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Konica Minolta and XXXX Health. Patient medical record and billing information (PHI) can either be ‘secured’ or ‘unsecured.’ according to HIPAA guidelines.

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1 Konica Minolta and XXXX Health

2 Patient medical record and billing information (PHI) can either be ‘secured’ or ‘unsecured.’ according to HIPAA guidelines. Electronic data is capable of being secured if it is encrypted according to standards Paper, faxes and copies cannot be secured in their native states. Unsecured PHI is subject to Breach Notification if they are lost, stolen or inappropriately accessed. This means that the patient and possibly the government need to know that the wrongful disclosure of the patients information occurred. HIPAA Enforcement - HIPAA’s criminal penalties now extends to individuals. Improved HIPAA enforcement increases the amount of civil monetary penalties under HIPAA rules. Civil actions and fines up to $1.5 Million Dollars. Breach Notification How to Avoid Breach Notification HIPAA Enforcement Secure vs. Unsecured PHI HIPAA All equipment that is used to access, store and transmit PHI information (like your MFD’s) need the ability to track where the information has been sent. This means audit logs and management of copies, faxes and printouts will need to be more detailed, and with electronic application support. Konica Minolta and XXXX Health & How it Applies to your Multi Function Devices (MFD)

3 Nearly every digital copier built since 2002 contains a hard drive - like the one on your computers - storing an image of every document copied, scanned, or emailed by the machine. Social security numbers, birth certificates, medical records, and sensitive data are all still accessible. FACT: Konica Minolta and XXXX Health FACT: Most manufacturers rely on 3 rd party vendors for software interfaces and drivers, and charge additional fees to provide basic security for their MFD’s. This means that they are not responsible for software updates and there is no direct support for issues with new applications. Brand X---X Brand R---H Most Multi Function Devices are connected to networks, are used as a main printer and copier, as well as a fax machine. All these functions can be a breach of PHI and a HIPAA violation if not secured. Brand C---N Things You May Not Know…

4 KONICA MINOLTA is the ONLY manufacturer that is certified its entire product line ISO 15408 certification at EAL 3 - The highest level for commercially available products. And it’s not just the hard drive, but the ENTIRE SYSTEM. Common Criteria Security Certification for up to 18 security functions are standard for every bizhub protecting every aspect of your facilities EHR information. Konica Minolta and XXXX Health Security. Not Just the Hard Drive. Security. Not Just the Hard Drive. -Fax Security -Diagnostics Service -Virus Protection - Authentication - Network Protocol Security -Address Import -SSL Data Encryption -Memory Erase -HDD Security -Box Security -Audit Log Ports -User Authentication -PDF Encryption -Secure Print -Woven Pattern Print Physical Output PHI Data All of these security features are STANDARD with every Bizhub. No other manufacturer comes close to providing this level of security right out of the Box. Outside Line Network

5 And like our security features, the Image File Transfer feature is STANDARD. There are no additional costs associated with this tool. Accountibility. For a Changing Industry. Native with Konica Minolta MFP’s is IMAGE FILE TRANSFER. This provides your organization the ability to keep record of all of your scans, copies, prints and faxes, along with who did what, when, and where. These audit logs are also available for tracking. Konica Minolta and XXXX Health THESE FEATURES ENSURE THAT HIPAA SECURITY COMPLIANCE IS MET. Supported information in the Job Log Include: -User ID -Time & Date of event -Job Number -Job ID -Job Name -Scan Destination -Number of Pages  Job Log Manager Utility enables a company to keep long-term records of completed jobs. It provides an audit log that not only covers a long period of time, but one that can be reviewed and easily searched.  This utility also allows the logs of multiple MFPs to be centrally managed.

6 IT INTEGRATION and KONICA MINOLTA Konica Minolta and XXXX Health Konica Minolta is the ONLY vendor in the industry that develops it own print drivers, network interfaces and video interfaces. Because of this, our ability to adapt to new software applications (like Windows 7) and print drivers (XPS) is not hindered by relying on a 3 rd party company for development. All of the following environments and systems are supported by the Emperon Print System: HP-Compatible PCL (5e/5c/XL 3.0) and PJL Command Set Adobe®- Compatible PS3 (Version 3016) and PDF 1.6 (command level) Windows®/Macintosh®/Linux®/Unix, Novell® NetWare TCP/IP, IPX, AppleTalk® (EtherTalk), Windows 7, XPS Gigabit Ethernet Citrix® Meta Frame SAP® Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) Called the Emperon Print System, it is fully compatible with XPS, PCL, and Postscript printer description languages. *bizhub OP (Open Platform) architecture provides seamless integration with 3rd-party healthcare solutions. *bEST (bizhub Extended Solutions Technology) approach to system integration allows bizhub hardware and healthcare software to work together with streamlined, automated ease. *The bizhub operating panel can be customized to speed the workflow of compatible healthcare programs. Based on

