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Domestic Public Policy. Outsourcing- people are going to other countries to find work Not enough skilled workers- not enough people have the necessary.

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1 Domestic Public Policy

2 Outsourcing- people are going to other countries to find work Not enough skilled workers- not enough people have the necessary qualifications to have significant jobs Providing adequate pay- unequal pay and minimum wage Unemployment: Issues

3 Promote hiring in the country as opposed to outsourcing Making college and a higher education more accessible and affordable Raise the minimum wage to $9.00 an hour Provide more jobs through energy production in America Create stronger families by creating equal pay for equal work Unemployment: Democratic Goals

4 All-of-the-Above energy approach to provide many jobs Remove restrictions from small businesses Get the Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act passed Tax code reforms to make it easier on small businesses Reform the immigration system to keep highly skilled and educated workers in America Unemployment: Republican Goals

5 Invest in infrastructure to create new jobs Increase government spending End tax loopholes for large corporations Provide tax cuts to small businesses Unemployment: Democratic Strategies

6 Free market policies and deregulation will boost the economy and create jobs. Help small businesses create more jobs Extend tax cuts to encourage companies to hire more employees. Encourage private sector investment in the housing market. Reform the tax code to increase hiring Government must invest in the nation's infrastructure to make business easier. Unemployment: Republican Strategies

7 The National Employment Law Project (NELP) o evaluates state laws o designs model policies o works to reform the unemployment insurance (UI) system American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) Unemployment: Participants

8 Competing in math and science with foreign countries Controversy over undocumented immigrants being granted in state tuition Education: Issues

9 Raise the bar for early learning Parent involvement Make college more affordable Strengthening community colleges Improving accountability Education: Democratic Goals

10 Education: Republican Goals Empower parents Attaining academic excellence for all Lower college costs Improving classrooms Giving every child a chance at education Advancing special-ed students

11 Reforming and expanding the Head Start Program Promoting parent Involvement through training and conferences In-State tuition for undocumented immigrants Grant $90 million for community college Race to the Top requires teacher evaluations based on student improvement Education: Democratic Strategies

12 Advocate advancement in STEM subjects Proper implementation of technology, as a factor of providing equal access and opportunity to students Expanding community colleges and technical institutions Involving parents in education; supporting the English First approach Encouraging legislation to correctly define a "Highly qualified teacher" Using the DC Opportunity Scholarship Program as a model for schools; government funding for education Education: Republican Strategies

13 Joel Klein mixed corporate ideas into education. Universalized curriculum. Abolished social promotion. Arun Alagappan transformed preparation towards college with Advantage Testing Tutoring Randi Weingarten, president of the United Federation of Teachers. She has the power to swing close to half a million votes Education: Participants

14 CO2 emissions from "unclean" energy Not utilizing Green Energy Too much reliance on foreign oil Untapped potential oil, coal, and LNG Energy: Issues

15 Develop and assure America's energy resources Produce domestic gas and oil Produce more efficient buildings and means of transportation Implement clean energy research and development Invest in the use of clean energy in the country Energy: Democratic Goals

16 Adopt an "all-of-the-above" diversified approach Energy security to ensure an affordable, stable, and reliable energy supply Private stewardship of the environment Conserve the environment Reduce pollution Energy: Republican Goals

17 Proposing legislation that enforces scrubbers for coal Subsidize clean energy (solar, wind, and hydro) Investing in green energy research Energy: Democratic Strategies

18 Subsidize oil production Encourage the use of multiple energy sources Encourages companies that drill locally Supports fracking Energy: Republican Strategies

19 PA Energy Alliance o "Nuclear power is clean, safe and reliable" Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) o the policy organization for the nuclear technologies industry Bill Gates o major investor behind Terra Power (next generation power plants) Christine Todd Whitman o former New Jersey governor o head of Environmental Protection Agency o strongly believes that nuclear energy should be a part of the national policy Energy: Participants

20 WEC's concerns with nuclear energy UN Energy monitors countries' energy EU-US energy Council Energy: Outside Influences

21 - House of Reps - Senate's website - Library of Congress - Department of Education - Department of Energy - Department of Labor - Buerau of Labour Statistics Sources (factual)

22 - - Republican's website - Democrat's website - Sources (policy)

23 Abiha Abbas Amy Huh Ann Bonner Brendan Berndt Bria Hill Cassidy Anderson Caroline LaGow Chris Hutchinson Shantanu Biswas Katelyn Brigham Grace Brune Abriana Kiser Daniel Kozlowski Suraj Papaiahgari Group

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