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©2015 EarthLink. All rights reserved. EarthLink Professional Services.

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1 ©2015 EarthLink. All rights reserved. EarthLink Professional Services

2 2 ©2015 EarthLink. All rights reserved. Today’s top IT concerns — sound familiar? Source: IT Security Risks 2014: A Business Approach to Managing Data Security Threats, Kaspersky Lab 2014 The Top 4 issues are security-related 0%10%40%30%20% Protecting highly sensitive data (e.g. client data, financial information) from specifically targeted attacks Preventing IT security breaches Data protection Ensuring continuity of service for business-critical systems (e.g. preventing DDoS attacks) Understanding the full range of new technologies that are available and how to use them Managing change in IT systems and infrastructure Ensuring IT systems are used fully to maximize the return on investment (ROI) of IT Making decisions about future IT investments Dealing with cost restraints Planning for and recovering from failure or destruction of IT infrastructure

3 3 ©2015 EarthLink. All rights reserved. IT is feeling the pressure more than ever. 84% of IT organizations plan to spend the same or less in 2014 than 2013. 1 Routine network operations (“keeping the lights on”) are demanding majority of IT resources: – 80% of IT staff time is spent doing routine maintenance tasks, meaning less than 20% of IT resources are spent on strategic activities. 2 Sources: 1.IT Spending and Staffing Outlook for 2014, Computer Economics Oct. 2013 2.Gartner Predicts, Gartner Group 2012

4 4 ©2015 EarthLink. All rights reserved. Reported cyber-security incidents grew 48% in 2014, with approximately 117,339 attacks per day. Total financial losses attributed to security compromises increased 34% over 2013. 1 22% of organizations will experience a data breach of at least 10,000 customer records in the next 24 months 2, and 94% of organizations have encountered at least one cyber-security incident in the last 12 months. 3 These headlines are all-too common… Sources: 1.CIO, CSO &PWC, 2014 2.IBM/Ponemon Institute, 2014 3.Kaspersky Lab, 2014 4.NY Times 5.IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Quarterly 2014 7.CNN Dec. 2013 Jan. 2014 Apr. 2014 Sept. 2014 Sept. 2014 Target hacked for info on more than 100M customers 4 Michaels Stores loses data on 100M customers 4 Heartbleed vulnerability in Open SSL publicly disclosed; left more than 2M servers vulnerable to unencrypted data leaks 5 Home Depot announces data breach; 54M credit cards were breached 6 Apple iCloud accounts hacked for celebrity photos 7 48%22%

5 5 ©2015 EarthLink. All rights reserved. Validate your compliance with PCI DSS regulations What if you could remove the burden of routine network operations and identify security vulnerabilities to your data network before they become a threat? EarthLink Professional Services uses proprietary tools and customized diagnostic tests to evaluate your network, identify security vulnerabilities and perform necessary migration and configuration services. Time to rethink the IT staffing model. Safeguard your network by anticipating and correcting security liabilities Free-up your IT resources Optimize your network

6 6 ©2015 EarthLink. All rights reserved. EarthLink Professional Services Framework Migrations Cloud Server and Desktop OS Configurations Design and Implementation of CPE Diagnostics NetworkSecurityCompliance Analyze performance against actual business requirements Vulnerability Assessments Attack & Penetration Testing Security Program Assessment PCI DSS & HIPAA requirements

7 7 ©2015 EarthLink. All rights reserved. Analysis of WAN/LAN performance versus actual business requirements and recommendations for optimal network sizing and configuration Evaluation of PCI DSS and HIPAA compliance Security diagnostics: – External Vulnerability Assessments to identify known software and configuration vulnerabilities – Attack and Penetration Testing using complex hacking tests designed to identify security risks – Security Program Diagnostics to build an effective security monitoring program or identify gaps in existing program Cloud server and desktop OS migrations Configuration assistance with design and implementation of CPE (routers, switches, firewalls, WiFi, physical plant and cabling) EarthLink Professional Services Approach

8 8 ©2015 EarthLink. All rights reserved. Optimizes your network according to your business requirements Identifies threats and vulnerabilities to your network before they turn into costly, brand-damaging data breaches Proprietary security diagnostic tools and techniques tailor the assessment to provide maximum protection against known threats Helps meet complex HIPAA and PCI DSS regulatory requirements Removes burden of tactical network operational tasks so you can focus your IT resources on key initiatives Benefits of EarthLink’s Professional Services

9 9 ©2015 EarthLink. All rights reserved. Case Studies: – A large national fitness club chain had been using self-reporting in their attempts to comply with the PCI standard. Realizing their attempts were insufficient to avoid costly data breaches and PCI penalties, they engaged EarthLink to conduct a compliance diagnostic as well as vulnerability scanning and penetration testing. The results showed only 34% compliance and significant security shortcomings. EarthLink identified the exposures and provided remediation recommendations to safeguard their network and prevent a serious data breach. – A manufacturing company was seriously impacted by variable outages with their existing cable network provider. They also had key high availability network equipment that was being unused, due to a lack of IT staff for design and configuration. The customer engaged EarthLink to help with network design, mapping out a vital secondary connectivity plan, as well as configuration of their unused equipment. The result was redundant, high availability connectivity to ensure a stable network environment. How can EarthLink Professional Services help me?

10 10 ©2015 EarthLink. All rights reserved. Justin Piotroski, Director of Professional Services – Justin has led Technology sales & Professional Services for various companies over the last 10 years, and has consulted to both SMB and Fortune 500 companies on infrastructure and network design. In 2006, Justin took over the Enterprise sales effort for a managed service provider who specialized in providing engineering support for high availability IP infrastructure. It was here Justin entered the world of IT consulting where he has since built and managed Professional Services organizations since 2008. Jeff Smith, Professional Services Consultant – Jeff has worked in IT for over 17 years, focusing on infrastructure and planning for customers. He has held consultative sales engineering roles for Xerox and StorageTek, working directly with customers to design complex solutions. In his most recent role as Director of Project Management for EarthLink, Jeff had direct responsibility for hundreds of infrastructure migrations and virtualizations. Jeff is a certified Six Sigma Green Belt professional. James Blake, Professional Services Consultant – James’ experience in IT spans more than 14 years, leading operational functions and sales for an IT Managed Services Provider targeting compliance-driven organizations. James has his certification in Information System Auditing (CISA) from the Information Systems Audit and Control Association. He is also certified as a sales professional with VMWare and Amazon Web Services. Bob Milne, Professional Services Consultant – Bob has over 20 years of experience in IT consulting, managed services and implementation services. Bob’s track record includes over 10 years at IBM as a Practice Leader and Managing Principal for IBM Information Technology Services, leading consultants, architects and IT specialists to develop innovative solutions for IBM clients. Bob is ITIL certified and is an IBM Certified Consultant and Confirmed Principal. EarthLink Professional Services Resources

11 11 ©2015 EarthLink. All rights reserved. Why EarthLink? Delivering value to your business every day. Protects your mission-critical data Right-sizes your network Reduces IT expenses Increases productivity Ensures compliance


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