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Increase StoreEasy Sales with LiveVault 1 On-Site Storage Off-Site Storage By Dan Dugal 970.420.3744

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1 Increase StoreEasy Sales with LiveVault 1 On-Site Storage Off-Site Storage By Dan Dugal

2 NEW HP LiveVault Ad 2

3 HP LiveVault Overview 3 Enterprise off-site backup software originally developed in the 90’s. HP bought Iron Mountain Digital 3 years ago with the Autonomy purchase. A long-term backup and archiving solution in one. Continuous 15-minute backups for real time protection. LiveVault compliments StoreEasy with 2 critical features: 1.) Off-site protection (i.e. cloud backup) 2.) 7-years of data retention for HIPAA and legal retention requirements. LiveVault is used globally solutions/software.html?compURI= HP LiveVault Brief Click on page

4 Welcome to Remote Data Backups 4 15 Year LiveVault and Connected MSP. Largest and oldest LiveVault MSP. Only MSP with hands-free LiveVault TRIAL. FREE TRIAL is incorporated in the StoreEasy installation process. We are 100% HP product dedicated. 24/7 Tech Support. We train HP Solutions Architects and HP Channel Partners Click here

5 6 Main Learning Objectives 1.Apply 7-Year Retention to win StoreEasy sales. 2.Learn how LiveVault software compliments StoreEasy hardware. 3.Understand why StoreEasy hardware developers chose LiveVault because of our delta block level backups. 4.Learn tactics to win StoreEasy sales by leveraging LiveVault’s 7-Year Retention. 5.Add LiveVault to every single StoreEasy Sale with no risk. 6.Learn about our sales tools and how to contact us to help you sell 5

6 Why Remote Data Backups ? The only MSP offering the LiveVault hands-free trial. We offer discounted LiveVault pricing at $1/GB for StoreEasy (versus $2 - $3 HP retail). Our LiveVault trial is part of the StoreEasy onsite setup process and is offered as an option at end of installation. We support LiveVault users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We support HP Connected PC backups. Solution Architect Learning Center on our website for StoreEasy & LiveVault sales resources. 6

7 Chosen to educate Solution Architects on how to increase StoreEasy sales by leveraging LiveVault’s strengths. 1. Livevault is reliable cloud backup, off-site storage for StoreEasy 2. LiveVault has a 7-year retention policy that no one else offers 3. Up to 195 restorable versions covering 7 years These features give StoreEasy users the ability to comply with federal law HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, etc. More state laws are being passed. StoreEasy storage is not HIPAA compliant by itself, but with LiveVault it is. Remote Data Backups….

8 Why did Remote Data Backups add 7-year retention to StoreEasy hardware? Because no one else offers 7-year bids. 8 Before HP bought LiveVault, Iron Mountain Digital was forced into making a 7-Year retention plan for their large medical clients to comply with HIPAA. Iron Mountain HAD to do it, but it was VERY expensive at $15/GB. Today $1 per GB for StoreEasy users makes it very affordable and competitive long term.

9 LiveVault’s 7-Year Retention Explained 7-Year retention at $1 per GB is only available to StoreEasy users through Remote Data Backups. HP retail is $2 - $3 LiveVault includes 195 versions over the course of 7 years. Pricing is one fixed, predictable, flat monthly rate. Easy to budget for. Price is constant regardless of back-end delta block growth. No data explosions. No variables to explain. Pricing is based on selected space, not total storage. What you see in “properties” is what you get billed for. 9

10 Selected Data Example

11 11

12 12 NEW folders, images & data increases the selected data space. Once this data is created, the changes on it are free

13 Storage Versions 13 LiveVault’s 7-Year Retention allows for : 195 Restore Points Spanning 7 Years More Storage Versions over a Longer Period

14 in One day One Week 6 a day 3/ /2010 7/2010 3/ /2009 7/2009 3/2009 ( Over 7 years ) 7/2013 3/ /2012 7/2012 3/ / / /2008 7/2008 3/ /2007 7/2007 3/ / How backup versions are stored 6 hourly At 5am,11am 5pm 11pm 1 daily at 11pm Today is December 31 st

15 15 7 year retention knocks out delta blocks

16 HP LiveVault Monthly Savings Conservative 5% Delta Block Change on 1 terabyte of data LiveVault/mo $1/GB Mozy/mo 0.50/GB Snapshot of DECEMBER 1st in Yr. 1 $1000 $500 Snapshot of December 31 st in Yr. 1 $1000 $75 Snapshot of December in Yr. 2 $1000 $1075 Snapshot of December in Yr. 3 $1000 $1375 Snapshot of December in Yr. 4 $1000 $1675 Snapshot of December in Yr. 5 $1000 $1975 Snapshot of December in Yr. 6 $1000 $2275 Snapshot of December in Yr. 7 $1000 $2575 LiveVault Saves $45186 over 7 years on 1 terabyte 16 $500 $525 Mozy is less $1000 HP is less HANDS OFF THAT DATA

