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Green Industry Innovation Programme – opportunities for partnership Sofia, 4 December 2012 Randi Alkem Andresen Programme Manager.

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1 Green Industry Innovation Programme – opportunities for partnership Sofia, 4 December 2012 Randi Alkem Andresen Programme Manager

2 Realization of business opportunities linked to the greening of the European economy

3 Agenda outline Highlights of the Green Industry Innovation Programme What can be supported Target groups Partnership opportunities Funding for preparation of projects Deadlines

4 Green Industry Innovation Programme Programme highlights: EUR 12 mill available (min EUR 200 000/ normally max EUR 1mill) Grant rates: Private projects - in line with state aid regulations –normally not more that 50 % Public sector - up to 85 % NGOs - up to 90 % Innovation Norway – the programme operator Cooperation with the Bulgarian National Focal Point and line ministries

5 Green Industry Innovation Programme Eligible activities  Investments in environmental technology and processes, training, research and development; environmentally friendly products  Capacity building on environmental issues within the private sector  Remote monitoring related to the environment

6 Green Industry Innovation Programme Target groups  Bulgarian private companies in a partnership with Norwegian entities (business projects)  Bulgarian NGOs and research institutes, in a partnership with Norwegian entities, (on capacity building and awareness-raising)

7 What do we mean by green? technologies which are less environmentally harmful than the technology in use today development/implementation of green products and services material efficiency, improving the supply-chain, and the use and re-use of recycled materials efficiency in business operations as solutions/systems related to management, HR, smart purchasing, inventions, CSR, networking, clustering

8 What do we mean by innovation? Something new Products or services Production processes Organisation of a company or an entity Market innovation, not market adaption Increasing environmental performance

9 Maximum grant rates GBER and SME bonus Investment50% Industrial research50% Development and innovation25% Environmental protection35% Specific training25% General training35% External counsultancy50% Only the 4 first ones are stand-alone categories + bonus 20% Small enterprises, 10 % Medium enterprises

10 Grant rates assessment depending of Environmental impact Innovation level Project profitability Project Risk Releasing effect Small enterprises – less than 50 employees Medium enterprises – less than 250 employess analysis/sme-definition/index_en.htm

11 Why partnership ? Foto Erik Jørgensen Strenghten bilateral relations between Norway and Bulgaria is encouraged in the Norwegian contribution Increased quality of the project 1+1=3 Long term co-operation, beyond the deadline for implementation Shared results,not a financing of Norwegian exports to Bulgaria

12 Green Industry Innovation Bulgaria How to establish a partnership? Template for partnership agreements available Partner search 100% your own responsibility,but Innovation Norway will provide advice and cooperate with relevant institutions Advice on project partners does not implicate any «pre-approval» for project proposals

13 Green Industry Innovation Bulgaria Relevant institutions for partner search European Enterprise Network – focal points both in Norway and Bulgaria Norwegian Embassy, commercial officer Innovation Norway – sector responsible and district offices – company profile template Norwegian Industrial Organisations

14 How to find a partner European Entreprise Network http://portal.enterprise-europe- Bulgarian Branch http://portal.enterprise-europe-

15 Preparation funding Photo. Nancy Bundt Bilateral relations EUR 100 000 Project Development Fund max EUR 10 000; Norwegian companies also eligible Travel Support EUR 1 200 per entity for project proposal development, Norwegian companies eligible

16 Complementary actions in the programme Exchange of experiences and best practices between public institutions Coordination with other environmental EEA programmes Bilateral activities: competence building, networking between project promoters Foto Erik Jørgensen

17 Green Industry Innovation Programme Timeline Call for proposals – 4 December 2012 Deadline Applications – 15 April 2013 Deadlines bilateral fund Project Development Fund 31 January Travel support 15 March Final deadline project implementation - 30 April 2016

18 Green Industry Innovation Programme Contacts: Oslo office Ms. Randi Alkem Andresen, Programme Manager Ph: +47 22 00 25 00 e-mail: Sofia office Ms. Venceslava Yanchovska, Manager Tel: +359 2 981 94 24 Email: Ms. Galina Vassileva, Programme Officer Tel: +359 2 981 94 24 Email:

19 Green Industry Innovation Programme More information will be published on : Good luck with your projects !

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