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MAMA-C.  Mid-America Mutual Aid Consortium  Eight (8) states  Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Iowa, Minnesota and Missouri  Future expansion.

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2  Mid-America Mutual Aid Consortium  Eight (8) states  Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Iowa, Minnesota and Missouri  Future expansion to Kentucky

3  International Association of Fire Chiefs  State Chief’s Associations  Illinois Terrorism Task Force (Funding)  State Offices of the State Fire Marshal  FEMA

4  Jay Reardon, MABAS-IL President  John Cratty, MABAS-IL MAMA-C Coordinator  Chief Timm Schabbel, MABAS-IN President  Deputy Chief Brian D. Lott, IMARP Indiana  Chief Brian Satula, MABAS-WI President  Chief Bill Nelson, MABAS-MI President  Chief Russell Rife, Ohio Fire Chief’s Response Coord.  Chief Scott Gerber, Minnesota  Chief Ernie Rhodes, Missouri  Chief Gerry Voelliger, Iowa

5  Julie Secontine, Oakland County MI Risk Manager and Michigan Fire Chief’s Association  Karl Ottosen, MABAS-IL’s Legal Counsel  Maureen Cunningham, IEMA General Counsel  John Fennell, IL-OSFM General Counsel  George Thompson, IN-DHS General Counsel  Randi Milsap, WI-EM General Counsel  Tammy Little, OH Attorney General’s Office

6  Two Fire Chiefs from each state  One Legal representative from each state  One EMA-DHS or State mutual aid coordinator from each state  Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ohio have complete delegations  We are working to fill the delegations in Minnesota, Iowa and Missouri

7  First dubbed the “Mutual Aid President’s Council” by MABAS-IL  Tremendous growth in MABAS from  MABAS Executive Board had a concern for the existing centralized multi-state configuration  The risks were great – could multiple decentralized independent governance be achieved without jeopardizing the existing standardized MABAS system?

8  MAMA-C becomes the platform to resolve issues of governance while maintaining agreement on matters of:  Interoperability  Standardization  Simplicity

9 38 Counties Positively Affected with better Mutual Aid Agreements

10  IAFC has several mutual aid initiatives on- going with the DHS involving both intrastate and interstate mutual aid.  The intrastate goal is to have day-to-day mutual aid in every state.  The interstate goal is to have a national mutual aid system to support EMAC and the NRP

11  The current mission statement amended at the most recent MAMA-C meeting on December 15 & 16, 2009 “The mission of the Mid-America Mutual Aid Consortium (MAMA-C) is to share information and remove barriers to locally driven day-to- day mutual aid across state lines on incidents not requiring Declarations of Disaster”.

12  Day-to-Day mutual aid works the same between Bettendorf, IA and East Moline, IL as it works between East Moline, IL and Moline, IL  Day-to-Day mutual aid works the same between Niles, Michigan and Clay Township, Indiana as it does between Clay Township, Indiana and Harris Township FD, Indiana

13  A Fire Chief near a state border can get an aerial ladder truck or an engine or an ambulance from a department across state lines just as easy as they can get the same resources from a neighboring department in his “home” state  A Fire Chief in a specific region of his state can get a specialty team (Haz Mat, TRT, Water Rescue) from a neighboring state as easy as he can get one in his “home” state

14  EMAC requires a “disaster declaration”.  IMAC requires state activation  Do we really want to ask the state for permission to share an engine one mile from the state line?  What would that response time be?

15  Locally driven for quick response  Enabling state legislation to allow local government agencies to sign agreements across state borders  Standard model mutual aid agreement to use across state borders  Reciprocity on issues like licenses, certifications, permits  Tort immunity  Benefit protection

16  Define day-to- day mutual aid across state lines  Emergency response (ladder truck, engine, ambulance)  Training opportunities  Stand-by

17  Apparatus and Personnel  Special Teams (Haz Mat, TRT, Dive, IMAT)  Priority: Define resource categories involved and standards for apparatus and equipment

18  Qualifications  Licenses  Certifications  Permits  Staffing standards

19  Apparatus  Hydrant and hose connections  Radio frequencies and communications  Levels of training  Terminology  Dispatch centers

20  Tort Immunity  Benefits  Reciprocity  Some States have laws in place currently that need reviewed.

21  Incident Command System  Accountability  Safety

22  MAMA-C meeting, Prospect Heights, IL, December 15 & 16, 2009  30 attendees from 7 states  Revisited the work of the “President’s Council”  Updates by each State  Discussed EMAC vs “locally driven” mutual aid  Formed a “legal group” working group

23  Developed “model legislation” for state’s to adopt giving units of local government the ability to sign locally driven mutual aid across state borders.  This legislation was fined tuned on Feb. 22nd during a meeting of MAMA-C attendees at the Illinois MABAS Conference.

24  Includes the following goals:  Reciprocity on licenses, certifications and permits  Provide immunity from civil and criminal actions  Maintain employee benefits

25  Modeled after the Intrastate MABAS agreement

26  Strategy discussed at the conference  Majority if not all will plan for submitting the legislation through their respective state legislature in  Working on identifying key lead group in each state to seek passage of enabling legislation. (Indiana Fire Chiefs Assoc.)

27  Continue progress made with the Legal Group and move toward individual state adoption  Continue to recruit delegation representatives for Iowa, Missouri and Minnesota  Focus the MAMA-C group on key operational issues including EMT certifications and medical licenses.  Identify a time and place for a future MAMA-C meeting  Continue to assist states modeling MABAS-IL to stand-up as MABAS-MO, MABAS-IA, MABAS-MN

28  We believe that those we serve deserve the quickest, most effective mutual aid and that borders should not be barriers to accomplishing that result.

29  Contact Brian D. Lott, MAMA-C Coordinator, IN Timm Schabbel, MAMA-C Coordinator, IN

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