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WaterRF Project 4379 Research Needs for Opportunistic Pathogens in Premise Plumbing Kick-Off Conference Call September 6, 2011 1:00 PM EDT 1.

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1 WaterRF Project 4379 Research Needs for Opportunistic Pathogens in Premise Plumbing Kick-Off Conference Call September 6, 2011 1:00 PM EDT 1

2 Agenda Project organization, deliverables, and schedule Participant commitments Outline and approach to literature review Overview of Wiki Site, Google docs and Zotero Schedule and deadlines Questions? 2

3 Track 1: Methodology Team Leader – Amy Pruden Track 2b: Applied Microbial Ecology Team Leader – Marc Edwards Track 3: Epidemiology Team Leader –Joe Falkinham Track 1 Team Norm Pace Anne Camper Gary Burlingame Aaron Rosenblatt Rhonda Birdnow Student: Hong Wang Track 2b Team Susan Springthorpe Michele Prevost Yan Zhang Paul Bishop Marsha Pryor Student: Sheldon Masters Track 3 Team Betsy Hilborn Joan Rose Janet Stout Jennifer Clancy Matt Arduino Student: Lindsay Hamilton Project Advisory Committee (PAC) Marsha Pryor Marilyn Marshall Maggie Rodgers Andrew Whelton Project Managers Amy Pruden Randi Lieberman WaterRF Research Manager Mary Smith Track 2a: Microbial Ecology Fundamentals Team Leaders– Edwards and Pruden Track 2a Team Nick Ashbolt Vince Hill Mark LeChevallier Lutgarde Raskin Students: William Rhoads Jordan Bird 3

4 Overall Deliverables Literature review synthesizing state of knowledge of opportunistic pathogens in premise plumbing and identifying critical research needs o Sept. 2011-Feb., 2012 Expert Workshop to finalize literature review o Monday March 26 Tuesday March 27, 2012 Prioritized listing of project descriptions for consideration for future RFPs. Dissemination o Multi-author peer-review journal article(s) o Trade journal article (e.g., Opflow) o Webinar o ACE-12 Dallas, June 2012 o Final Report 4

5 Participant Commitments Participation in three Track conference calls to aid in the development of the literature review Write an assigned section of the literature review Read the synthesized literature review prior to the Workshop Participate in the Workshop o Assess and finalize literature review o Identify and rank research needs o Assist in writing tentative RFPs o Enjoy the Workshop! 5

6 Pathogens of Concern PathogenDisease(s) Host Organism Required? Mode of Exposure Legionella pneumophila Legionnaires’ disease or Pontiac fever in children YesInhalation or aspiration Pseudomonas aeruginosa Urinary tract infections, respiratory infections, dermatitis, soft tissue infections, bacteremia, bone and joint infections, GI infections No Wound infection; other modes of transmission are unknown Mycobacterium avium Pulmonary disease, cervical lymphadenitis (children) NoInhalation or aspiration AcanthamoebaAcanthamoeba keratitisNoWound infection Naegleria fowleriPrimary amebic meningoencephalitisNoNasal aspiration 6

7 Focus on Potable Water! Other environments (e.g., cooling towers) may be mentioned as appropriate for context or where drinking water information is specifically lacking, but drinking water focus will be critical. 7

8 Lit Review Strategy See outline (attached to email): o Follows the four Research Tracks and is generally organized by each individual pathogen. o Participants in each Track will be assigned a pathogen or other specific research question and use the corresponding outline to guide the lit review. o Conference calls will aid in steering the lit review and also in cross-dissemination. o After the outline filled in, Virginia Tech team will work to integrate the material, improve consistency, and identify emergent themes. o VT students available to assist as needed 8

9 Wiki Site, Google Docs, Zotero Wiki Site: Central forum for information and communication about Project 4379. Google Documents: Emerging literature review for each Track will be maintained as a Google Document. Enter draft lit review sections as they are ready for all to see and refer to. Zotero: Management of citations will be critical. Upload citations to Zotero with comments to classify where the information goes in the literature review. There will be one Zotero database for all four tracks (Randi Lieberman- overview) 9

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13 Schedule & Deadlines Your immediate response needed to four emails: o Invite to Wiki site o Invite to Google documents o Invite to Zotero o Email from your Track leader giving you your charge, requesting your ranked topic selection, and providing link to doodle poll to schedule the three Track conference calls. Input on Literature Review Outline (optional) o By September 13 th, enter your comments into the Lit Review Outline google doc. By Sept. 13 th, Respond to your Track Leader’s email with your ranked order of preference for the section you will write, as well as your response to doodle poll to schedule conference calls o Track leader will confirm your topic asap 13

14 Schedule & Deadlines: Conference Calls (~45 min. ea.) First Track conference call: o Week of Sept. 26 o Prior to the conference call, upload your outline to google docs and key references to Zotero o Participants provide overview of main points they plan to cover o Offer guidance to other Track members, e.g., missing references for their question Second Track conference call: o Week of Oct. 31/Nov. 1st o One week prior, Upload draft final section to google docs and corresponding references to Zotero. o Track members will have read each others’ sections prior to the call and will offer input, coordinate sections, etc. Third Track conference call: o Week of Dec. 5 th o One week prior, Upload final section and references. o Final discussion of Track section and strategy for integrating with the Literature Review document as a whole. 14

15 Schedule & Deadlines: Leading Up to the Workshop Input on Whole Literature Review (Optional): o Jan. 13 th, 2012- Request any comments on document as a whole. Participants may access the google document and enter their comments using the Wiki site. Document Synthesis & Integration: o Jan. –Feb., 2012 o Virginia Tech working internally to synthesize and integrate document, make appropriate Figures, Tables, etc. Draft Final Literature Review Posted for Review: o Week of March 5 th, 2012 o Participants must review prior to the Workshop Workshop! o Monday March 26-Tuesday March 27, 2012 15

16 Questions? questionable‑water‑municipal2.jpg 16

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