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H YDRA : V ENDOR E COSYSTEM Mark Bussey Chief Information Leafblower.

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1 H YDRA : V ENDOR E COSYSTEM Mark Bussey Chief Information Leafblower

2 Support Options for Hydra Develop in-house expertise Rails software development shops Hydra focused consultancies Data Curation Experts Individual Community Members Community Support Hydra-Tech google group IRC

3 In House Support Hydra is not a shrink-wrapped off-the-shelf application…yet… Hydra assumes some level of technical support at the adopting institution Hydra does not have a licensing fee Hydra does have a cost of ownership Hydra is infinitely customizable (assuming you have infinite budget and time)

4 General Rails and Design contractors Hydra follows the principle of least surprise Hydra adopts rails programming patterns Hydra abstracts the intricacies of Fedora and Solr so that developers can interact with familiar ruby objects (classes) Hydra components seek to ensure clear separation of concerns, including the separation of underlying content from presentation (HTML & CSS)

5 Hydra Specific Consulting - DCE We are a small software development and consulting concern focused on work in the Hydra, Blacklight, and Fedora communities Mark Bussey – Jack of all trades, master… Justin Coyne – Lead Developer / Senior Engineer Alicia Cozine – DevOps & System Administration Matt Zumwalt – Senior Consultant Valerie Maher – Developer Brian Maddy – Developer Randi Woodward – Technical Writer (PT)

6 Data Curation Experts – Service Areas Software development and consulting Hydra, Blacklight, Fedora, & related technologies Extend and enhance existing gems Full repository design and implementation Deployment support and consulting Existing solution bundles Configure environments for custom solutions Training Public Hydra Camps In-house development Kick-start

7 Data Curation Experts – Projects Complete repositories Sufia – self-deposit IR HydraDAM – video archive management Curate (Hydramata) – modular IR Tufts MIRA – administrative focus APTrust Fluctus – meta-archive administration Spotlight – exhibit extensions for blacklight Gems we’ve had a hand in Hydra-head, browse-everything, active_fedora, hydra-collections, hydra, questioning_authority, hydra-derivatives, om, rubydora, solrizer, hydra- editor, etc.

8 Community Support Join the hydra-tech google group Hang out on the #projecthydra IRC channel Hydra Connect – September 2014, Cleveland, OH Hydra Camp – Dublin, Minneapolis, Boston Partner and regional meetings (like this one!) Contact individual partners and ask for a walkthrough of their implementation

9 Get In Touch! Email list: IRC: #projecthydra HydraCamp Minneapolis – May 6-9, 2014 US East Coast – Fall 2014 Mark Bussey / DCE

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