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1 Medical Transcription Services

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1 1 Medical Transcription Services

2 2  Corporate office Houston, Texas  Customized Solutions  Services to Provider Groups and Hospitals across United States  Healthcare, Business & Technology professionals with 10-30 years of industry experience  QTAT Team: Doctors Medical Transcriptionists Quality Assurance Team Business Management Professionals About QTAT BPO Solutions

3 3  HIPAA Compliant  Reliable  Competitive Rates  Quick Scalability  Over 99.9% consistent accuracy  Client preferred turnaround time  Expertise in all Major Specialties  24/7- Customer service Our MT Offering

4 4 Electronic security access, 24x7 security personnel, all facilities HIPAA Compliant State-of-the-art telecommunications and network connectivity, High-quality firewalls, anti-virus products and authentication systems Redundancy in internet connectivity Facilities equipped with 100% UPS power backup coupled with generators, power surge protection, and server room fire fighting systems Pre-emptive disaster recovery with real-time backup of critical data and daily backup of data on various storage media Infrastructure

5 5 Dictations Dictation Server Hand-held Doctor’s Computer QTAT Portal Transcription Editing Quality Assurance Hospital Medical Records System PRINTERFAX (HL 7) ADT ADT= Admission Discharge Transfer HL 7 = Health level 7 Telephone Dictations Reports The Process

6 6  Fully secure and HIPAA compliant  Manage file routing  Interface with most EMRs, billing & scheduling softwares  Document storage and archival  Automatic upload and download files  Online workflow tracking  Online editing  Electronic signatures  Internal Messaging  Account activity logs QTAT Portal-Features

7 7  Search Records Patient details Audio/ Document file details Dictation/ Transcription date and time Doctor/ referring physician details MT/Editor details QTAT Portal-Features...

8 8 Physical Security Electronic access cards Onsite security personnel Information Security Firewalls Secure servers Encryption tools Restricted Internet capabilities Network Security Password Protection Human Resources Background Check Confidentiality Agreement Training on HIPAA guidelines HIPAA Readiness

9 9  Our quality goals: 100% accuracy against critical errors Over 99% accuracy against major errors 99% accuracy with respect to all other possible errors  Editing always done against the actual dictation  Numeric accuracy scores  Regular Quality Audits and analysis of errors  Evaluation and feedback  Six Sigma based productivity enhancement initiatives  Homogenous groups based on classified errors for focused training  Measurements, standards and benchmarks disclosed to medical transcriptionist.  Emphasis on new accounts & accent dictations by multi-layered quality checks Quality Management System

10 10 Quality System … Sample Quality Evaluation Chart MW /M DEMO/ A MW/ EW EWMGBPFM/TError Count Char. Count Line Count Quality Error Points 1110.5 0.25 0.50.25 Report 1 0.0087413.45100 Report 2 10.25225634.7199.28 Formula: (1-Report Error Count/ Report Line Count)*100 Characters per line: 65 Medical word Misuse (MWM)Drug Error (DE) Major Omission/Addition (M O/A) Medical/English Word Misspelling (MW/EW)English Word Misuse (EWM) Grammar (G) Inappropriate Blanks (B)Punctuation (P)Format Error (F) Misc./Typo (M/T)

11 11  Easy access to records  Better control  Archived data interpretation/ analysis  Seamless technology interface  Single point of contact/ Accountability Single Vendor Benefits

12 12 Six Sigma Concepts for productivity enhancements Experienced Transition Management Team Start Up Knowledge Transfer Pilot Manage & Optimize Transition Process Study Operationalize Continuous Improvement Transition Methodology

13 13  Startup Training (Dictation, Reports access) On site presentations Handholding during account setup User-guides/ instruction manuals  Ongoing Support Dedicated account managers Email support 24/7 phone helpline Support and Training

14 14  Includes all black-on-white characters and spaces  Excludes headers, footers, pre-template text, italics, bold and underline  Per line A line constitutes 65 characters  Per Character  Per Report  Turnaround time based 48 hours, 24 hours, 12 hours, STAT  Backlogs – bulk/time-bound Pricing Options

15 15 Successful Pilot Contract Service Level Agreement Formalization

16 16 Would you assign specific Transcriptionist to our account? Yes. Specific Transcriptionist/ editors team for specific physicians/specialties are assigned to achieve high quality and productivity. Do you provide transcription service coverage during evenings, nights, holidays, and weekends? Our transcription services are provided on all hours of the day, all days, including holidays. Once a physician has dictated a report, can he immediately obtain a confirmation number? Yes, our dictation system on toll free line gives out the job number in audible prompts. Does your system come standard with the capability to interface to any EMR module, via their HL interface software? Yes. Our file routing software interfaces with most EMRs. Can you provide us with confidentiality agreement that your MTs sign? Yes. On request. Frequently Asked Questions

17 17 Thank you

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