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COMPARATIVES Profr. José Enrique Torres del Castillo.

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2 COMPARATIVES Profr. José Enrique Torres del Castillo.

3 COMPARATIVES  We use comparatives to compare two nouns (persons, animals, things, etc.)  am Adjective (er)  is (more/less) Adjective than  are  There are three kinds of adjectives (short, long and special adjectives)

4 SHORT LONG SPECIAL  Tall altoelegantelegantebetter  Short chaparrowonderfulmaravillosoworse  Thin flaco expensivecarofurther  Fat gordo difficultdificil  Easyfacilmarvellousmaravilloso  Pretty bonit@specialespecial  Longlargodeliciousdelicioso  Small pequeñointelligentinteligente  Biggrandestupidestupido  Smart listocomfortablecomodo  Cheap baratoterrificgrandioso  Uglyfe@terribleterrible  Softsuavebeautifulhermos@  Young joven  Old viejo  Clean limpio  Happy feliz  New nuevo

5 EXAMPLES:  Luis is taller than Paco  A car is faster than a bike  You are younger than me  My pc is older than yours  Liz is more intelligent than George  A car is more comfortable than a motorbike  Cancun is more beautiful than Acapulco  America is better than Chivas  Cruz azul is worse than America  Subway is cheaper than taxi

6 EXERCISE:  Complete with the correct auxiliary (am–is–are) and with the correct form of the adjective.  An elephant ___ ______ than a horse.(big)  A plane ___ _______ than a train.(fast)  English __ _____ ______ than History(difficult)  Sandals ___ _______ than shoes.(cheap)  Pumas ____ ______ than Barcelona.(bad)  Veracruz ___ ______ than Cancun.(expensive)  Candies ____ ______than vegetables.(delicious)  Jimmy ___ ______ than Carl. (smart)  Dogs ___ _______ than cats.(pretty)  I ___ ______ than you.(old)

7 Answer the questions: 1)Who is taller you or your father?_________ 2)Who is smarter you or your friend?_________ 3)What is bigger your primary or this secondary?_________ 4)What is more difficult english or history?_________ 5)What subject is easier math or spanish?_________ 6)What is more interesting terror movies or comedy?______ 7)Who is better singer Luis Miguel or Nigga?_________ 8)What river is longer the Nilo or Balsas?_________ 9)Who is younger your girlfriend or you?_________ 10)Who is better team America or Chivas?_________

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