17 17 CONVENTIONAL STORAGE EXAMPLE USING EMC MOZY $0.50/GB End of Year 1$7, TB End of Year 2 $11, TB End of Year 3 $ TB End of Year 4 $ TB End of Year 5 $ TB End of Year 6 $25, TB End of Year 7 $29, TB WATCH THE DELTA BLOCKS GROW 5% Delta Block Changes on a 1 TB startup account explodes over 7 years to 5 TB

18 HP LiveVault Monthly Savings SQL 10% Delta Block Change on 1 terabyte of data LiveVault/mo $1/GB Mozy/mo 0.50/GB Snapshot of 1 st of December in Yr. 1 $1000 $500 Snapshot of December 31st $550 Snapshot of December in Yr. 2 $1000 $1650 Snapshot of December in Yr. 3 $1000 $2250 Snapshot of December in Yr. 4 $1000 $2850 Snapshot of December in Yr. 5 $1000 $3450 Snapshot of December in Yr. 6 $1000 $4050 Snapshot of December in Yr. 7 $1000 $5650 LiveVault Saves $136,000 over 7 years on 1 terabyte 18 $500 Mozy is less $1000 HP is less $1000

19 HP $1/GB EMC/MOZY 0.50/GB Zero Charge for 5% monthly 10% monthly (SQL) Delta Block Delta Block Delta Block Task: Manage 1-TB database 7 years without deleting data to lower price Pay $50 more ea. month Pay $25 more ea. month Fixed $1000/mo 0.50/GB 0.50/GB Pay a flat rate ea. month In 7 yrs LiveVault saved $45,000 with 5% delta block 136,000 with 10% delta block on only 1 TB of data WARNING DELTA BLOCKS ARE REAL

20 The 2 traditional deployments for LiveVault 1. StoreEasy/LiveVault Deployment LiveVault is installed directly upon the StoreEasy onsite device. Using this deployment, the data originated via either Data Protector or another method besides LiveVault. LiveVault simply takes the data offsite to mirrored vaults in this example. 2. TRA Agent Deployment (Turbo Restore Appliance) for quick over the network recoveries. StoreEasy compliments LiveVault’s offsite storage when deployed as an onsite TRA device. LiveVault is installed on a production server and LiveVault’s TRA agent is installed on StoreEasy. HP MIRRORED DATA CENTER 1 HP MIRRORED DATA CENTER 2 StoreEasy The LiveVault agent is running on the StoreEasy ProLiant Server The LiveVault agent is running on the server Onsite StoreEasy runs the TRA agent

21 Production Server Deployment LiveVault is SQL Aware LiveVault is Exchange Aware LiveVault is VMware Aware No Additional plug-ins are needed Very efficient continuous backup with minimal impact on the database Active Directory backup with System State StoreEasy is deployed as on-site TRA (Turbo Restore Appliance) 21

22 LiveVault Hands Free Trial form for StoreEasy users 22 Every Piece of StoreEasy Storage has this Remote Data Backup LiveVault Add-on built in and appears upon initial installation Remote Data Backups form is built into the StoreEasy device and appears upon every installation. Remote Data Backups calls upon clients within 10 minutes of LiveVault set-up as a courtesy and manages LiveVault from then on. LiveVault has a new Japanese Version

23 Remote Data Backups LiveVault free trial in the HP StoreEasy 1000 & 3000 installation manuals and Family Data Sheets LiveVault Hands Free Trials As of March 31 st Click Here and go to Pg. 9

24 LiveVault trial on ALL StoreEasy Product Model Sites have trials All of the individual product pages for the 1000 & Gateway series have the same LiveVault Free Trial link. 24

25 Technical White Paper 25 OFFSITE & REDUNDANCY (Simply StoreIT white pages) Protection against hardware failure

26 Win challenging RFP’s adding LiveVault’s 7-year retention model 26

27 Remote Data backups won a StoreEasy bid with a Colorado County. Client chose more expensive HP hardware, despite lower competing bids. Question: How was this accomplished? Answer: By adding LiveVault’s 7-year retention to StoreEasy Proposal. Once 7-year retention was understood, client realized the enormous savings starting at year-1 compared to a competing total storage bid over time. HP is a better long-term solution. Results: a. 7 years of HP business is now secured with one hardware sale. b. Client bought larger device to accommodate 7 year retention onsite. c. If the hardware fails after warranty, new HP hardware will be needed. d. We will hold their hands during this process so that they remain happy HP clients for life. Remote Data Backups Case Study:

28 Adding LiveVault satisfies Federal HIPAA laws 28 LiveVault’s 7-Year policy satisfies retention requirements mandated by VERY clearly written federal law. LiveVault satisfies the offsite requirements of HIPAA regulations. Identify enterprise needs required by law. Educate current clients about law and consequences of incompliance. Use recent news headlines as examples. This is the Solution’s Architect's job. StoreEasy is not HIPAA compliant on its own, but with LiveVault it is 100% HIPAA compliant. HIPAA/Legal Regulations

