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PDHRA AR Referral.

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1 PDHRA AR Referral

2 References AR Line of Duty Policy, Procedures, and Investigations 4 Sep Revision due out July 2013 OPORD , Medical Not Ready (MNR) Process, Annex A MILPER Message Number Line of Duty (LOD) Post Deployment Health Reassessment Policy (Issued 3 Nov 05/Expired 30 Nov 07) still valid MILPER Message Number Post-Deployment Health Reassessment Referral and Line of Duty Policy for Reserve Component Soldiers (Issued 19 Mar 08/Expired 30 Nov 09) still valid. Other references available at AR G1 website: These are the references applicable to this briefing and provide the basis for researching processing of Line of Duty Investigations.

3 Agenda LOD Module Capabilities PDHRA Statistics System Requirements
Current Roles and Responsibilities AR Referral view/print capability Changes within eMMPS Issues

4 LOD Module Capabilities
LOD Module website: With version 3.7 in Dec 11, the LOD Module was renamed Electronic Medical Management Processing System (eMMPS) Provides a system to track and monitor: LOD’s PDHRA Referrals (AR Referrals) INCAP Pay Future State MED Board Packet processing 12301(H) orders processing (ADOP)

5 Current Status There are currently 4144 open LOD’s and 648 open PDHRA referral’s in the Army Reserve, of these 72% of PDHRA’s are in a late status and 75% of LOD’s are in a late status Late status for PDHRA’s is >60 days Of the 648 open PDHRA AR Referrals 72% are in a draft status Draft status is when it is in LHI’s queue to action for AR Referrals

6 PDHRA/LOD Statistics By MSC
*as of 3 SEP12 MSC eMMPS Users Open PDHRA Referrals Open LOD's Late LOD's Informal>40days Formal>75days Overdue 377th SC(T) 137 899 674 75% 79th SSC 47 335 247 74% USACAPOC(A) 65 287 218 76% 412th TEC 55 282 217 77% 200th MPC 66 284 211 416th TEC 89 269 205 807th MDSC 20 202 3rd MDSC 15 192 149 78% AR MEDCOM 12 178 140 79% 87th USARSC 4 146 109 335th SC(T) 131 103 108th TC 139 91 65% MIRC 118 85th USARSC 1 97 78 80% 80th TC 14 102 74 73% 9th MSC 201 10 73 89%

7 PDHRA/LOD Statistics By MSC
*as of 3 SEP 12 MSC eMMPS Users Open PDHRA Referrals Open LOD's Late LOD's Informal>40days Formal>75days Overdue 11th TAC 13 83 56 67% 75th BCTD 4 60 49 82% USA JSTSC 7 66 46 70% 1st MSC 9 68 42 62% 84th TC 2 35 33 94% 99th RSC 1895 14 12 86% 88th RSC 2493 6 5 83% HQ USARC 1 80% 63rd RSC 1733 3 100% ARCD 311th TSC 7th CSC 8 19 0% 81st RSC 2138 OCAR USARSC West TOTAL: 8468 648 4144 3125 75%

8 Statistical Improvements
There are currently approved PDHRA AR Referrals completed in the module (To date last year there were 5229 approved PDHRA AR Referrals) Reason for the incredible change is having the RSC PDHRA Case Manager approve the AR Referral instead of the Unit Commander Unit Commanders did not understand the PDHRA Referral process

9 System Requirements Uses must register through eMMPS LOD module: Complete HIPAA certification and upload into your profile prior to access approval HIPAA certification can be completed in eMMPS LOD when registering by clicking on RC CBT System under the HIPAA section during registration Ensure that you choose the correct user role and RSC, also check receive box to ensure receipt of correspondence

10 Current Roles and Responsibilities
Soldier- completes PDHRA through AKO, unit, call in, or a yellow ribbon event LHI- receives draft, reviews, signs off and forwards to RSC PDHRA Case Managers RSC PDHRA Case Managers- review and sign off AR Referral AR Referral is sent to MMSO and referral out for care is initiated After Soldier completes PDHRA, creates draft AR Referral

11 Current Roles and Responsibilities
The Unit Commander- receives an stating the Soldier has an AR Referral for care related to a possible LOD condition The AR Referral generates a DA 2173, that the Soldier uses as the referral This is not a LOD, an LOD has to be created once the Soldier has the medical documentation to support the LOD

12 AR Referral Process Step 1
The RSC PDHRA Case Manager clicks on my PDHRA’s under the drop down for PDHRA

13 AR Referral Process Step 2
The RSC PDHRA Case Manager see their list of AR Referrals to act on, click on the Case ID to process

14 AR Referral Process Step 3
By clicking the next button the RSC PDHRA Case Manager is validating that the fields are filled in and there are no errors. If there are validation errors the document will not be able to be signed until those errors are fixed. The RSC PDHRA Case Manager then reviews the referral information, this will give the details of the condition that the Soldier requires follow up care on. Once reviewed they will click the next button on the bottom right

15 AR Referral Process Step 4
The PDHRA will be able to write comments in the comments section and will appear for everyone to read in the tracking tab. Select the next action that you want to perform from the “action” drop down. Select approved, then the digitally sign button is enabled

16 AR Referral Process Step 5
The Digitally sign box shows up asking if you are sure you want to sign, click “ok” then you see that the signature is accepted. Click Continue, and this completes the process.

17 Upcoming Changes in eMMPS LOD Module
AR Referral DA 2173 view/print capability for Unit Administrators and RSC PDHRA Coordinators MSC hierarchy will be implemented in the Module in Jan 2013 MSC drop down box for users profiles and Soldier LOD/INCAP/AR Referral Approval authority of Informal LOD’s to MSC’s on 1 Oct 2012 eMMPS 3.8 was to be released by 1 Oct 12 but has been put on hold which includes the above changes

18 Issues No tracking whether Soldier goes for their LOD/Referral appointments or how many appointments they attended No follow up to see if a LOD should be initiated for the AR Referral condition AR Referrals sitting out in draft form for LHI to review from PDHRA’s completed over the phone, some as long as 900+ days


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