7 Konica Minolta and XXXX Health Energy Useand the Environment Energy Use and the Environment Konica Minolta is serious about environmentally conscious purchasing, stressing cultural and social responsibility in the same breath as pricing, features and benefits. Konica Minolta has More Environmental Awards than Any Other Manufacturer KM models optimize power consumption for each operating mode so it only uses power where it is needed. Most all of our MFP’s use 50% LESS energy than Energy Star STANDARDS. Energy, It’s Part of the Bottom Line. Plastic parts on all Bizhubs are made of recycled materials where possible, and are marked to indicate the type of resin used. All toner bottles are made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). These toner bottles are designed to be collected and recycled at local facilities, like your other recyclable items. Our patented Simitri HD toner, which has a partial biomass composition, is produced by an environmentally-friendly manufacturing process that emits approx. 40% less CO2, NOx and SOx than conventional toner manufacturing processes. Design and Recycling. Manufacturing with the Environment in Mind.

8 Konica Minolta and XXXX Health Printer Management Optimized Print Services (OPS). Controlling your Printers. Controlling your Costs. What Advantages Does OPS provide? Cost-savings through: Reduced Help Desk Calls Increased productivity of IT resources Accurate Toner Ordering and Fulfillment Proactive Maintenance Vendor Reduction One Bill from one Vendor One check for Supplies and Service A method of managing a mixed-vendor output environment The Konica Minolta OPS program provides an end to end solution for managing all of your printers, and help drastically reduce downtime, conserve assets and provide management of all your printer fleet, regardless of their brand. The focus is on cost savings with a potential for a: 40% Reduction in IT Help Desk Calls 25% Reduction in Consumable Costs 20% Reduction in Unscheduled Maintenance Costs In addition, the OPS program can track and report power usage. Energy usage is often overlooked as potential cost savings. The assessment for the OPS program is provided by Konica Minolta at NO CHARGE TO PEACE HEALTH. The assessment for the OPS program is provided by Konica Minolta at NO CHARGE TO PEACE HEALTH.

9 Konica Minolta and XXXX Health Product Line Our ENTIRE Bizhub product line comes STANDARD with 18 Security Functions at ISO 15408 Level 3 security. More than any other manufacturer. Konica Minolta is the ONLY manufacturer to develop its own drivers, video and network interfaces. Scan, Print, Copy, Fax. Securely. Konica Minolta provides solutions for every area of your facility. Konica Minolta is the Most Awarded Manufacturer over the Past 5 years -20% -10% -25% +11% Of the 4 Major MFP Manufacturer’s, KONICA MINOLTA is the ONLY one to grow their placements in 2009 (Gartner). Ricoh Canon Xerox Konica Minolta

10 Konica Minolta and XXXX Health Our Service Approach (World Wide) Proactive Service Strategy & Partnership 1 Hour Targeted Callback with ETA/Help over the phone. 4 Hour Targeted Average On-Site Response Time Total Call EVERY TIME ESP Mobile Field Service Device KMBS World Class Solutions & Support Center Enablement Training for Key Operators Establish Quarterly Service Reviews: measuring uptime, response time and satisfaction Konica Minolta Guarantee

11 Konica Minolta and XXXX Health TOTAL TRANSPARENCY. 24 / 7, 365. We’re there when we’re not there. KONICA MINOLTA GIVES OUR PARTNERS THE ABILITY TO SEE EVERYTHING WHEN IT COMES TO SERVICE ON ALL OF OUR BIZHUBS. 24 HOURS A DAY, 7 DAYS A WEEK. A tool that giveS YOU access to all of your Bizhubs. ANYTIME, ANYWHERE. It provides: PartsUsage Detail Service on demand Service Time Tracking Uptime Tracking By Unit or Fleet Supply Ordering and Shipment Tracking Place service calls via internet anytime Performance statistics, average monthly volumes, average copies between service calls. Anything you want to know about your MFP. ANYTIME. Meters are always read on-time and reported automatically. Billing errors are eliminated. No one walking around your facility and affecting production. STANDARD WITH KONICA MINOLTA DIRECT PARTNERS.

12 Some of Konica Minolta’s partners in the healthcare industry: Konica Minolta and XXXX Health HITECH Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Commission for Healthcare Information Technology

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