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Matthew Cibellis Events Content Manager, Education Week Editorial Projects in Education #edweekevents.

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2 Matthew Cibellis Events Content Manager, Education Week Editorial Projects in Education #edweekevents

3 Virginia B. Edwards Editor-in-Chief, Education Week, and President, Editorial Projects in Education #edweekevents

4 Milton Chen Executive Director Emeritus George Lucas Educational Foundation #edweekevents

5 An Education Revolution: America’s Egypt Moment Milton Chen in conversation with Virginia B. Edwards #edweekevents







12 Maximizing Your Schools’ Staff Resources to Advance Student Learning Andrés A. Alonso, Chief Executive Officer, Baltimore City Public Schools Peter C. Gorman, Superintendent, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Randi Weingarten, President, American Federation of Teachers Moderator: Maureen Kelleher, Contributing Writer, Education Week #edweekevents

13 Rethinking Notions of School Time and Class Size Peter C. Gorman, Superintendent, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Terry Holliday, Kentucky Commissioner of Education Regis Shields, Human Capital Director, Education Resource Strategies Moderator: Sarah D. Sparks, Staff Writer, Education Week

14 Lydia M. Logan Senior Policy Director The Broad Foundation #edweekevents

15 In this economy, how can school districts prepare all students for jobs of the future? Lydia Miles Logan Senior Policy Director The Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation May 13, 2011

16 16 The Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation The Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation,, is a national philanthropy that seeks to help urban school districts produce dramatically higher student achievement and close income and ethnic achievement The foundation, which has invested $450 million in education philanthropy in the last decade, is currently focused on investing in leadership, innovation, policy and building institutional capacity.

17 Our theory of change What does it look like when an entire school district is organized and run in a way that allows teaching and learning to succeed? 17

18 Our theory of change School districts should focus all staff and resources on: Student achievement  Empower staff to make dramatic student gains and hold them responsible for student growth  All resources efficiently and effectively support teachers and students –“Everyone here is either a teacher or someone who supports teachers” -- Gwinnett County Superintendent Alvin Wilbanks, longest serving urban superintendent Problem solving and continuous improvement (data, strategize, measure progress, re-strategize if necessary, loop- back… re-teach, re-teach, re-teach) 18

19 Lessons learned 1.Teachers cannot do this work alone. 2.Leadership is critical. 3.Redesign districts to efficiently and effectively create conditions under which students and teachers can succeed. Create research-based, logical strategies to solve problems. Articulate and communicate a mission. Measure results with accurate, meaningful data. Change what doesn't work. (loopback) 19

20 “Continuous improvement” in action Training future teachers, curriculum and instructional strategies: Long Beach and area colleges synergistically improve upon each other’s curriculum and instruction Recruitment, selection and professional development: Teach For America’s continuous improvement model Professional development: Long Beach evaluates effectiveness of professional development Teaching relying on data: Gwinnett County, Ga. monitors the effectiveness of data driven teaching Interventions: Socorro’s online data-base allows for continuous improvements to get at-risk kids up to speed 20

21 Keep $ cuts away from classroom Strategic prioritization: Align school and district resources with strategic plan (Aldine, Oakland) district. Operational efficiencies: Renegotiate contracts; be creative with capital assets; remove duplicative central office roles; benchmark operations against other districts; tighten food ordering processes; put checks and controls in place to limit equipment purchases and repairs (Miami-Dade, Denver and Boston saved millions) Technology: Adopt hybrid or blended models or call for state policy changes on “seat time.” (Rocketship hybrid charter school in San Jose, Calif.) 21

22 Empower teachers and staff to succeed Expand learning time: In Massachusetts, now 15 states considering Data-driven teaching and re-teaching: Aldine and Broward County have online assessment banks and proven lesson banks Technology: Individualize instruction and cover basic skills (New York City’s School of One model uses instructional algorithm for middle school math) Standards and curriculum: Montgomery County, Md. and Gwinnett County, Ga. back- mapped expectations from college level, standards higher than state Meaningful staff evaluation system to drive improvements in teaching and learning: D.C. teacher evaluation system, Charlotte-Mecklenburg’s performance management system Principal freedom to select staff: Charlotte-Mecklenburg’s strategic staffing initiative 22

23 For additional information visit our websites: 23

24 Districtwide Practices Proven to Boost Student Achievement Lydia M. Logan in conversation with Virginia B. Edwards #edweekevents

25 Digital Innovation In Education Pamela Livingston, Product Manager, OnDemand Professional Development, Bailey Mitchell, Chief Technology and Information Officer, Forsyth County Schools, Georgia Todd Yohey, Superintendent, Oak Hills Local School District, Ohio Moderator: Ian Quillen, Staff Writer, Education Week and Education Week Digital Directions #edweekevents

26 National Policy Briefing James Applegate, Vice President for Program Development, Lumina Foundation for Education Cynthia G. Brown, Vice President for Education Policy, Center for American Progress Susan Frost, Vice President, The Sheridan Group Moderator: Mark Bomster, Assistant Managing Editor, Education Week #edweekevents

27 Ken Kay Chief Executive Officer, EdLeader21 and the E-Luminate Group #edweekevents





32 Leading 21 st Century Districts: A View 10 Year Out Ken Kay in conversation with Virginia B. Edwards #edweekevents

33 Upcoming Education Week Leadership Forum: Boosting Student Achievement with Education Technology #edweekevents October 4, 2011Philadelphia, Hyatt at the Bellevue October 7, 2011Chicago, Marriott Magnificent Mile

34 Thank you for your participation in this virtual event! Please complete our online survey: Thank you to our Virtual Event Sponsor:

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