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Welcome to Our Emergency Department Some reminders about Patient Confidentiality and Trust.

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1 Welcome to Our Emergency Department Some reminders about Patient Confidentiality and Trust

2 We are proud to have you join our ED, our patients. You are entering our world of patients and their very personal medical problems. Be respectful. Welcome to Our Office, Our Patients!

3 We want to be a part of your education We want to help you achieve your objectives in this clinical experience in our ED. But even more, we want to help you evolve in your goals of becoming an excellent health professional.

4 We welcome you… To the joy and responsibility… …of caring for our patients and their families. One responsibility is to abide by HIPAA rules that guide patient confidentiality.

5 H.I.P.A.A.= The Federal Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act of 1996/2003 HIPAA rules were invented to…  Balance between improving the flow of information  While protecting the privacy of patients. The patient has the right to…  Request access to health info.  Request to amend their health info.  Request restrictions to information sharing  Request accountability of disclosures.

6 HIPAA rules require us to…. Treat all things we learn about patients as confidential - We can’t tell anyone else Provide more control to patients over their personal health information Punish those who misuse patient information by imposing criminal & civil penalties

7 HIPAA rules say…. You can’t talk about patients outside of the ED with anyone Clinicians should only access the medical information that is needed for their job/clinical experience. We need patients to give permission before we can give information to others on their behalf… part of informed consent Keep medical records in a secure place-both paper & electronic.

8 If you are using electronic medical records…. You should have a unique password-don’t share with others Do not access information on yourself, your family, your friends, staff or any other person. You have a duty to report any breach in confidentiality to your supervising doctor.  Remember most computer systems can track all access to records.  Inappropriate access is punishable by federal and state law.

9 You may see more information on-line Find the entire HIPAA privacy summary; sign up for alerts See examples of privacy agreements & training materials /MCW_HIPAA_Booklet.pdf Georgetown guides give rules for state by state records

10 Let’s suppose … You saw your teacher in the waiting room….. …you are not allowed to tell anyone else

11 Let’s suppose… You really worked a lot with one patient and got to know them well in the ED … …You must not e-mail or “befriend” them on Facebook or other social networking site. This is a ‘professional’ relationship, not a social one. XXX

12 Let’s suppose … You were very excited to see a patient’s case and you take the elevator to lunch with the nurse… …You are not allowed to talk about it in the elevator around others.

13 We welcome you … Together we can do more… care for our patients & their families. You will need to sign our confidentiality agreement at Orientation.

14 Thank you…. Welcome to our practice!

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