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For every woman June 27, 2013 The Advocacy Toolkit at Your Fingertips Webinar.

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1 for every woman June 27, 2013 The Advocacy Toolkit at Your Fingertips Webinar

2 for every woman Goals of Webinar Learn about the features of the Advocacy Toolkit Encourage Local Association to start using the resources and templates Share with the YWCA USA Advocacy Department what other tools you need to engage in effective national advocacy Ask Questions and Provide Feedback on Toolkit (What is Helpful?/More clarification needed?….This is the First of Many Conversations to Come 1

3 for every woman Agenda I.Why Develop An Advocacy Toolkit ? II.Review Table of Contents III.Brief Overview of Each Section A.Understanding Advocacy B.Delineating Roles and Responsibilities C.Building Capacity at Local Level D.Communicating your Advocacy Agenda E.Understanding How Government Works F.Taking Action G.Connecting with Elected Officials H.Engaging in Voter Education and Mobilization IV.Your Homework V.Polling Questions VI.Q&A 2

4 for every woman I. Why Develop Advocacy Toolkit? Intro To Toolkit YWCA Advocacy Roots Advocacy As A Mandate Advocacy as a Voice for All Women and Families There is More Work to Be Done Other Reasons Strong desire among *LA’s* to engage in advocacy but resources/staff time limited YWCA’s see a strong link between advocacy and direct service Advocacy will result in tangible wins (Visibility, Thought Leader, Donor Support, Shape Good Policy) Advocacy Workgroup Recommendations [December 2011] 3

5 for every woman II. Review Table of Contents 4

6 for every woman III. Brief Overview of Each Section of Toolkit 5

7 for every woman IV. Your Homework! Let us Know What You Need ! More In Depth Webinars/Fact Sheets on various sections? Anything Missing that Would Help Your Association? Let us Know How You Plan on Using the Toolkit? Talk to Us! (  Assess Your Local Association Advocacy Level  Develop A Plan  Start with Realistic Goals But Dream Big  Sign Up For Resources: YWCA USA Stay Connected (Pg. 7 slide)  Consider Participating in Advocacy Pilot  Spread the Word (Board, Staff, Volunteers) 6

8 for every woman 2013 Advocacy Stay Connected The YWCA USA Advocacy Department hosts bi-weekly legislative calls. All are welcome to join. You can also sign up for advocacy communications and take action sites  Bi-Weekly Legislative Update Calls: To sign up, click hereclick here Calls are held every other Wednesday. If you cannot participate, you will receive notes following the call.  Advocacy Point of Contact (POC): Click here to sign upClick here  Capwiz: To view YWCA Take Actions, click hereclick here  Washington Update: To read a round up of current legislative issues and news, click hereclick here 7

9 for every woman YWCA USA Advocacy Department Desiree Hoffman, Director of Advocacy and Policy Email:; Phone: Oversees all legislative initiatives of the YWCA USA Advocacy Department. Will put you in contact with appropriate staff person on legislative issues and answer general questions re: Department. Portfolio also includes Reproductive Health, Affordable Care Act and Medicaid/Medicare. Rhonda Bishop, Policy & Advocacy Associate – Young Women’s Engagement, Education Email:; Phone: Education Legislative Portfolio also includes Higher Education, ESEA, Student Loans, Pregnant and Parenting Teens and Millennial Engagement. Qudsia Jafree, Senior Advocacy and Policy Associate– Racial Justice and Civil Rights Email:; Phone: Racial Justice Legislative Portfolio includes Immigration Reform, VAWA, voter ID laws, Voting Rights Act, Affirmative Action etc. Randi Schmidt, Director of Economic Empowerment Email:; Phone: Economic Policy Legislative Portfolio Budget/Tax, Appropriations [CCDBG, CDBG, VAWA/VOCA], TANF, Minimum Wage, Equal Pay etc. Melanie FitzGerald, Director of Association Services, Advocacy and Racial Justice Email:; Phone: Legislative Portfolio includes Military Sexual Assault and Veterans Issues and responds to legislative initiatives as they arise. Holly Jones, Director of Association Services Email:; Phone: Charged with local association capacity building including identifying and supporting Advocacy Points of Contact (POCs) and leading Advocacy pilot project starting in Fall 2013. For General YWCA USA Staff Directory: ff_Directory.htm ff_Directory.htm 8

10 for every woman Where Can I Find Toolkit? 1)EMAIL POST WEBINAR: After the webinar, you will receive an email with the recording of the webinar from Dave Berver *In that email, there will be a link to the toolkit. Please copy and paste the link into your internet browser to access the Advocacy Toolkit. After you have successfully downloaded the toolkit, click file, save as, and save it to desktop or designated location of your choice. ocacy_toolkit5.pdf ocacy_toolkit5.pdf 2) INTRANET: The toolkit will be housed on the intranet starting launch date on 8/1. You will receive information on how to access the information at later date. 9

11 for every woman 5 Polling Questions 10

12 for every woman V. Q&A 11

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