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Action Plan for Special Education Dr. Kimberly Merrick and Team 2014-2017.

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1 Action Plan for Special Education Dr. Kimberly Merrick and Team 2014-2017

2 Introductions Carol Dana Rob Yumei Danielle Colleen Lincoln Randi Jen Nancy

3 Who are our students? The District serves 1370 students with disabilities (1281 in 2013-14/ increase of 6.4%) Autism = 197 (increased from 171 in 2013- 2014) Communication = 329 Developmental Delay = 147 Emotional = 98 Health = 205 Specific Learning = 343 Intellectual = 57 Multiple Disabilities = 4 Neurological = 46 Physical = 6 Sensory /DHH = 7 Sensory /Blind = 4

4 District Programs and Special Education Services Developmental: 7 classrooms grades Pre- 8 ABA: 8 classrooms grades Pre- 12 Transition: 4 classrooms grades K- 8 Language Based Classroom: Grades 6- 8 Life Skills: WRHS Alternative Education: WRHS Social Pragmatics Class: WRHS 2-3 special education teachers per building district wide Speech, OT, PT, Vision, Assistive Technology, Audiology, BCBAs

5 Purpose of Action Plan To create a three year plan that reflects the vision and mission of all special education programs and services in the Wachusett Regional School District The mission of the Office of Special Education is to enhance the growth of the whole child following the legal regulations put forth in the Individuals With Disabilities Act (IDEA) while implementing the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks/Common Core Standards.


7 Standard I Curriculum Planning and Assessment Vision and Mission Instructional Methodologies (e.g., ABA, Developmental, Transition, Life Skills, and LBC) Curriculum- (e.g., Multi sensory reading, social skills/inclusion, co-teaching, professional development, May Institute report) Assessments- Measured student growth

8 Standard II Student Learning and Technology Improved Student Outcomes Closing the Achievement Gap (e.g., Research for Better Teaching) MCAS ALT Professional Development (e.g., UDL, TEACCH, Paraprofessionals, ABA PAs, CPI) Assistive Technology Team

9 Standard III Family and Community Engagement Special Olympics SPED PAC Website ABA Parent Training

10 Standard IV Management and Operations Compliance monitoring Electronic filing of student records Grant writing Budget analysis Medicaid Circuit Breaker Transportation Summer Program Devereux District Program locations

11 Budget Medicaid: 350K Circuit Breaker: 2.5 Million Grants: IDEA: 1.5 Million Special Education Improvement: 60 K (increased from 32 K) EC Special Education: 62 K EC Special Education: $8500.00 (increased from $4200.00)

12 Budget Transportation: 2.6 Million Contracted Services: 42K OOD Tuitions: 4.8 Million Legal: 20-55K Total: 7.5 Million

13 Comments & Questions….

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