes are synchronized Verify that project deliverables, cost, schedule, scope and project metrics are defined

5 5 ETS IT Project Evaluation Role Alignment with NC Statewide Technical Architecture – Scalability, Adaptability, Secureability, Availability/Recoverability, Manageability, Interoperability, and use of Enterprise Services  ITS Service Catalog (e.g. CPS, NCID, Hosting, etc) – Solutions align with business requirements – Solutions align with agency technical architecture – Solutions utilize current technologies – System Design Template required for Gate 2 and Gate 3 approval  Thorough and accurate information facilitates approval process Perform RFP Reviews – Prior to Issuance (performed after Gate 1 approval) – Prior to BAFO/award (required prior to Gate 2 approval) – Adequate lead time needed to assure timely processing

6 6 OSBM IT Project Evaluation Role Business Case Evaluation: Review system cost in conjunction with other team members (PMO, Architecture & Security). - Ensure overall system cost is reasonable and system implementation is efficient & effective and is not redundant. - Ensure that the total cost of ownership (TCO) has been accurately estimated. - Ensure operations and maintenance (O&M) costs are included in out years and are reasonable against industry averages. - Ensure ‘unbudgeted items’ (such as staff time) have been included. Review alternative analysis if over $10M to evaluate alternative selection decisions and/or make/buy decision if applicable Review benefits stream, if project is over $500K, for reasonableness. - Benefits must be expressed in monetary terms, exceed costs and be attainable. - Benefits must be well articulated and measurable for future project close out and follow-up benefits.

7 7 OSBM IT Project Evaluation Role (continued) Affordability Evaluation: Review cost to ensure monies are in the budget and can sustain the recurring cost streams driven by the project. - Does the department have (for the current phase), or is it likely to have, (for future phases) sufficient funds to complete the project?

8 8 New Process for Budgeting Appropriated Information Technology Projects Reference David McCoy’s memo to CFO’s & Budget Directors dated 10/02/06. Process change required to accommodate updated reversion language. State Budget Act Section 143C-1-2(b)iii….an appropriation for the implementation of information technology (IT) projects shall not revert until the project is implemented or abandoned. Effective July 1, 2007, each department must set up a 2XXXX budget code. Several guidelines mentioned in memo, one that relates to the PPM tool… - Transfers to the 2XXXX IT budget codes will be approved only for projects submitted to the Project Portfolio Management (PPM) tool.

9 9 OSC IT Project Evaluation Role Support Financial Best Practices: Determine if delivered functionality affects financial policies, procedures or practices. Ensure project goals, objectives and deliverables support financial best practices. Evaluate Relationships with OSC Enterprise Applications: Identify relationships with existing enterprise applications (NCAS, Central Payroll) and planned enterprise applications (Beacon Program). Determine if existing interfaces will be affected or new interfaces will be required Address potential for overlap with existing or planned functionality. Ensure appropriate communication, coordination and collaboration. Support Statewide E-Commerce Goals: Leverage use of inbound and outbound electronic payments, including ACH and credit card transaction processing. Ensure PCI compliance requirements are addressed.

10 10 Security IT Project Evaluation Role Ensure related legal and regulatory compliance requirements are addressed, e.g., HIPAA, FERPA, and state standards and policies. Ensure enterprise security services are leveraged Assist agency business owners in assessing risks and implementing risk mitigation measures. Assist business owners in assessing their data for classification and advise them of available controls. Ensure agency information security contact is identified. Assist with the identification of vulnerabilities through review of the documentation. Ensure adequate information security controls are invoked.

11 11 Procurement IT Project Evaluation Role Procurement request is assigned to Contract Specialist and processed in accordance with IT Procurement Rules, Policies and Procedures if project is registered/approved though Gate 1. If project is not registered/approved, request is returned to Agency with instructions to resubmit once project is registered/approved through Gate 1. PMA is notified of pending request so they can assist with the process if necessary. Contract Specialist ensures ETS reviews RFP as it relates to STA. Agency consults with ETS during evaluation process regarding proposed solutions and STA. Prior to submitting recommendation for award to Statewide IT Procurement Office, project should be approved through Gate 2. Check project status in PPM Tool. Ensure ETS reviews solution proposed by vendor(s) as it relates to STA. Statewide IT Procurement Office will review and approve recommendation for award prior to contract execution.

12 12 EPMO Change Process / Working Groups Monthly Status Reporting Workgroup Goals: Make process easier and eliminate duplicate work, provide meaningful information in a timely manner, improve efficiency & effectiveness of projects by identifying “root cause” of problems and issues. Agencies participating: Wildlife Resource Commission, Crime Control, DHHS and DOT. Project Approval Workflow Workgroup Goals: Identify the top 10 areas for improvement. Review in details the issues and make recommendations for changes. Agencies participating: ITS, Commerce, and ESC. EPMO Change Process – Changes Initiated, Reviewed/Accepted by Methodology Group, Reviewed/Accepted by Project Manager Advisory Group, and looking to add either CIO’s or TPG? – change implemented.

13 13 Q&A Session

14 14 References EPMO Website - NC Statewide Technical Architecture - http://www.ncsta.gov Project Management Advisors from ITS OSBM Budget Analysts J.Womer memo to Agency CFO’s & CIO’s dated August 4, 2005 Subject: Criteria for Building Business Case Analyses for IT Projects _Criteria.pdf _Criteria.pdf

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