29 Office of Civil Rights Audits

30 Compliancy information HIPAA, DPA, PIPEDA Feb 2014 Puerto Rico medical Group HIPAA breach exceeds 1.5million dollar cap to total 6.8 million in total fines imposed by state & regional governments. USA HIPAA: Doctors & medical professionals need 7 years storage Pharmacies: 3.5 yrs prescriptions, 10+ for record of care and drug errors Business Associate Agreements: Anyone or data storage company who has ePHI access to storage passwords must have a BAA in place by September Subcontractors are now bound to HIPAA and Civil Rights are targeting them for BAA’s and record compliancy in 2014 Human Resources: 3 yrs storage for Family Leave records 2 yrs storage wages, notices, basic info OSHA: 7 years for injuries, 30 years pathogen, med exams or toxic substance exposure Workman's Comp: 5 years of storage UK’s Data Protection Act: 1998 blanket solution for personal information. *8 Principles *General Practitioners: records for 10 yrs after *HR & Salespeople affected death of patient or moving out of country, *No selling of personal information unless residing in the EU *encryption is key! *People under the age of 26 yrs old: records to *NHS Care Records project, be kept until 8 yrs after death or longer if there updating patients to may be related to adult condition or for family national database genetic repercussions. *All businesses dealing with *Maternity: 25 years after last offspring personal info register with ICO *Report Data Breaches IG Toolkit Incident Reporting ToolIG Toolkit Incident Reporting Tool 30

31 Retention Storage laws examples 31 HR & OSHA 3.5 Yrs for prescriptions and 10+ yrs patient record or drug error Source:

32 UK HR & Multi-Industry Storage Requirements retention-white-paper.pdf retention-white-paper.pdf 32

33 LiveVault Automates the Archiving Process 33 7-Year retention is a backup and archiving solution in one. No need for annual archiving events that can introduce corruption and human errors. LiveVault reduces archiving costs by eliminating archive media and the long-term offsite storage of media. Educate clients on long term archiving saving using LiveVault. Explain how they are already spending the money anyway. Eliminate long-term archiving costs 2001 Monty Python LiveVault Advertisement HANDS OFF THAT DATA

34 Add LiveVault to mitigate virus corruption 34 LiveVault’s 7-Year Retention allows users to go back years in time prior to a virus or data corruption event. Some viruses may stay dormant for months or years. Example: It took 2 years to learn about heart bleed code flaw. You can restore the system state with LiveVault. Time travel before a virus

35 LiveVault Enable’s IDOL Technology 35 LiveVault allows StoreEasy to utilize HP IDOL services. (Intelligent Data Operating Layer) IDOL is used as an internal enterprise search engine. Allows for unstructured enterprise data searches. StoreEasy data cannot incorporate IDOL technologies on its own. It requires LiveVault. IDOL might not be relevant today, but might as clients grow over time and the more data history, the better to search. LiveVault enables HP IDOL

36 Add LiveVault to Eliminate Data Management 36 LiveVault’s 7-Year Retention Pricing allows for backend delta- block versioning without additional storage fees. Once selected, always protected, no administration is needed. Eliminates dangerous manual de-selection processes associated with total storage pricing models. Total storage often requires manual data clean up to reduce costs. This involves ‘someone’ making a strategic decision. Eliminate the need to pay someone to even think about it. No more deleting data to free up space

37 Just Add-It On! 3PAR succeeded with Add-On’s 3 Par offers add-on’s to every unit sold. This is a proven successful sales strategy. This strategy was encouraged at GPC (Global Partner Conference). 37 Example:

38 Add LiveVault FREE TRIAL to Every Single StoreEasy Sale and Proposal If zero payment received by day 30, client is notified, no fees incurred & and account is canceled. The trial is safe to add on. No risk or obligation. Subscribers can cancel anytime. No credit cards or contracts needed to try. An actual live account is setup, not just a demo. Client receives a call within 10 minutes of activation. The #1 goal is to have them connected to data center before they leave the location. We can take full control from there with U.I. We monitor all new accounts to ensure successful initial backups No risk or obligation to continue after 30 days. Month-by-month billing with no long term contracts 38

39 PowerPoints, Add-On Proposal, Free Trials: Bookmark your StoreEasy/LiveVault Solution Architect Webpage 39

40 Summary LiveVault Strengthens StoreEasy with off-site redundancy 7-year retention complies with HIPAA, DPA, HR and other global compliancy laws Eliminates human involvement in the data backup and archiving process. Reduces long-term archiving costs by completely eliminating it. StoreEasy users benefits from Remote Data Backups 24/7 tech support 40

41 41 We do it all for you! SAVE AS picture to your desktop CALL ME anytime We do all the work for you RIGHT CLICK & SAVE TO DESKTOP We Can: Call the client for you Explain everything to the client Set up free trials for you Answer all the questions for you Draw up proposals and add-on forms Support your client 24/7

42 Thank you for all you do! (866) Founder and CEO Daniel Dugal Cell: 1 (970)

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