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I MMUNIZATION R ECORDS Group 4: Ana Dias, Mark Borelli, Annie Sadler, Eric McAllister, Don Ubilla, Chris Harrison, Andrew Reynolds.

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1 I MMUNIZATION R ECORDS Group 4: Ana Dias, Mark Borelli, Annie Sadler, Eric McAllister, Don Ubilla, Chris Harrison, Andrew Reynolds

2 T ABLE OF CONTENTS Section1- When you need shot records and why Section 2 - Tracking Vaccination Records Section 3- Required VS Recommended Shots Section 4- HIPAA Laws Section 5- Traveling and Immunization Records Section 6- Implementing Immunization ERs Section 7- Adopting Immunization ERs & the future

3 I MMUNIZATION H ISTORY 1798 Smallpox 1963 Measles No reported deaths in last 20 years Many breakthroughs since


5 E LECTRONIC R ECORDS Pro’s: No physical copies Doctor’s handwriting Proper credentials to view Con’s: Server failure Security Identity theft

6 T RACKING V ACCINATION R ECORDS Locating Records Centralized Immunization Registries Every State Previous Health Care Provider Current/Previous Schools Medical Record Storage Companies State Bureau of Immunization

7 T RACKING V ACCINATION R ECORDS CONT. Benefits of Electronic Registries Physicians Nurse Practitioners Society Reducing Cost/ Stress/ Paper Future ability to transfer from State to State in PHR

8 R EQUIRED VS. R ECOMMENDED V ACCINATIONS Vaccine Recommendations based on these fundamentals: Principles of Active and Passive Immunization Epidemiology and Burden of Diseases Morbidity Mortality Costs of Treatment Loss of productivity Cost Analysis of Preventive Measures Published and Unpublished Studies Expert Opinion of Public Health Officials and Specialists Clinical Medicine Preventive Medicine

9 R EQUIRED VS. R ECOMMENDED V ACCINATIONS Education purposes Pre-School, Elementary, Middle, High School College entry Organized Athletics Workplace Travel Prevent the importation of infectious diseases Yellow Fever Only vaccine required by International Health Regulations

10 HIPAA What is HIPPA? Laws enacted to develop standards and requirements for maintaining and transmitting health information. HIPAA'S THREE REQUIREMENTS Privacy Security Administrative Requirements

11 I MMUNIZATION R ECORDS & HIPAA L AWS Currently, there is no common standard for the transfer of information between healthcare providers and payers. HIPPA’s security policy states “Physicians must have technical safeguards that will protect electronic health information that the physician collects, maintains, uses, and transmits.” There is no central repository of vaccination records. The only records that exist are the ones you or your parents were given when the vaccines were administered.

12 I MMUNIZATION R ECORDS & HIPAA L AWS Healthcare providers are implementing secure systems such as this to provide records to patients, and comply with HIPAA.

13 T RAVELING AND ESR’ S Normally don’t carry your shot records Beneficial if you travel across the US or to another country If anything happens, it will be easy for doctors to figure out what’s wrong or how to diagnose Cut down on your doctor or other doctors accidently doing things repeatedly. Would be more beneficial if implemented into your PMR.

14 C HILDREN /E LDERLY AND ESR S Kids who play High school sports Schools could notify students when they need to get shots updated – A free, statewide, centralized online immunization registry that helps health-care providers and schools keep track of immunization records. Could remind them to get their shots updated Would make sure they don’t forget certain things and improve their health in general

15 IMPLEMENTING SHOT RECORDS INTO PHR S AND EMR Shot Records and PHR: why are they important? Young children and Emergencies Shot records should be available any time, anywhere need a medical release form to release shot records HIPAA regulations: keeping records online State Immunization System: clearinghouse Patient Immunization Database Costs

16 I MPLEMENTING SHOT RECORDS TO PHR S /EMR S C OMMUNICATION AND S ECURITY Communication between the State immunization system and the patient immunization database Secure Electronic Links Not only a transfer byte also a copy Sign on or Log on page Family Immunization History, Patient Immunization History, list of due dates and recommended immunizations, and more into PHR

17 A DOPTING I MMUNIZATION ELECTRONIC RECORDS Properly training all staff who handle immunization records. (Health Professionals, Education Staff etc.) Protection Barriers: Certification, Security, Ethical Matters, Privacy & Confidential Issues Dealing with 2 costs: Induced- Cost of transition from paper to electronic (Immediate costs) System- Cost of keeping the Electronic system updated: Software/hardware, training, new technology

18 A DOPTING I MMUNIZATION ELECTRONIC RECORDS CONT. Time Saving and Convenience… Out with Paper! Tracking Records, Reliable History, Require Less Space, Less Room for Error (Readable Records) Patient Access to Records: Universal System- easy on the patient to track down records, Eliminates missing or error ridden records

19 F UTURE FOR HIT AND E LECTRONIC I MMUNIZATION R ECORDS More HIT Careers- Converting administrative jobs to HIT Jobs Offers Accurate Information Alerts Patients when shots are needed or overdue Better Introduction to new vaccines and changes in the vaccination schedule


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