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Research and Innovation Integration of real - time communication solutions.

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1 Research and Innovation Integration of real - time communication solutions

2 Members of Group 2 Abdul Karim Yassin, Anna Gościnna – Poulsen, Julius Dzidzevicius, Praveen Kumar Gunupudi

3 What were we suppose to do? We were asked to somehow implement Tele – presence and Unified communication in EAL.

4 Our Thesis How can we implement technology based on Tele-presence and Unified communication to include students that cannot be physically at school, and is there a need for it?

5 How did we to do it? We were faced with a problem. Desk and field research gave us an idea of the nead and demand that we could fulfill. Brainstorming and using FarFuture NearFuture innovation technique we came up with an idea. We made a report fallowing the academic method we learned earlier.

6 Stay tuned! Research methods and working process. Karim Concept discription. Praveen How do we see our concept in the future? Julius

7 Research Gallup compass:

8 Reasearch based on : 1.People of fyn 2.age between 20 and 54 3.permenantly of use of Internet 4.have a number of children

9 Research we are dealing with 45.2% among the Danes whom occupy the Fyn Island. the moderns, the moderns-individuals, the moderns- socials and the socials. The moderns segment: highly fascinated to the new technology and the internet. the modern-individuals: dynamic, ambitious, young people.

10 Research So, these 2 segments will make our product easy to accept.

11 Research the moderns-socials and socials :who use the internet at their homes and at their work too. Conclusion: ◦a lot of educated people especially for those who have house-holds and children that they have to take care of them.

12 Research Questionare: 1. gathered information from students of MMD and other students from the school. 2. students of MMD are hooked up to the computers. 3. we launched another survey aimed at students overall.

13 Research Based on : 1. own computer, 2. laptop, 3. ipad or 4. other equipment that he could use to connect to the Real-time class on-line.

14 Researh Results: 1. 100 % of respondents have internet access 2. spend around 9 hours a day connected to it. 3. 80 % of respondents given the chance would like to participate in “real time classes on-line”.

15 Group work First day: we were confused but excited and ready to work. Second day: 1. divided the work. 2. started with the questionare, Gallup compass, table of contents.

16 Group work Third day: 1. Brainstorming the ideas. 2. Near future/Far future method helped us with visualizing our concept. 3. Project manager: checking emails every half an hour and connected to facebook group at almost all times.

17 Group work Fourth day: The really hard work. Last day: Printing and binding.

18 Our Concept


20 Finnces and Fundings State Education Agency may provide special educational support for students with physical or mental impairment. Special Educational assistance is available in building changes to improve accessibility for students with physical disabilities. ”Law on special educational support in Higher Education” Act No. 484.

21 Future visions Students from all over the world can study in EAL from their home countries. Students from EAL can study one semester in other partner university, who has same technology implemented. Teachers can share knowledge with partner universities. Creating a new form of students exchange (like “Erasmus”, just without traveling).

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